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City of San Jose District 8 CRT Land-Use Subcommittee looking for student member

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    (If you are interested, please contact Mike Alvarado directly at michael_j_alvarado@earthlink.net. Best regards, Asha Weinstein) ... Hello Dayna and Asha, In
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2007

      (If you are interested, please contact Mike Alvarado directly at michael_j_alvarado@....  Best regards, Asha Weinstein)

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 01/03/2007 05:33 PM -----

      Hello Dayna and Asha,
      In District 8, the Community Roundtable has been ramping up. I am the Vice President of the Roundtable.
      The Evergreen Visioning Process has spawned a lot of new citizen involvement in an important land use topic. The Roundtable is now formalizing the entity that will provide on-going analysis and advocacy regarding land use in Evergreen. I am hoping a student who lives in the area could be identified to work on the new land use subcommittee.
      Thanks in advance for any assistance

      Mike Alvarado

      Name: District 8 Community Roundtable Land-Use Subcommittee (D8CRT Land-Use Subcommittee)
      Definitions of Land-Use: Any formal proposal involving a decision regarding the use or designation of real property, including, but not limited to, parks and trails, residential/commercial/retail, planning or building permits, code enforcement, environmental and CEQA issues, housing, transportation, and architecture.
      Code Enforcement: Any activity that is in violation of one or more of San Jose's land-use policies or issued conditional use permits that is, or could be, brought before the City's Planning Department for enforcement.
      The purpose of the Subcommittee shall be to represent its members and advocate on their behalf about land-use issues for the purpose of improving the quality of life. The three-part mission of the Land-Use Subcommittee is to coordinate two-way communication between the City and community, to engage the community in a dialogue about land-use issues, and to promote strength and unity within the D8 area.
      Guiding Principles:
      1. To address, research and communicate land-use issues on behalf of D8.
      2. To provide a conduit between the D8 and City for expressing the needs, issues, and desires of the D8 concerning land-use issues.
      3. To make recommendations, which reinforce the D8CRT By-laws and improve the overall quality of life for D8 residents and the City.
      4. To serve as an advisory body and to make recommendations on D8 land-use projects and policies to the D8 Steering Committee. The D8 Land-Use Subcommittee shall state the content of the recommendation, including specific actions, timeframes, responsibility, and review process for projects. Such recommendations may include actions such as addressing and meeting with City elected officials and staff or other important third parties, such as developers.
      Membership and Officers:
      1. Up to seven individuals holding membership in the D8CRT may become a member of the Land-Use Subcommittee. Each member has one vote, including officers of the subcommittee.
      2. The Steering Committee shall choose the Chair of the Subcommittee by majority vote. The Chair shall nominate all Subcommittee members and name all Officers, subject to approval by the Steering Committee. The Chair and all Officers are reaffirmed by the Steering Committee annually.
      3. No individual may serve more than six consecutive annual terms as a member or officer of the Land-Use Subcommittee.
      4. The Land-Use Subcommittee may have ex-officio members from outside D8CRT membership, but these ex-officio members do not have voting rights.
      5. The Steering Committee reserves the right to insure that the Subcommittee membership, officers, and work plans conform to the D8CRT By-laws. In the event the Steering Committee determines that an individual is non-conformant to those By-laws, then the Steering Committee can remove a Land-Use Subcommittee member by majority vote.
      6. Officers:
      a. Chair: shall preside at the Subcommittee meetings.
      b. Vice Chair: shall assume the duties of the Chair during the Chair's absence.
      c. Secretary: shall take roll, keep minutes of all minutes and tally votes.
      7. All officers of the Subcommittee are required to take an approved ethics training course every two years.
      8. All members and officers of the Subcommittee are encouraged to continue their education on land-use issues.
      1. To review all City land-use projects and policies that affect the D8 area.
      2. To make recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding land-use policies and projects that affect the D8 area.
      3. To inform the community and foster a two-way dialogue on land-use issues and opportunities.
      4. To use all the applicable resources of the D8CRT.
      5. To use all the applicable resources of the City Staff and Government.
      6. To make policy recommendations on improving the quality of life in the D8 area from a land-use perspective.
      7. To make available opportunities for continuing education on land-use issues for Subcommittee members and officers.
      8. To create temporary task forces to work on specific projects or policies (i.e. EEHVS).
      9. To develop criteria for determining whether a project has broad, medium, or low impact in the D8 area, and to develop a threshold for action on the part of the Subcommittee on these projects. This is for the purpose of providing early notification on projects or topics of significant consequence so as to maximize resident participation as the Subcommittee deems appropriate.
      10. To create an electronic library of materials useful in evaluating projects and educating D8 residents.
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