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TFN Employment Connections: December 21, 2006

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It is a periodic compilation of
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/21/2006 10:56 PM -----

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections

      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a
      periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the
      right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT
      Positions included in this issue:

      *Director of Development, America Walks (Alexandria, VA)
      *Program Associate, TALC (Oakland, CA)
      *Membership Assistant, LAB (Washington, DC)
      *TransLink Senior Program Coordinator, MTC (Oakland, CA)
      *Assistant/Associate Planner for Transit Connectivity Implementation, MTC
      (Oakland, CA)
      *Assistant, Center for Sustainable Communities, NACO (Washington, DC)
      *Policy and Planning Analyst, Time Square Alliance (New York, NY)
      *Global Warming Advocate, MASSPIRG (Boston, MA)
      *Executive Director, Richmond Main Street Initiative (Richmond, CA)
      *Project Manager for Design and Construction, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
      (Brooklyn, NY)
      *Senior Communications Officer, Energy and Climate Change, UN Foundation
      (Washington, DC)
      *Finance Manager, City CarShare (San Francisco, CA)
      *Southland SRTS Coordinator, Chicagoland Bicycle Foundation (Chicago, IL)
      *Communications Manager, Chicagoland Bicycle Foundation (Chicago, IL)
      *Internship, STIPDG, USDOT (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)



      America Walks is a national coalition of pedestrian advocacy groups seeking
      a self-starter to help build our organization. We work with existing groups
      (and to start new groups) whose goal is making their communities safer and
      more desirable for walking. Our mission has broad appeal to those interested
      in walking, transit-oriented development, planning, new urbanism,
      environment, social justice, accessible communities, public health, active
      aging, national transportation policy, and more.

      The qualified candidate would have the chance to work with a professional
      board and have or be willing to develop skills in grant-writing, program
      development, publicity, fundraising, corporate sponsorship, member outreach,
      and event organizing. A great opportunity for an ambitious person, a career
      changer, a fixer-upper. Must be willing to take on this project with the
      understanding that you are responsible for raising funding for salaries,
      including your own. A stipend is available for 4 -8 hours per week, but the
      ideal candidate would be motivated to work more in order to develop this
      into a full-time Executive Director position.

      Office is located in Alexandria, VA, just off the Beltway exit at Eisenhower
      Avenue, between the Van Dorn and Eisenhower metro lines.

      Additional Qualifications:
      Must be well-organized, out-going, well-rounded, personable, and did we
      mention organized? Tasks range from administrative work and basic
      bill-paying to developing programs, sponsors, and members.
      Experience in urban planning and transportation is definitely desirable, but
      not necessary. General familiarity with non-profits, as well as advocacy
      skills such as publicity, outreach, and lobbying.

      How to Apply:
      Send your cover letter with three references by email, resume attached to
      nmogul@..., or by mail to:
      Nicole Mogul
      1816 North Shore Court
      Reston, VA 20190



      The Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) is a partnership of over 90
      groups working for a sustainable and socially just Bay Area. We envision a
      region with healthy, walkable communities that provide all residents with
      transportation choices and affordable housing. TALC analyzes county and
      regional policies, works with community groups to develop alternatives, and
      coordinates grassroots campaigns. TALC is a nonprofit organization with 12
      staff members that has gained national recognition for our work to promote
      transportation alternatives and more livable neighborhoods.

      Position Summary
      We seek a motivated individual to perform a wide variety of communications,
      organizational, advocacy, and administrative tasks as part of our efforts to
      promote transit oriented development around the region.

      Over the next five years, the Bay Area has a once-in-a-generation
      opportunity to stop poorly planned growth and make better decisions about
      what, where, and how to build next. With over 100 new transit station areas
      being planned and growing market demand for homes near transit, we can
      finally turn back the tide of sprawl and reinvest in our existing
      communities. The Great Communities Collaborative is bringing together
      leading regional organizations and community foundations to ensure that
      communities across the Bay Area have the tools, training, and assistance
      they need to participate effectively in planning their own communities.

      Together, Collaborative partners anticipate getting directly involved in at
      least 25 TOD planning processes around the region over the next three years.
      Our long-term goal is ambitious: that half of all new Bay area homes built
      by 2030 are in walkable communities located near transit, jobs, and
      services, and affordable to people of all incomes. The Program Associate
      will work closely with core partners, including Greenbelt Alliance,
      Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, Reconnecting America,
      Urban Habitat, and two community foundations, as well as other local and
      regional partners. More information on the Collaborative is available at
      www.transcoalition.org/gci .    

