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TFN Employment Connections: November 8, 2006

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      TFN Employment Connections: November 8, 2006

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections

      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a
      periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the
      right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT

      Positions included in this issue:

      *Community Designer/Planner, Urban Ecology (Oakland, CA)
      *Transportation and Housing Program Assistant, Urban Habitat (Oakland, CA)
      *Energy Practice Area Manager, RESOLVE (Washington, DC)
      *Research Manager, CNT (Chicago, IL)
      *Climate Program Associate, Energy Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
      *Executive Director, Richmond Main Street Initiative (Richmond, CA)
      *Outreach Director, CPEX (Baton Rouge, LA)
      *Assistant Professor, Urban & Environmental Policy Program, Occidental
      College (Los Angeles, CA)
      *Bicycle Mechanics and Safety Instructor, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
      (Chicago, IL)
      *Sponsorship & Marketing Manager, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation (Chicago,
      *Adolescent Violence Reduction Partnership Youth Worker, Neighborhood Bike
      Works (Philadelphia, PA)
      *Planner/Program Coordinator, WashCOG (Washington, DC)
      *Field Campaign Organizer, The Richmond Initiative (Richmond, CA)
      *Research Associate, Global Footprint Network (Oakland, CA)
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)



      Background: Urban Ecology, a thirty-year old San Francisco Bay Area
      non-profit, believes that vibrant neighborhoods are the building blocks of
      healthy cities and sustainable regions. Urban Ecology uses architecture and
      design, participatory land use planning and research to generate and
      advocate for change. For additional information, please see our web site:

      Job Description: Urban Ecology seeks an experienced Community
      Designer/Planner with a commitment to lead neighborhood participatory
      planning projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will work in a team
      environment to support Urban Ecology’s mission of promoting vibrant
      neighborhoods. The job is varied and challenging. Current projects that the
      selected candidate will work on include:

      * Streetscape Master Plan: The project will at conduct an extensive
      community involvement process to inform the Better Streets Plan for San
      Francisco. The community meetings will take place at three levels; city wide
      meetings, district level and local community -stakeholder meetings. Tasks
      include designing an outreach strategy, and creating a toolkit of techniques
      to implement it. The job involves organizing such meetings to solicit
      feedback from different constituencies, creating graphic material to support
      the process, making verbal and visual presentations at these meetings that
      translate complex design concepts into simple visions and transferring the
      data collected from the community back to the design team in a usable
      * East Bay Greenway: The project is to conceptualize and design a new
      pedestrian-bike trail along with recreational spaces beneath the elevated
      BART tracks in the East Bay. Running from Oakland to Hayward, the Greenway
      will provide the much needed open space in some of the dense low-income
      neighborhoods it goes through. The process will involve a large component of
      community involvement both from city agencies and the local users. Tasks
      include site data gathering, site inventory analysis, conceptual design of
      the greenway, preparing design drawings and strategizing and conducting
      community participation sessions.
      * Revitalization of urban parks, schoolyards and other localized streetscape
      projects, all involving a community design component.

      Responsibilities: The designer is responsible for managing a set of
      neighborhood planning and design projects from inception to completion, and
      for assisting with other Urban Ecology projects as needed. The designer,
      with other team members, develops strategic partnerships with key
      stakeholders, community organizations and elected officials, who can help
      implement goals and projects developed during neighborhood planning. The
      candidate must be able to:

      * Manage complex projects with diverse stakeholders who often have competing
      interests; develop goals, strategies and tactics for neighborhood planning
      projects; work closely with a range of constituencies to develop strategic
      partnerships that can lead to implementation of neighborhood planning
      * Communicate effectively and comfortably with a wide range of audiences.
      Prepare and conduct outreach using various techniques to communities
      including elected officials and grassroots organizations that work on varied
      issues such as streets, parks and open space, schools and youth programs.
      * Research, write, and produce neighborhood plans documenting community
      involvement, current conditions, proposed land use policies and design
      recommendations, potential capital funding sources, and next steps for the
      community to follow.
      * Conceptualize issues to develop plans for schoolyards, parks, greenways
      and streetscapes that are accessible to a wide range of people; develop cost
      estimates and identify possible funding sources;
      * Assist with various administrative and organizational tasks
      * Develop a pool of volunteer design and planning professionals to work on
      specific projects.

      Skills & Qualifications:
      * Excellent project management skills. This includes time management,
      involvement of other team and community members; developing scopes of work
      for involvement in shorter-term local projects, as well as long-term
      strategic planning.
      * Excellent listening and analytical skills. This includes the ability to
      boil down large amounts of information into key themes, and ultimately, into
      pragmatic strategies for change.
      * Strong facilitation, collaboration and leadership skills.
      * Familiarity and experience with issues facing low-income neighborhoods in
      the Bay Area.
      * Hand drawing or sketching proficiency, as well as professional competence
      in AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ArcView GIS and Microsoft
      * Knowledge of land use planning and transportation issues as they affect
      urban communities in the Bay Area.
      * Ability to write clearly and effectively, as well as convey land use and
      design concepts to a wide range of constituencies, including elected
      officials, neighborhood groups, and the media.
      * Applicants who speak Spanish, Vietnamese or Cantonese strongly preferred.

