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Planning PhD Student Opportunities at Ohio State University

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    ... Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 14:38:23 -0500 From: JENNIFER COWLEY Subject: PhD Student Opportunities at Ohio State University The City
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      Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 2007 14:38:23 -0500
      From:    JENNIFER COWLEY <cowley.11@...>
      Subject: PhD Student Opportunities at Ohio State University

      The City and Regional Planning Section of the Austin E=2E Knowlton School=
      of Architecture (KSA) at the Ohio State University (OSU) is accepting =

      applications for at least two three-year fully funded positions for =

      PhD students in City and Regional Planning=2E  The positions include =

      a monthly stipend plus a tuition waiver (including out of state fees) and=

      are guaranteed for three years assuming satisfactory work and good progr=
      toward the degree=2E =

      Our faculty has diverse interests and interdisciplinary backgrounds inclu=
      ding planning=2C geography=2C regional science=2C economics=2C law=2C arc=
      hitecture=2C psychology and systems engineering=2E  The faculty=92s resea=
      rch covers a wide variety of specializations=2E

      City and Regional Planning is located in the new state-of-the-art Knowlto=
      n Hall on the Ohio State University campus=2E  The building provides exce=
      llent computer facilities=2C classrooms=2C faculty and PhD student office=
      s=2C display space=2C studio space and areas for group and individual wor=
      k=2E  In addition=2C the School=92s award winning library is housed in Kn=
      owlton Hall=2E  Students can take advantage of the School=92s digital ima=
      ge library=2C the many interdisciplinary connections we have forged over =
      the years (including=2C for example=2C ties to the John Glenn School of P=
      ublic Service and Public Policy=2C the Center for Urban and Regional Anal=
      ysis and the Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Fringe Issues) and the broad rang=
      e of outstanding scholars in the many departments and colleges of the Ohi=
      o State University=2E

      The Ohio State University is located in the Columbus=2C Ohio metropolitan=
      area=2E  Columbus is the largest city in the state of Ohio and the 15th =
      largest in the US=2E  It is an outstanding laboratory for research in pla=
      nning and allied fields=2E  The Knowlton School=92s connections to the lo=
      cal professional community are excellent and there are innumerable opport=
      unities to undertake research that makes important theoretical contributi=
      ons and also has important policy implications=2E

      More information about the University can be found at the OSU web site  w=
      ww=2Eosu=2Eedu=2C and details about the City and Regional Planning PhD pr=
      ogram may be found at knowlton=2Eosu=2Eedu=2E =

      For more information=2C please contact (JEC and HMJ are at the conference=
      Ken Pearlman                                   Jennifer Evans Cowley                 Hazel A=2E Morrow-Jones                 =

      Section head                                  Assistant Professor                                  Associate Professor
      Pearlman=2E1=40osu=2Eedu                 Cowley=2E11=40osu=2Eedu                                  morrow-jones=2E1=40osu=2E=
      edu                 =

      or any other member of the City and Regional Planning faculty=2E

      Jennifer Evans-Cowley=2C PhD=2C AICP
      Assistant Professor and
      Planning Education at a Distance Program Director
      City and Regional Planning
      Austin E=2E Knowlton School of Architecture
      The Ohio State University
      275 West Woodruff Avenue
      Columbus=2C OH  43210-1138
      (614) 247-7479
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