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Vote YES for SJS - CSU Initiative

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    San Jose State-CSU : Vote Yes VOTE YES March 20-21 for the SJS/CSU Identity. Online voting via MySJSU is allowed! The Initiative would: a.. Preserve
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2007
      San Jose State-CSU :   Vote 'Yes'
      VOTE "YES" March 20-21 for the SJS/CSU Identity.  Online voting via MySJSU is allowed!   The Initiative would:
      • Preserve the "San Jose State" name as the school's primary identity
      • Add a secondary identity that includes the words "California State University", such as "CSU San Jose", "CSU Silicon Valley" or "CSU (1862)"
      • Restore the rights of San Jose State students to choose to identify with and market themselves under the CSU name
      • Restore San Jose State's prestigious and valuable identity as the original and oldest CSU campus  
      Alumnus Endorses SJS-CSU Identity Initiative
      After seeing our proposed San Jose State - California State University logo (above), alumnus James Rowen has endorsed the Alternate Identity Initiative on his blog, saying its a step in the right direction.   See http://missioncitylantern.blogspot.com/2007/03/vote-yes-on-name-change.html 
      If you have a website, please endorse the Initiative and let us know about it. 
      Join the CSU Students of San Jose
      The Initiative is sponsored by the 300-member CSU Students of San Jose.   Join us:
      Vote in Gostate.org Poll
      Please also vote in the www.gostate.org straw poll on the best city-state identity for San Jose State.  Vote here:  www.gostate.org
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