      Key responsibilities
      * Provide programmatic and administrative support to the Policy Director and
      other Great Communities staff.
      * Write project updates for a variety of audiences and media based on
      updates from front-line staff.
      * Develop and distribute meeting agendas, notes, and materials for meetings
      of regional organizations and community foundations involved in the
      * Maintain on-line communications tools, such as file sharing, calendar,
      joint document creation, and social networking.
      * Update databases, project files, financial books, and other systems.
      * The Program Associate will work out of TALC’s Oakland office and will be
      supervised by TALC's Policy Director.

      Experience and skills:
      * Excellent writing and editing skills.
      * Two years of professional or high-level volunteer experience in nonprofit
      organizations or a related field.
      * Comfortable and proficient with computer applications such as MS Word,
      Excel, Outlook, and web browsers. Experience with database and on-line
      communications tools is helpful.
      * Organized and able to manage multiple projects with an attention to
      detail. Ability to work independently.
      * Commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice is highly
      desirable, particularly if combined with a demonstrated interest in city
      planning, urban design, and/or transit oriented development.
      * Demonstrated ability to work and communicate effectively with individuals
      from many different sectors and of varying ethnic background, age, and
      education level.
      * Familiarity with land use planning concepts preferred but not required.

      Compensation and Benefits:
      Full-time (37.5 hours/week), salary commensurate with experience and
      competitive with other non-profits. Compensation includes health and dental
      insurance, generous vacation time, comp time, and an exciting team-oriented
      work environment. TALC also administers an employee contribution 403b
      retirement plan and contributes to the Commuter Check program.

      How to Apply:
      Please send a short, descriptive cover letter and resumé to: TALC/Program
      Associate, 405 14th Street, Suite 605, Oakland, CA 94612, or fax to: (510)
      740-3131. No e-mail please.

      Position is open until filled. Review of resumes will begin on Monday,
      January 8, with interviews expected to begin the following week.

      Visit www.transcoalition.org for more information about our Coalition
      TALC is an equal opportunity employer.
      People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply.



      Founded in 1880 as the League of American Wheelmen, the League of American
      Bicyclists represents the interests of the nation's 79 million cyclists. The
      League counts 300,000 cyclists and 600 organizations as affiliated members.
      In 1880, when rutted dirt roads challenged bicyclists, over 100,000 wheelmen
      joined the League and advocated for paved roads through the "Good Roads"
      movement, ultimately leading to our national highway system. Today, the
      League carries on its legacy of success through national programs,
      including: Bicycle Friendly Communities Campaign, bike safety education,
      Safe Routes to School, National Bike MonthTM and the National Bike SummitR
      from its offices in Washington, DC.

      The League of American Bicyclists, the national organization of cyclists, is
      seeking a Membership Assistant to sort mail, process income and provide
      general administrative support. An entry-level position ideal for someone
      interested in cycling, and seeking experience with a non-profit

      How to Apply:
      Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to:

      Marthea Wilson
      League of American Bicyclists
      1612 K Street NW Suite 800
      Washington, DC 20006-2850
      Email: Marthea@..., Please reference “Membership Assistant
      Search” in the subject.



      MTC is announcing an Open recruitment for a TransLink Senior Program
      Coordinator in the Traveler Coordination and Information (TCI) Section.
      The person in this position will, among other tasks:  
      * Assume lead responsibility for technical management (design-build for
      "back office" aspects) of the TransLink program.
      * Coordinate implementation of the TransLink system with participating
      transit operators and the TransLink contractor.
      * Coordinate with the other TransLink Senior on the business management of
      the program (customer, policy and "front-end" aspects).
      * Provide day-to-day supervision and direction to professional, technical
      and support staff, and consultants/contractors who work in assigned program

      For more information: http://www.mtc.ca.gov/jobs/

      All required materials must be submitted to Human Resources by 5:00 p.m.,
      Wednesday, December 27, 2006.



      Salary Range:
      Grade VII of the Salary Plan: $64,869 to $83,038 per year (Depending upon
      additional qualifications, salary may be up to $95,736).

      Under the direction of the TCI Director and supervision of a senior planner,
      assume transit connectivity and coordination responsibilities at MTC.
      Implement findings from the Regional Transit Connectivity Study.
      Coordinate/support wayfinding signage improvements, real-time information
      deployments, and regional transit information displays at regional transit
      hubs. Staff an advisory committee on transit connectivity issues. Represent
      and/or support MTC’s customer service projects with respect to transit
      connectivity and coordination issues. Identify opportunities and solutions
      to encourage transit operators to better support MTC’s customer service
      projects. Support and/or manage other elements of the Regional Transit
      Connectivity Study and the Regional Transit Coordination Program.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      Education: Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or
      university, as listed in the Higher Education Directory, in an appropriate
      discipline such as: transportation planning, urban planning, engineering,
      public policy, public finance, public administration, business or related
      discipline. A master’s degree is preferred. (Applicants with a degree issued
      from an institution outside the United States or from a school not listed in
      the Higher Education Directory must have their transcripts evaluated by an
      academic accrediting service and provide proof of equivalency along with the

      Experience: Two years of recent, increasingly responsible and verifiable
      professional experience in an appropriate field related to the position.
      Alternatively, one year of graduate work in a discipline directly related to
      the position may be substituted for the required experience.

