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TFN Employment Connections: March 29, 2007

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It is a periodic compilation of
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 03/29/2007 11:31 PM -----

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections
      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a
      periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the
      right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT
      Positions included in this issue:

      *Executive Director, STPP (Washington, DC)
      *Research Manager, STPP (Washington, DC)
      *Policy Director, Smart Growth America (Washington, DC)
      *California Smart Growth/Location Efficiency Advocate, NRDC (San Francisco,
      *Summer College Internships, MTC (Oakland, CA)
      *Executive Director, WalkSanDiego (San Diego, CA)
      *Transportation Planner, SF County Transportation Authority (San Francisco,
      *Project Coordinator, SSBX (Bronx, NY)
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)



      STPP seeks to fill a new position of executive director to lead the next
      phase in the evolution of transportation reform policy.  The
      responsibilities are to:
      * Motivate the organization’s leaders, members and staff to accomplish this
      * Develop a strategy and a revenue plan to support its execution
      * Continue providing partners with better tools and knowledge to pursue
      policy and investment changes at the state and regional levels
      * Build and expand a coalition and network structure throughout the US
      * Secure adequate staffing and consultation to provide necessary support
      * Monitor and translate external affairs and influences into communications
      that a coalition structure can use to frame new opportunities for public
      policy at the federal, state and local levels
      * Monitor and make use of the collective assets of the organizations leaders
      and members
      * Assure that the organization complies with all applicable laws and
      regulations and
      * Pay attention to personal development and workplace quality.

      Qualifications—we seek applicants with the following qualifications
      * 15 or more years experience in similar positions
      * Education background in transportation or urban policy and planning, or
      related fields such as environmental policy and economic development
      * Proven ability to conceptualize and execute organizational strategy
      * Familiarity with the policy development process
      * Ability to assemble diverse interests into a working whole
      * Excellent leadership and communications skills, and
      * A passion for positive social change and excellence in its achievement

      We anticipate hiring by the Spring of 2007. This is a position of national
      prominence, and salary will be commensurate with experience and ability.
      Please direct inquiries or applications to newjobs@... :



      STPP seeks a fulltime research manager to lead STPP’s research program for
      the next phase in the evolution of transportation reform policy.  The
      responsibilities are to:
      * Envision, plan, manage, and conduct research and analytical projects that
      address STPP’s transportation reform mission and advance program objectives
      * Build a network of progressive research and advocacy organizations and
      individuals to support STPP’s reform agenda
      * Lead a coalition research team composed of partner staff and key
      * Support partners with better knowledge to pursue policy and investment
      changes at the state and regional levels
      * Help to coordinate technical assistance to national, state and regional
      * Direct and organize research activities  to ensure projects progress on
      schedule and within budget
      * Work with other STPP staff to identify, develop, and market proposals for
      new project opportunities and funding
      * Represent STPP in research, advocacy, policy, media, and fundraising
      * Present research results to external audiences
      * Maintain and enhance STPP’s research reputation

      Qualifications—we seek applicants with the following qualifications:
      * 7 or more years experience in similar positions
      * Strong research skills and analytical capabilities
      * Exemplary writing and verbal communication skills
      * Demonstrated ability to organize and work in partnership teams with other
      * Time management and organizational skills to balance multiple projects,
      partners, concurrently
      * Ability to prepare proposals, scopes of work, research designs for
      clients, partners, and funders
      * Experience in managing complex research projects and staff
      * Experience in transportation or urban policy and planning, or related
      fields such as environmental policy and economic development
      * A passion for positive social change and excellence in its achievement

      We anticipate hiring by the Summer of 2007. This is a position of national
      prominence, and salary will be commensurate with experience and ability.
      Please send statements of interest and resume's with recent salary history
      to: newjobs@....



      Smart Growth America (SGA) is searching for a Policy Director. SGA is a
      nationwide coalition of roughly 100 organizations promoting a better way to
      grow: one that protects farmland and open space, revitalizes neighborhoods,
      keeps housing affordable, and provides more transportation choices. For more
      information about our work, see our web site at www.smartgrowthamerica.org.
      Applicants are encouraged to submit résumés, short writing samples, and
      references immediately.

