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FT job - San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association - San Francisco - Administrative Director

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Job Title: Administrative Director Organization: SPUR - San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Assocation Location: San Francisco Salary: Salary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2007

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 01/05/2007 01:26 PM -----

      Job Title: Administrative Director
      Organization: SPUR - San Francisco Planning & Urban Research
      Location: San Francisco
      Salary: Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits.
      FT  Regular

      SPUR, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association,
      is hiring an Administrative Director to run our 15-person
      office. The Administrative Director is in charge of office
      management, financial management, human resources, building
      management and everything else necessary to keep the office

      The Administrative Director will serve as part of SPUR’s senior
      staff team, functioning essentially as the “Chief Operating
      Officer” for our small organization. He or she will directly
      supervise SPUR’s book keeper and executive assistant, in
      addition to volunteers who help perform administrative duties.
      New positions supervised by Administrative Director will be
      added over time.

      SPUR is one of the country’s leading urban policy organizations.
      Through research, education, and advocacy SPUR promotes good
      planning and good government. SPUR is a non-profit membership
      organization that draws support from individuals, businesses,
      foundations. The organization will be constructing a new
      headquarters building, set to open in the second quarter of
      2008, known as the Urban Center.

      We are looking for someone with a minimum of five years
      experience in an office environment. The job requires attention
      to detail, good judgment, excellent organizational skills, and a
      good understanding of what it takes for an organization to run
      smoothly. The salary will be competitive and based on
      experience. SPUR is an equal opportunity employer.

      Office management
      •                 Ensure that the office has the right equipment, computers, and
      •                 Ensure that the office is well organized
      •                 Control costs for all purchasing decisions
      •                 Manage and organize the office filing system, file server,
      library, and archives
      •                 Supervise volunteers to distribute mail, staff the reception
      desk, and perform other office duties

      Financial management
      •                 Lead the annual budgeting process, coordinating between the
      various departments, board committees, and accountants
      •                 Help make financial decisions throughout the year to ensure
      that the organization controls its costs and meets its budget
      •                 Answer budgeting and finance questions for the executive
      director and board
      •                 Staff the Board Finance Committee, Audit Committee, and
      Investment Committee
      •                 Supervise the accounting staff and financial consultants to
      make sure that financial reporting and tracking is working
      •                 Staff the annual audit process
      •                 Look for opportunities to reduce costs across the organization

      Human resources
      •                 Serve as the lead point of contact for recruiting and hiring
      new staff
      •                 Manage all the paperwork associated with hiring staff and
      orient staff to how the office works
      •                 Manage employee benefits programs ensuring that staff are well
      taken care of while working to control costs
      •                 Ensure compliance with all personnel rules and regulations
      •                 Maintain all human resource records and files
      •                 Support the executive director to ensure that staff are
      evaluated when they should be and consult on salary decisions as
      •                 Make sure staff get the training they need
      •                 Facilitate inter-office communication
      •                 Coordinate SPUR’s volunteer recruitment efforts

      Building management
      •                 Serve as the primary contact for the current landlord
      •                 Manage the calendar for SPUR events and committee meetings
      •                 Ensure that rooms are set up for the various meetings that
      take place at SPUR, through managing volunteers, coordinating
      staff, or doing it yourself
      •                 Work with the larger Urban Center planning efforts to create a
      program for renting out spaces in the Urban Center as a profit
      center after it opens

      How to Apply:
      Please submit cover letters and resumes to jobs@.... For
      more information on SPUR, see www.spur.org.
      Organization Web Site: www.spur.org

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