      Knowledge of: Principles and techniques of transportation planning, program
      management, contract management, transportation system management, project
      evaluation and research, as well as familiarity with traveler information
      strategies/projects with an emphasis on transit information. Specific
      knowledge of wayfinding signage principles and real-time transit technology
      would be helpful, but is not required.

      Ability to: Use spreadsheets to track funds. Use PowerPoint to prepare
      presentations. Analyze and develop strategies for complex problems.
      Recommend alternative solutions and implement recommendation. Work
      cooperatively in a team environment with internal staff and partner agency
      staff to build consensus on solutions. Communicate effectively in writing.
      Author and present comprehensive reports. Make public presentations. Be
      proactive and work independently. Meet deadlines. Manage many diverse work
      tasks simultaneously. Travel to transit hubs and meeting locations.

      Typical Assignments:
      Under direction of the TCI Director and a senior planner, the
      Assistant/Associate Planner for Transit Connectivity Implementation will:

      Implement findings from the Regional Transit Connectivity Study. Manage
      overall implementation of MTC’s Transit Connectivity Program. Identify
      follow-up actions from the final Transit Connectivity Plan and lead MTC
      efforts to facilitate their completion. Define areas in which MTC should
      assume a leadership role versus a support role for transit operators.
      Prioritize the initiatives and recommend sequencing. Conduct outreach to
      stakeholders affected by hub improvements. Manage consultants and contracts,
      as appropriate. Track the expenditure of funds and progress at delivering
      transit connectivity improvements. Report progress to MTC management and the

      Coordinate wayfinding signage improvements at regional transit hubs.
      Formulate and/or finalize an approach to develop specific plans/proposals
      for wayfinding signage improvements at regional transit hubs and to
      distribute funds to make the improvements. The current approach is for
      transit operators to develop and implement their own plans based on the
      initial hub survey work done to date (possibly for consultant review). An
      alternative approach could be to hire a professional wayfinding signage
      consultant to develop plans for all regional transit hubs. Depending on the
      final approach, manage or support the agreed upon approach. Develop funding
      agreements between MTC and transit operators to make the improvements as

      Support real-time information deployments at regional transit hubs.
      Coordinate with the RM2 Real-Time Transit Program Manager to formulate an
      approach for the purchase, installation and ongoing operation of real-time
      transit information signs at regional transit hubs. Assess whether this
      program should be implemented regionally or operator-by-operator. Distribute
      funds to pay for real-time information deployments accordingly. Support
      implementation either through developing funding agreements for individual
      transit operators to deliver or through a signage contractor/entity to
      deliver on behalf of the region. Coordinate the approach with the Regional
      Real-Time Technical Advisory Committee.
      Coordinate regional transit information displays at regional transit hubs.
      Develop a contract with a transit operator to upgrade, expand and maintain
      Regional Transit Information Centers (RTIC) at regional hubs. Perform
      contract management duties and serve as a liaison between the contractor and
      other transit operators as necessary. Periodically review the state of
      RTIC’s to make sure they are well maintained (in terms of their physical
      appearance and the information and materials they contain) and give feedback
      to the contractor as appropriate. Coordinate the capital expansion of RTIC
      display cases with affected transit operators/property owners consistent
      with recommendations in the Transit Connectivity Plan. Coordinate
      dissemination of hub information through other media, as appropriate.

      Staff an advisory committee on transit connectivity issues. Convene and
      staff the Transit Connectivity Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which
      advises MTC on transit connectivity issues. Handle all communications and
      meeting records. Incorporate the TAC’s advice as appropriate into strategic
      management recommendations for the transit connectivity program.

      Represent and/or support MTC’s customer service projects. Interface with
      MTC’s customer service project staff in support of transit connectivity and
      coordination objectives. Develop a working knowledge of MTC’s customer
      service projects that impact transit, such as TransLink® and 511 traveler
      information services. Support implementation and operations of TransLink® or
      511, as necessary.

      Identify opportunities and solutions to encourage transit operators to
      better support MTC’s customer service projects. Work with TCI project
      managers to identify opportunities for transit operators to better support
      MTC’s customer service projects. Assist MTC project staff to develop and
      recommend strategies and solutions. Coordinate with the Planning Section to
      periodically update portions of the SB 1474 Transit Coordination
      Implementation Plan, which specifies transit coordination requirements for
      transit operators.
      Coordinate other elements of the Regional Transit Connectivity Study.
      Monitor the status of the Regional Integrated Fare Study. Manage periodic
      check-ins on transit schedule coordination recommendations. Liaise with the
      Bay Area Clean Air Partnership (BayCAP) Shuttle Group to coordinate ‘Last
      Mile’ service issues.

