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2 FT jobs - Oakland, CA - Metropolitan Transportation Commission - Traveler Coordination and Information (TCI) Section

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    FWD: ======================================= MTC is announcing two Open recruitments in the Traveler Coordination and Information (TCI) Section: 511 Transit
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2006

      FWD: =======================================

      MTC is announcing two Open recruitments in the Traveler Coordination
      and Information (TCI) Section:

      511 Transit Information Program Coordinator

      Reporting to a Senior Program Coordinator and providing support to the
      511 Transit Project Manager, the person in this position will work as a
      member of a project team responsible for operating the San Francisco Bay
      Area's 511 Regional Transit Information System.  The main components of
      the 511 Transit program include: (1) the regional transit database that
      contains comprehensive, current service data for the region's transit
      providers; (2) a regional transit trip planner system; and (3) a transit
      information website (www.transit.511.org).   Major work responsibilities
      include, but are not limited to:

      *  Coordinate with project team, contractor(s), and regional transit
      agencies on ongoing data updates and data transfer upgrades;
      *  Manage 511 Transit website operations;
      *  Implement new trip planner system and other major project
      improvements; and
      *  Conduct overall system monitoring and maintenance.

      Assistant/Associate Planner for Transit Connectivity Implementation

      Under direction of the TCI Director and a senior planner, the person in
      this position will:
      *  Assume transit connectivity and coordination responsibilities at
      *  Implement findings from the Regional Transit Connectivity Study.
      *  Coordinate/support wayfinding signage improvements, real-time
      information deployments, and regional transit information displays at
      regional transit hubs.
      *  Staff an advisory committee on transit connectivity issues.
      *  Represent and/or support MTC's customer service projects with
      respect to transit connectivity and coordination issues.
      *  Identify opportunities and solutions to encourage transit operators
      to better support MTC's customer service projects.
      *  Support and/ormanage other elements of the Regional Transit
      Connectivity Study and the Regional Transit Coordination Program.  

      We welcome applications  from MTC staff, and appreciate your forwarding
      the announcement to interested individuals, and to organizations that
      will disseminate the information.  Announcements and applications can
      also be downloaded from MTC's website, www.mtc.ca.gov.  All required
      materials must be submitted to Human Resources by 5:00 p.m.,
      Friday, January 19, 2007.  

      Please contact Ann Macaulay at (510) 817-5741 or me, at ext 5740, if
      you have any questions or would like further information.

      Thank you,
      Ginny Dixon
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