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Summer study abroad in Brazil

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Dear Colleagues, Please let your students know about this unique opportunity: The University of Florida and the Federal University of Paran juniors, seniors
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007

      Dear Colleagues,

      Please let your students know about this unique opportunity:

      The University of Florida and the Federal University of Paran
      juniors, seniors and graduate students from other colleges and
      universities in the United States to enroll in the Study Abroad Program
      taking place in Brazil this summer.

      Three Brazilian cities will be experienced first-hand as part of the
      program: Sao Paulo, the second largest city in the world; Curitiba,
      internationally renowned for its planning initiatives, and Maring=E1, a
      planned city developed by a British company in the coffee plantation =
      region of Paran=E1.  Most program activities will take place in =
      Curitiba, but students will have time to explore other cities of their =

      Some of the broader urban issues to be explored during the program are: =
      community development, urban design, land use planning, urban land =
      policy, transportation planning, affordable housing, economic =
      development, and environmental planning.  This year, there will be four =
      general project topics to choose from: sustainable transportation =
      planning/transit-oriented development, affordable housing and informal =
      settlements, urban parks and public health, and urban design for =
      downtown revitalization.  Students are free to choose a particular =
      aspect of one of these general topics for their research project. =20

      Other information:
      *       Deadline for application:  March 1st, 2007 (applications may be =
      accepted after this date on a space available basis only).
      *       Dates:  May 11th to June 22nd=20
      *       Credits:         6 credit/hours  (graduate / undergraduate)
      *       Cost:  undergraduate students pay only $3,415 and graduate =
      students pay only $4,230.  This price includes tuition (6 credits), =
      workshops, lodging & breakfast, and transportation to program related =
      events.  The international flight is additional.
      *       No language requirement; program will be conducted in English

      This Study Abroad Program is a 6-credit program that allows students to =
      explore urban issues in a developing country.  Students will participate =
      in workshops and lectures, including urban and regional design and =
      planning studios, at the Federal University of Paran=E1.  Additional =
      lectures will take place at local and regional government planning =
      agencies.  Students will also visit settlements and other projects =
      implemented throughout S=E3o Paulo, Curitiba and Maring=E1, giving them =
      a better understanding of urban dynamics in a rapidly growing =

      Additional information and on-line application materials can be found =
      at: [http://www.abroad.ufic.ufl.edu/].  Search for Curitiba - Urban =

      For academic questions, please contact:
      Joseli Macedo, Ph.D., AICP
      Director, Study Abroad Program, Urban Planning & Design in Curitiba, =
      Department of Urban and Regional Planning=20
      College of Design, Construction and Planning=20
      University of Florida=20
      P. O. Box 115706  Gainesville, FL  32611-5706
      Tel.: 352.392.0997 ext.461

      For application and administrative questions, please contact:
      Angela Dikeman
      UFIC Study Abroad Advisor
      352-392-5323 ext.507
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