      Other duties as assigned. Undertake other crosscutting or project-specific
      assignments as time permits or priorities change.

      Application Instructions:
      Submit an MTC application, current resume and written responses to the
      supplemental questions (listed below) to: Human Resources Office,
      Metropolitan Transportation Commission, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA
      94607. Application materials must be received no later than 5:00 p.m.,
      Friday, January 19, 2007. Faxed/emailed applications will not be accepted.

      For more information: http://www.mtc.ca.gov/jobs/



      The National Association of Counties’ Center for Sustainable Communities is
      seeking a program Assistant.  The Center assists county officials in
      developing partnerships that lead to economic development, environmental
      safety, and social equity.  The selected candidate will have demonstrated
      knowledge of sustainable development concepts as well as an understanding of
      county governments.  In particular, the successful candidate will have a
      background in or more of the following issue areas; planning, growth,
      health, housing, land use, or economic development.  Strong preference will
      be given to candidates with an understanding of county government structure,
      functions, and responsibilities.  The Assistant will be given responsibility
      for and significant latitude to conduct programmatic activities under Center
      initiatives in the areas of active living, community health, and housing
      working in partnership with Foundation, Government and Private Sector

      Primary Responsibilities include:
      * Production of reports, publications and technical assistance materials.
      * Assistance in program development, including new issue and proposal
      * Planning, presenting and organizing conferences, forums and other events.
      * Participation in planning sessions, conference calls and meetings with
      public, private sector, and foundation partners.
      * Working with and supporting county officials of various NACo committees
      and caucuses.
      * Travel to various sustainability related meetings and conferences.
      * Other duties as assigned.

      A bachelor’s degree, plus one year of experience in a related field is
      required.  Related fields of preference include government, health,
      planning, land use, housing, and economic development.  An advance degree
      may be substituted for experience.  Strong preference will be given to those
      with experience working for or with county governments.

      Supervision:  The Assistant will report to the Director of the Center for
      Sustainable Communities

      Salary: $32,842 +

      Application process:
      Candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to:

      Human Resources Director
      Re:  Sustainable Communities Assistant
      National Association of Counties
      440 First Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20001



      As part of the ongoing revitalization of Times Square, the Times Square
      Alliance is launching major retail and economic development initiatives with
      a particular emphasis on Eighth Avenue between W. 40th and W. 53rd Streets.
      This includes both long- and short-term capital improvements, retail
      upgrades, and façade enhancements. The Alliance seeks a Policy and Planning
      Analyst to manage these programs.

      The Policy and Planning Analyst will assist in those goals by (a)
      outreaching to members of the real estate community to shape the development
      of Eighth Avenue and district-wide retail; (b) assisting the Vice President
      of Operations and the Vice President of Policy, Planning and Design to
      effectively track and summarize data regarding crime, quality of life
      issues, and general conditions in Times Square; and (c) managing an
      initiative to track hazardous or unsightly streetscape and sidewalk
      conditions and then following-up in efforts to address them (details below).
      The Policy and Planning Analyst also works as needed with the Policy,
      Planning and Design staff on capital and cultural initiatives and special

      Retail and Development
      The office worker and residential communities in Times Square represent
      enormous spending potential but are underserved by current retail choices.
      Times Square Alliance aims to help businesses capture some of this lost
      opportunity by making the area a more desirable place for people to live,
      shop and work.

      Specific tasks include:
      * Track monthly retail openings and closings and disseminate information to
      the real estate community
      * Track commercial, residential, and retail development
      * Cultivate relationships with retail brokers
      * Develop and administer an incentive program to attract desired retail
      tenants to the area
      * Promote Eighth Avenue as an attractive corridor for office worker and
      resident-oriented businesses
      * Coordinate regular meetings of the Eighth Avenue Advisory Committee and
      broker events

      Research and Statistics
      The Policy and Planning analyst oversees the collection and analysis of an
      array of economic and quality of life data. This data directly informs the
      organization’s policy and program choices. Specific tasks include:
      * Monthly crime statistics
      * Quarterly and Weekly Indicator Reports
      * Pedestrian studies
      * Demographic and Visitor research

      Street Conditions Tracking
      Using a specially created database, the Analyst manages the tracking and
      remediation of hazardous or unsightly street and sidewalk conditions
      Specific tasks include:
      * Work with database consultant and Operations Department on condition
      * Analyze government response time to reported conditions

      Additional Qualifications:
      All candidates should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of
      two years of relevant full-time work experience. Proficiency in Microsoft
      Office and Excel, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is essential. Experience
      with GIS and Adobe InDesign is a plus. Candidates should possess excellent
      communication, writing and analytical skills.