      The Policy Director will be responsible for leading and coordinating SGA’s
      policy advocacy work, especially at the state, regional, and local levels.
      He or she will work closely with SGA’s state and regional coalition members
      to promote a wide range of smart growth policies. He or she will also work
      with federal policy staff, coalition members, and advisors to advance smart
      growth policies.

      The Policy Director will take on a number of initiatives in the short-term,
      including leading SGA’s efforts on state and local policy advocacy,
      coalition building, and our new initiative on weak market cities. He or she
      will also be responsible for the integration of our federal, state, and
      local activities to ensure that coalition members are assisting at all
      levels of decision making. For example, the Policy Director will ensure that
      grassroots groups are informed of and involved in federal policy activities.
      Similarly, he or she will work with national organizations to ensure that
      their field efforts are helpful to state and regional groups.

      Job Qualifications
      The ideal candidate will have:
      * At least five years of state-level policy experience, such as legislative
      staff, agency, non-profit advocacy, and political campaigns. Local and
      federal policy experience would also be beneficial.
      * Significant knowledge of state laws relating to smart growth, community
      development, housing, transportation, the environment, New Urbanism, and
      other related issues. Knowledge of federal laws and local best practices
      would also be a plus.
      * A thorough understanding of the legislative process, including experience
      crafting legislative proposals and getting them enacted.
      * Demonstrated ability to work with diverse coalitions to build consensus
      around policies that advance smart growth.
      * Excellent oral and written communications skills, diligence, and
      * Leadership skills, people skills, and a strong desire to work in teams.
      * At least two years of experience managing staff.

      The Policy Director will report directly to the Executive Director and will
      work closely with SGA’s staff, coalition members, and other partners. He or
      she would be responsible for forming a state and local policy advisory
      committee to help achieve SGA’s goals.

      Commensurate with qualifications, and competitive with positions in similar
      Washington, DC-based non-profit organizations. Excellent benefits.

      Starting Date
      This position will be open till the right candidate is hired, hopefully by
      April 2007.

      How to Apply
      Smart Growth America strongly encourages people of color to apply for this
      job. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national
      origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Please send a résumé,
      writing sample and references to:

      Yiling Wong
      Smart Growth America
      1707 L Street, NW Suite 1050
      Washington, D.C. 20036
      Fax: 202.207.3355 ext. 10
      Email: ywong@...



      The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a non-profit national
      environmental advocacy organization with more than 1.2 million members and
      online activists. We have offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago,
      San Francisco, Los Angeles and Beijing. Our staff of 275 includes attorneys,
      scientists, policy analysts and educators working to protect the environment
      and public health through advocacy and education.

      Position Description:
      The Energy Program focuses on curbing global warming by advancing
      sustainable energy solutions such as energy efficiency, location efficiency,
      renewable energy, cleaner vehicles, and renewable fuels. The California
      Smart Growth/Location Efficiency Advocate will be an integral part of the
      Energy Program’s team advocating effective policies to implement
      California’s package of landmark bills to curb global warming, including the
      Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), in a manner that cuts
      emissions while providing economic and environmental benefits to California.
      This position represents a challenging, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and
      enjoyable opportunity for the right person.

      Essential Functions:
      * Work with key stakeholders including business, transportation,
      conservation, environmental justice, and consumer and low-income advocate
      * Represent NRDC in public including before state regulatory proceedings,
      regional planning forums, and the state Legislature.
      * Focus on the development and implementation of public policies and changes
      in private sector decision-making processes that encourage location
      efficient development. Location efficiency is maximized when residential
      neighborhoods are compact and well served by mass transit; mixed use
      development and pedestrian/bicycle friendliness, and centrality to regional
      attractions also enhance location efficiency. These attributes improve
      profitability for developers and the real estate industry; they also cut
      traffic congestion and reduce consumer costs. Yet a complex array of
      barriers, some regulatory, some based on past practice, some political,
      thwart beneficial development.
      * Identification of barriers and disincentives, working collaboratively with
      stakeholders, and developing and implementing affirmative solutions. Some of
      these include the Location Efficient Mortgage™ and the improvement of
      transportation planning models such that they account for location
      efficiency correctly.
      * Developing other concrete policy proposals and working with other NRDC
      staff to develop policy agreements in the private sector and with public
      interest advocates and state government to implement changes to growth
      patterns that reduce VMT (vehicles miles traveled) and greenhouse gas

