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Invitation to student transportation research conference (UCLA, Feb. 15 - 17)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Dear all, My name is Sandra O Flaherty. I am a second year masters student in urban planning at UCLA. I m writing to invite you to the 13th Annual
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 01/04/2007 03:40 PM -----

      Dear all,

      My name is Sandra O'Flaherty. I am a second year masters student in
      urban planning at UCLA. I'm writing to invite you to the 13th Annual
      University of California Transportation Research Conference at UCLA,
      February 15-17th.  Please pass this message on to your students and
      colleagues who would be interested in attending the conference.

      We have lined up a number of great speakers including Jim Ritchie from
      the Los Angeles World Airports, Dr. Ralph Appy from the Port of Los
      Angeles, and Gloria Jeff from LADOT.

      Our Mel Webber speaker is Dr. Michael Meyer, Professor at the Georgia
      Institute of Technology School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
      He will speak at our dinner event on Friday, February 16th at the UCLA
      Faculty Center.

      Please see the conference website at www.its.ucla.edu/uctc for more
      details and to register online.

      Once again, please share this message with your students and  
      colleagues. I sincerely hope that many of you will be able to attend.  
      It will be a very interesting conference and a great opportunity for  
      students to network and learn more about the wide field of  

      Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I hope to see  
      you in February!



      Sandra O'Flaherty
      MA Urban Planning, 2007
      Lead UCTRC Conference Organizer
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