      How to Apply:
      Please send/fax resume and cover letter to:
      Times Square Alliance
      1560 Broadway, Suite 800
      New York, NY 10036
      Fax: 212-768-0233
      Attn: HR-PPD



      Solving global warming is arguably the greatest challenge of our generation.
      The United States is the biggest part of the problem. And the northeast US
      is at the forefront of the effort to cut global warming pollution and commit
      to a more sustainable future. MASSPIRG has been on the front lines of this
      effort for years, and we’re looking to add a Global Warming Advocate to
      tackle this issue and achieve meaningful results.

      Over the years, we’ve worked with the legislature to pass a law that will
      result in 30% reductions in global warming pollution from cars and trucks,
      and we’ve worked to hold the line on enforcing those standards against
      attacks from automakers. We were at the table as the northeast states
      negotiated and created the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI. When
      Gov. Mitt Romney rejected the program, we launched a campaign to have the
      state re-join the rest of the region, and built majority support in the
      legislature for strong global warming limits. But power plant owners
      successfully blocked the bill from coming up for a vote, so that fight

      Experts predict that global warming emissions in the northeast are going to
      rise in the coming years. We have to build on recent progress to win deeper
      reductions from power plants, cars and trucks, and other sources. We have to
      adopt smart growth principles and practices, and expand public transit, so
      people can get out of their cars and make more efficient choices. We have to
      rally our Congressional delegation to not take no for an answer on raising
      federal fuel economy standards. We have to convince our legislature and
      governor to commit to precedent-setting policies that will serve as a model
      for the rest of the country. The Global Warming Advocate will show up at
      work every day to do all that.

      MASSPIRG is the state’s largest public interest advocacy group, with over
      30,000 members across the state, 22 campus chapters, and a 35 year history
      of advocating and organizing on public interest issues. We research
      problems, write reports, work with the media, build coalitions, lobby
      decision-makers, and stand up for the public interest through grassroots
      organizing and advocacy.

      The MASSPIRG Global Warming Advocate will be responsible for the following:
      * Campaign strategy and coordination: Develop and implement the strategies
      and tactics needed to build political support for our work.
      * Lobbying: Testify at legislative and administrative hearings and lobby
      state legislators and the administration.
      * Coalition Building: Work with our allies in the state and region to
      achieve our policy and political objectives.
      * Research: Investigate and write reports about the policies that will solve
      global warming.
      * Policy Development: Craft policy solutions to cut global warming pollution
      from power plants, vehicles, and other sources.
      * Media Outreach: Organize media events to release reports and publicize our
      global warming work. Work to provide compelling information to reporters and
      react to current events.
      * Grantseeking: Write grant proposals, network with donors, and present our
      case to foundations. Seek creative approaches for bringing more resources to
      our efforts.

      Further, as part of a network of hundreds of PIRG advocates, organizers,
      attorneys and non-profit professionals across the country, the Global
      Warming Advocate will share resources and expertise with a large network of
      organizations, helping to build a stronger public interest movement

      Qualified applicants have a strong commitment to public interest issues;
      excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills; the ability to debate and
      speak persuasively in a charged atmosphere; enthusiasm for the work; and an
      interest in taking on more responsibility for campaigns, programs, and
      organizational development over time. Candidates for this position should
      have one to five years of relevant professional, post college experience.
      Relevant experience includes (but is not limited to) working in political,
      policy, legal, journalistic, or government settings. Advanced degrees,
      including a JD or masters in related fields, may count toward a candidate’s
      professional experience.

      Salary & Benefits
      Salary for this position is commensurate with a candidate’s relevant
      professional experience. A competitive benefits package includes health care
      coverage, educational loan assistance, a retirement plan, paid vacation and
      sick days, and parental leave. Opportunities for advancement, travel, and
      additional training are available.

      E-mail a compelling cover letter and resume to:
      Frank Gorke
      Energy Advocate
      44 Winter St. 4th Floor
      Boston, MA 02108

      Please specify which position you are applying for in the subject line of
      the e-mail, and be sure to mention where you saw our job advertised.



      Richmond Main Street is the organization in Richmond, California, that is
      dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Richmond with a commitment to
      make downtown a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly urban village, offering
      products, services, arts, and entertainment that reflect the community’s
      rich and diverse heritage.

      RMSI follows the Main Street approach to downtown revitalization that was
      developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, an approach that
      has been used successfully in hundreds of downtowns throughout the United
      States. The approach is comprehensive and community driven, and focuses on
      the following points: physical revitalization, business retention and
      attraction, cleanliness and safety, and promotion.

      RMSI programs include business assistance, festivals, marketing campaigns,
      youth involvement programs, streetscape and façade improvements, and much

      more. RMSI’s programs involve volunteers from the merchant and resident
      community of downtown Richmond, as well as representatives from City
      government and the larger East Bay business community.