      Skills and Expertise Requirements:
      This position benefits from extremely multi-disciplinary educational and
      practical experience. While no candidate may possess all of the skills and
      background listed, the following skills are particularly important:
      * Graduate or professional degree in a related discipline such as City and
      Regional Planning, transportation planning, energy, law, public policy,
      business, real estate, finance, economics, science, or engineering.
      * At least two years of relevant work experience.
      * Knowledge of California’s transportation sector, and how both highway and
      transit projects are planned, evaluated, and funded.
      * Familiarity with transportation planning models; how they are constructed
      and how they are used.
      * Knowledge of the real estate development industry and how projects are
      permitted, how their impacts are evaluated, how they are able to obtain
      approvals both formally and through the political process.
      * Knowledge of the lending industry and how homes, apartments, and real
      estate development projects are financed.
      * Persuasive oral and written advocacy skills.
      * Demonstrated ability to build coalitions much broader than the traditional
      environmental community; in particular, ability to work cooperatively with
      businesses individually and through business organizations.
      * Strong analytical skills required; ability to perform technical and
      quantitative analyses is preferred.

      We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a pleasant working
      environment and are committed to workplace diversity. Salary is based on a
      nonprofit scale and commensurate with experience. Applicants should send a
      resume, writing sample, and cover letter with salary requirements to
      HR_SF@... with subject: Smart Growth. No phone calls or faxes. Please
      reference where you saw this posting. NRDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provides transportation
      planning for the San Francisco Bay Area.  MTC administers federal, state &
      regional funds, overseeing efficiency of the region’s transportation system.
      The following internships are available for summer 2007:

      • Library Intern                    
      • SAFE Data Analysis/Program Evaluation Intern        
      • Pavement Coordinator Intern
      • Transit Statistical Summary Intern
      • High School Internship Coordinator            
      • TransLink® Intern                                                    
      • Geographic Information Systems Intern • TLC Program Analyst Intern

      The internships are available to students currently enrolled at least
      halftime in any undergraduate or graduate-level curriculum or who have
      graduated within the last six (6) months.   The salary for undergraduate
      students is $14.50 and $18.75 for graduate students.

      For further info on the internships and an MTC application, please see our
      web site at www.mtc.ca.gov, or call our Job Hotline, at (510) 817-5818.
      Applicants must submit an MTC application, and a current resume for each
      internship they are considering.

      Application deadline is 4:00 p.m., April 9, 2007.  (Late applications and
      faxed/emailed applications will not be accepted).



      WalkSanDiego, a regional, grassroots pedestrian advocacy organization seeks
      qualified candidates for the full-time position of Executive Director.
      WalkSanDiego is a highly regarded organization actively sought out by health
      funders to bring our walkability message and improvement model to more
      neighborhoods.  Through training, advocacy, and work with local governments,
      schools, developers, and the San Diego Association of Governments,
      WalkSanDiego is working to reclaim streets for pedestrians through policy
      reforms, accessible and inviting streetscapes, and traffic calming measures.
      A complete job description, job application, and more information on the
      organization's activities are available at www.walksandiego.org.  Submit
      application electronically to calmtraffic@..., by 4pm Pacific
      Time, April 30, 2007.  No resumes accepted.  



      Transportation Planner (TP) position in a very dynamic, progressive and
      professional public agency. Under direction of the Chief Deputy Director,
      the TP reviews and develops recommendations for sales tax funding requests
      and amendments; assists with long-range Strategic Plan updates; acts as lead
      for all day-to-day aspects of administration of the local Transportation
      Fund for Clean Air (TFCA)program; develops programming recommendations for
      state and federal fund sources; assists with development of the long-range
      Countywide Transportation Plan and periodically with planning, policy, and
      legislative studies; performs project delivery oversight such as helping
      sponsors meet timely use of funds requirements; and responds to inquiries
      from the public and other agencies about funding opportunities. Education:
      Requires completion of a graduate degree in an appropriate discipline such
      as transportation planning or civil engineering and one year of experience
      in transportation planning, programming or funding allocation. Salary as
      noted below is effectively higher since employer contributes to PERS
      retirement plan in lieu of social security. See website posting for further
      details on required and preferred skills and experience, benefits, etc.