      Position Summary
      The RMSI Executive Director is responsible for coordinating, developing, and
      implementing current and future projects and programs within the Main Street
      boundaries of downtown Richmond. The Executive Director works closely with
      various public and private organizations to improve and maintain the
      vitality of the downtown area. The Executive Director reports to the Board
      of Directors of the RMSI.

      Duties and Responsibilities
      * Work with the Board, committees, and city agencies to prepare, implement,
      and monitor goals and work plans for RMSI;
      * Devise marketing and promotional programs including special events to
      promote downtown Richmond;
      * Gather data and analysis of downtown and maintain data systems to track
      * Provide assistance to existing and potential downtown businesses regarding
      physical improvements, financial resources, and other topics with the goal
      of attracting and retaining high quality businesses;
      * Make presentations to various constituencies regarding downtown Richmond;
      * Build strong and productive working relationships with public and private
      organizations at the local, state, and national level;
      * Manage all administrative aspects of the organization including financial
      management, purchasing, record keeping, and hiring and supervising employees
      and consultants;
      * Identify potential sources of funding for the organization and implement
      effective fund development strategies;
      * Provide strategic vision and leadership to shape the ongoing development
      of RMSI;
      * Perform targeted outreach to increase community participation and
      diversity in revitalization projects;
      * Recruit and retain volunteers;
      * Maintain and update building and business inventory database including
      merchant contacts and vacancies;
      * Other responsibilities as required.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Bachelors’ degree or minimum of three years experience in economic
      development, business, or community development.
      * Experience with project management, group facilitation, public relations,
      public speaking, revitalization programs, and fund development.
      * Ability to interface with various ethnic and cultural groups.
      * Ability to recruit and manage employees, consultants, and volunteers.
      * Bilingual in Spanish/English a plus.
      * Able to prioritize tasks and maintain a sense of humor and positive
      attitude in a fast paced environment.

      How to Apply:
      Email resume and cover letter to jkassan@...



      Role and Responsibilities
      The Project Manager for Design and Construction (Project Manger) will work
      with the City to advance the design and construction of approximately $100
      million of City-sponsored capital projects in the Downtown Brooklyn area.
      The Project Manager will be responsible for working with the Mayor’s Office
      of Capital Project Development and the New York City Economic Development
      Corporation towards creating design and construction schedules for all City
      capital projects within the Downtown Brooklyn area, as well as working with
      the Mayor’s Office, City agencies, developers and contractors to ensure the
      expeditious completion of project design and construction. Projects will
      include the development of cultural venues within the Brooklyn Academy of
      Music (BAM) district, design and construction of several new public open
      spaces within the area, streetscape and pedestrian-environment improvements
      and the creation of an underground parking garage. The position will report
      directly to the President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership.

      In advancing each project, the Project Manager must:
      * Establish and oversee a clear process for working with the Mayor’s Office
      of Capital Projects to set project schedules, expedite project execution and
      manage project budgets
      * Coordinate closely with the City, along with its agencies and development
      partners on all phases of project work
      * Anticipate regulatory processes and critical path items and work to ensure
      that they don’t impede progress
      * Drive strategic thinking and decision making related to selected capital
      * Report progress to the DBP Board of Directors, local elected officials and
      community stakeholders

      Additional Qualifications:
      * At least 2 years experience with large-scale planning and/or capital
      projects, preferably with a focus on implementation
      * Strong understanding of economic development issues
      * Excellent communication and leadership skills
      * Demonstrated ability in managing projects involving multi-disciplinary
      * A professional degree in planning, architecture, landscape architecture,
      engineering, construction management, law, public administration, real
      estate or other related field

      How to Apply:
      Joe Chan\
      Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
      15 MetroTech Center, 19th Floor
      Brooklyn, NY 11201

      submit resume by email or fax





      The United Nations Foundation (UNF) was created in 1998 with entrepreneur
      and philanthropist Ted Turner’s historic $1 billion gift to support UN
      causes and activities. The Foundation builds public-private partnerships,
      coalitions, and campaigns that address the world’s most pressing problems
      and works to broaden support for the UN through advocacy and public

      The Foundation’s Energy & Climate Team builds partnerships, coalitions, and
      campaigns that accelerate national and global transitions to
      climate-friendly energy economies.

      Working with members of the Energy & Climate Team, the Public Affairs Team,
      and the Partnership Development Team, the Senior Communications Officer will
      develop and coordinate the implementation of a strategic domestic and
      international communications plan that supports the accomplishments of the
      Energy & Climate Team’s programmatic and financial objectives.

      The Team’s current operating plan includes both domestic and international
      efforts. Domestically, the Team works to stimulate climate change
      leadership, increase energy security, increase energy efficiency, and reduce
      the negative public health impacts that result from a carbon-based energy
      economy. Internationally, the Team works to stimulate climate change
      leadership, advance the development of biofuels policy, and increase energy

      Major Duties and Responsibilities
      * Meet the day-to-day communications needs of the Energy & Climate Team.
      * Understand the Energy & Climate Team’s mission, strategy, goals, current
      operating plan, and event calendar.
      * Understand senior Energy & Climate Team, Partnership Development Team, and
      Public Affairs Team members’ objectives for communications support.
      * Develop a prioritized, budgeted communications plan that supports the
      accomplishment of Energy & Climate Team’s programmatic and financial
      objectives, that is consistent with other UNF branding and messaging
      strategies, and that increases the visibility of the Team’s issues, the
      Team’s senior members, the United Nations Foundation, and its Executive
      Officers, and energy and climate change focused Board members.
      * Directly, or indirectly, implement the communications plan including print
      media, new media, radio, and events. More specifically, but not necessarily
      limited to, write and pitch press releases, schedule and staff media
      appearances and editorial board visits, write speeches, produce media and
      other events, work with the Web Team on on-line and e-mail content, liaise
      with other UNF departments, and engage and manage consultants.
      * Identify strategic media and other partnerships to leverage UNF’s
      investment in the Energy & Climate Team’s communications plan.
      * Develop effective working relationships with key national and
      international media outlets that focus on energy, climate change, energy
      finance, energy politics, and corporate social responsibility.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * In-depth knowledge and passion for energy and climate change issues.
      * Proven ability to develop, pitch, and place stories with media outlets.
      * Excellent oral and written communications skills.
      * Ability to self-manage on project management, attention to detail, and
      * High energy self-starter who can operate with minimal supervision but also
      knows when to ask for counsel.
      * Ability to multi-task in a very fast-paced, often rapidly changing
      * Grace under pressure.
      * Quick learner.
      * Minimum five years of experience in communications, public relations,
      and/or media outlets.

      How to Apply:
      Please apply on-line at http://unfoundation.org/about/employment.asp. Click
      on this position, go to the bottom of the page, and click on “click here to



      Finance Manager is a key hands-on position in CCS’ accounting department.
      The Finance Manager will supervise the organization’s Finance Associate and
      work closely with the management team and the CEO. The Finance Manager’s
      responsibilities will include:
      * Optimizing the use of cash through regular management of cash flow
      * Supervision of the Finance Associate, whose primarily responsibility is
      Accounts Receivable
      * Managing accounts payable and credit lines
      * Processing payroll through Quickbooks
      * Preparing monthly & periodic finance reports for the Board of Directors
      * Reconciling and closing accounts at month-end
      * Assisting development of the annual budget
      * Serving as primary liaison to independent auditors
      * Orientation of new hires, maintenance of employee and vendor files
      * Management of employee benefit programs (see details under compensation

      The salary offered is $50,000 or higher, depending on experience.
      Compensation includes the following:
      * Health and dental coverage
      * IRA with employer match
      * Transit benefit (commuter checks)
      * Discounted City CarShare membership
      * Ten paid holidays and two personal floating holidays per year
      * Two weeks paid vacation per year, eventually increasing to four weeks

      Additional Qualifications:
      City CarShare is seeking an individual with strong organizational skills and
      a solid foundation in accounting. We are looking for someone with the
      following qualifications:
      * Full-charge bookkeeper with excellent working knowledge of Quickbooks
      * Adaptability to new computer systems and software
      * Experience with nonprofit financial management
      * Good verbal and written communication skills
      * Advanced skills with spreadsheets and Excel
      * Working knowledge of GAAP
      * Supervisory experience

      How to Apply:
      To apply, please email cover letter and resume to: jobs@... or
      fax 415-995-8589. No phone inquiries please. Please write "Finance Manager"
      in the subject of your email. Please understand that only applicants being
      considered will be contacted.

      City CarShare is an Equal Opportunity Employer. City CarShare is dedicated
      to providing an open, tolerant, and diverse workplace environment. We
      encourage all qualified individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual
      orientation, ethnicity or other background to apply for this position.



      Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement aimed at promoting
      walking and bicycling to school in a safe and accessible environment. SRTS
      programs have been shown as an effective way of decreasing traffic
      congestion, reducing traffic-related child injuries and fatalities,
      improving student health and physical activity levels, improving air quality
      and increasing walking and bicycling safety and access.

      The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, one of the nation’s largest regional
      bicycle advocacy organizations, is seeking a Coordinator for its new south
      suburban Safe Routes to School project. This project, in conjunction with
      the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association and Robinson Engineering,
      Ltd. and funded by the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
      program, will provide comprehensive SRTS activities to 5 schools in
      Chicago’s southern suburbs. The goal of the project is to reduce by 20% the
      amount of automobile traffic around schools by converting driving trips to
      walking and bicycling. Schools will receive a combination of bicycling and
      walking infrastructure improvements around schools as well as education,
      encouragement and evaluation programs within the school community.