      Salary: $60,225 – $84,320; see note above

      Contact: Maria Lombardo
      Email: maria@...
      Phone: 415.522.4802
      Fax: 415.522.4829
      Web: http://www.sfcta.org

      Address: 100 Van Ness Avenue, 26th Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94102
      United States



      Sustainable South Bronx is a community organization dedicated to
      implementing sustainable environmental and economic development projects
      that are informed by the needs of the community and the values of
      Environmental Justice.

      Position Summary
      Project Coordinator will direct and administer the Sheridan Expressway
      Campaign for the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance*, a coalition of
      community organizations and technical assistance providers whose mission is
      to force the NYS DOT to implement the Community Plan through the EIS
      process, which includes decommissioning the Sheridan Expressway, an
      underutilized 1.25 highway and coordinate and manage SSB’s participation in
      implementing the South Bronx Greenway (SBG), an overarching community led
      plan for a bicycle/pedestrian greenway along the South Bronx waterfront
      which will provide much needed open space, waterfront access and
      opportunities for mixed used economic development within the South Bronx and
      the Active Living by Design Campaign (ALbD), a partnership of health care
      providers and other community stakeholders which will help residents and
      workers to integrate activity into their daily lives.  The Coordinator will
      devote 60% of their time to the Sheridan campaign, and 40% to SBG and ALbD.

      Primary Responsibilities
      * Coordinate the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance’s Sheridan
      Expressway Campaign, including tasks below:
      * Coordinate monthly meetings with SBRWA staff members
      * Conduct/coordinate outreach to community member and organizations,
      business sectors and interests, elected officials and other key parties
      about the campaign
      * Build community support in preparation for the EIS hearing
      * Manage website updates
      * Generate and create distribution plan for educational/promotional
      materials about the Sheridan campaign
      * Work with the SBRWA members to develop and implement a press strategy
      * Seek out continued funding for the work of the SBRWA and the Sheridan
      * Represent the SBRWA in official and unofficial settings

      Manage the South Bronx Greenway and Active Living by Design Campaign
      Projects, including tasks below:  
      * Represent SSB on both projects with agency, community and all other
      partners and/or associates
      * Maintain and nurture current, and identify new external relationships
      relevant to the growth and development of projects.
      * Coordinate projects with other SSB staff to determine and take advantage
      of potential opportunities for collaboration
      * Work with the city to create a detailed maintenance plan for the SBG that
      will create jobs for South Bronx Residents
      * Help identify funding sources for project support and develop fundraising
      & development strategies and manage project budget.
      * Write proposals for future project support and assist in developing and
      producing narrative and financial reports.
      * Work to close out all reporting for the ALbD program
      * Continue to work on the Social Marketing Campaign
      * Continue to collaborate with community partners to help lead a series of
      events promote healthy lifestyles.  

      Education and Experience
      * 4 year undergraduate degree, advanced degree desirable.  Appropriate life
      experience also accepted.
      * At least 2 (preferably more) years work experience in community
      organizing, community planning, or environmental justice experience;
      volunteer experience will also be considered
      * Demonstrated writing and analytical skills
      * Computer proficiency
      * Spanish speaking desirable

      Position Requirements
      * Excellent communications skills, both oral and written
      * Commitment to accuracy and attention to detail
      * Ability to interact with a broad range of constituents
      * Ability to access and interface with a wide range of sources and networks
      for information
      * Ability to multi-task
      * Good judgment and ability to function independently, but not afraid to ask
      questions or ask for support
      * Experience working with African-American and/or Latino communities a
      strong preference
      * Good sense of humor

      SSB is an EOE; women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.
      Please send resume and cover letter to the Project Coordinator Search
      Committee, c/o Sustainable South Bronx, 890 Garrison Avenue, 4th Floor, The
      Bronx, NY 10474 or ssbinfo@....  

      * The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance members: Mothers on the Move,
      The Point CDC, Sustainable South Bronx, Youth Ministries for Peace and
      Justice, Tri-State Transportation Campaign and the Pratt Center for
      Community and Environmental Development


      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm


      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm

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