      Job Summary:
      Position requires the development, coordination, and management of a variety
      of program activities in 5 south suburban elementary and/or middle schools,
      including (but not limited to):
      * Organizing and managing Safe Routes to School Teams at each school,
      comprised of parents, students, school officials and staff, police,
      municipal leaders and planners, and community members;
      * Assisting in each school’s development of a School Travel Plan;
      * Developing Walking School Bus and/or Bike Train programs at schools and
      recruiting, training and managing adult volunteers;
      * Designing incentive and reward programs for students who walk or bicycle
      to school;
      * Directly delivering and training school faculty on educational
      initiatives, such as traffic safety instruction, on-bike and on-foot lessons
      and environmental awareness activities;
      * Organizing International Walk and Bike to School Day events at each
      school, including event planning, sponsorship procurement, media promotion
      and day-of-event management;
      * Evaluating program outcomes through use of surveys, focus groups and
      traffic counts, and creating evaluation reports.

      This is a two-year position, beginning approximately January, 2007 and
      terminating approximately January, 2009. The Coordinator will be based out
      of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers’ offices in East Hazel Crest, IL
      and will routinely be required to travel to schools throughout the

      Salary and Compensation:
      The salary for this position is $34,000/year. Full medical and dental
      benefits and voluntary 403(b) program apply.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Excellent project management, communication, collaboration and team
      participation skills
      * Solid knowledge of pedestrian and bicycling issues, understanding of
      active and sustainable transportation, familiarity with safe bicycling
      skills and basic bicycle mechanics
      * Ability to interact effectively and build relationships with community and
      government leaders, school officials and teachers, parents, students and
      police officials
      * Ability to recruit, train and motivate school-based volunteers
      * Ability to work effectively with diverse communities
      * Ability to read, understand and explain demographic and transportation
      * Computer competence, including but not limited to, Microsoft Office,
      internet and email, database management, and graphic design software;
      * Ability to be stationed in south suburban Hazel Crest and travel
      throughout south suburban region as well as attend meetings in the City of
      * Able to lift 30 lbs and perform basic transporting of program materials
      including loading/unloading boxes, transporting bicycles and bike supplies,
      * Must have access to a car or be able to transport materials to and from
      meetings and workplace/community programs
      * Ability to attend occasional evening and/or weekend meetings. Longer work
      hours during the school year may be required.

      How to Apply:
      Please forward a resume, brief writing sample and three references via email
      or fax to:

      Melody Geraci, Safe Routes to School Director
      Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
      9 W. Hubbard St., Suite 402
      Chicago, IL 60610
      Email: melody@...
      Fax: 312-427-4907

      No phone calls, please.



      The communications manager assists the director of communications with
      programs and projects that describe and promote the organization and its
      work. Tasks include:
      * Assist with development and execution of communications and marketing
      strategies for the organization
      * Write, edit and lay out communications and marketing print materials
      including brochures, letters and regular publications
      * Write and edit website content
      * Manage image database
      * Manage print jobs, including drafting bid specifications, analyzing bids,
      submitting prepress materials and guiding jobs to completion.

      * At least one year experience with desktop publishing and/or with public
      * A bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, marketing or related
      * Strong communication skills
      * The ability to articulate clearly both with the written and spoken word;
      * The ability to work in a team environment;
      * The ability to interview and report
      * Facility with Mac OS X, Quark or InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop
      * Passion for social equity and for issues of transportation sustainability
      * Interest in bicycling is preferable

      Salary and benefits:
      $30,000 - $32,000 Depending upon experience and skills. The Chicagoland
      Bicycle Federation offers a progressive benefit program that includes
      health, dental, and retirement options.

      How to Apply:
      No phone calls, please. Submit cover letter and resume by e-mail to
      david@... or fax it to (312) 427-4907, attn: David Callahan.




      The U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT)'s Federal Highway
      Administration (FHWA) is accepting applications for the 2007 STIPDG. Funded
      by the FHWA's Office of Civil Rights' On-the-JobTraining Supportive Services
      Program, the objective of the STIPDG is to provide college/university
      students with hands-on experience and on-the- job training, working on
      current transportation-related topics and issues. The STIPDG is open to all
      qualified applicants but is designed to provide qualified women, persons
      with disabilities, and members of diverse groups with summer opportunities
      in transportation where these groups have been under represented.

      For more information about the program and instructions about how to apply,
      visit C:\Documents and Settings\Michelle\Local Settings\Temporary Internet
      Files\OLK27\STIPDG 2007 Summer Transportation Internship Program for Diverse



      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm


      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm


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