      Education and Experience:
      Graduate or undergraduate degree in landscape architecture, urban design or
      community planning. Planning graduates must be able to demonstrate a minimum
      level of design capability. Additional work experience in land use planning,
      park design, housing, transportation, public health or related fields
      strongly preferred. At least two years of professional practice in community
      oriented urban design, planning or landscape architecture is required.

      How to Apply:
      Please send or email:

      A resume
      3-5 pages (8.5 x 11) of work samples that demonstrate your facility with
      communication of design ideas
      3-5 references
      And a cover letter explaining how your skills and background fit this

      Please send to:

      Don Neuwirth
      Executive Director
      Urban Ecology, Inc.
      582 Market Street, Suite 1020
      San Francisco, CA 94104
      Email: jobs@...
      Posted October 2006



      Urban Habitat’s Mission
      Urban Habitat (UH) builds power in low-income communities and communities of
      color by combining education, advocacy, research and coalition building to
      advance environmental, economic and social justice in the Bay Area.

      Position Description
      The Transportation and Housing Program Assistant will play a supportive role
      in the policy research, advocacy, and community outreach for Urban Habitat’s
      Transportation and Housing Program. The Assistant will work with community
      stakeholders and policymakers to promote policies that advance social equity
      in transportation planning and funding decisions. An understanding of a
      variety of transportation and housing issues including land use and zoning,
      urban planning, affordable and transit-oriented housing strategies,
      redevelopment, and policies that overcome transit barriers to jobs,
      education, social services, and health care, is required. Familiarity with
      the Regional Transportation Plan process, and the Metropolitan
      Transportation Commission is a plus. Candidate should have an understanding
      of grassroots organizing and be able to work with a diverse group of
      organizations: community-based organizations, intermediaries, policy groups,
      labor, youth groups, etc. in order to promote the development and
      implementation of a regional transportation and housing agenda that is
      grounded in the priorities of low-income communities and communities of
      color. This includes organizing and facilitating bi-monthly meetings to
      advance the goals of the Transportation Justice Working Group campaigns.

      Duties include but are not limited to:
      * Policy and Advocacy: Implement Urban Habitat’s Transportation and Housing
      Program that addresses the concerns of low-income communities and other
      disenfranchised populations; participate on various external taskforces and
      committees; and monitor, develop, and advocate for socially just
      transportation and housing policies.
      * Research and Analysis: Conduct research, provide analysis, and write
      policy statements and articles for publication on transportation justice and
      housing issues.
      * Campaign Development and Management: Provide staff support to the priority
      campaigns and play a leadership role in identification, analysis and
      selection of future campaigns.
      * Technical Assistance: Work with Urban Habitat’s community-based partners
      to identify opportunities to provide technical assistance and training on
      affordable housing, redevelopment, zoning, and transportation.
      * Fundraising: Assist with fundraising to support the Transportation and
      Housing Program and campaigns.
      * Public Speaking: Represent and promote transportation justice and
      affordable housing locally and nationally.
      * Administration: Provide staff support to the Transportation Justice
      Working Group and Program Associate including drafting agendas, providing
      background materials, and facilitating the ongoing communication among

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Master’s degree or equivalent experience (preferably in planning or public
      * Strong research, analytical and written skills
      * Strategic and creative problem-solving skills who can contribute to the
      development of a regional equity vision and agenda
      * A thorough understanding of a variety of environmental, social, and
      economic justice issues and a demonstrated ability to work with low-income
      communities and communities of color
      * Ability to organize and build effective relationships among diverse
      organizations representing different issues and sectors
      * Ability to effectively manage multiple projects, tasks, and deadlines
      * Ability to speak publicly and clearly present information to groups
      * A team player who works well with others as independently
      * Ability and willingness to travel throughout the nine Bay Area counties
      * Computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel,
      email, and other applications.

      How to Apply:
      Please send resume and cover letter to Marc Caswell at jobs@...
      or by fax to 510-839-9610 or by mail to 436 14th Street Suite 1205 Oakland,
      CA 94612. No phone calls, please.



      RESOLVE, a non-profit, public policy dispute resolution organization with
      offices in Washington D.C. and Portland, Oregon, is seeking applicants for
      an Energy Practice Area Manager. This new position is available for a
      qualified applicant in our Washington, DC office.

      Background on the Position:
      RESOLVE has facilitated and mediated collaborative problem solving processes
      in the public policy arena for 30 years, with special expertise in energy,
      water, and health policy. This decade has seen a sea change in our nation’s
      awareness of the need to address energy needs. Building on RESOLVE’s already
      significant body of work in the energy arena, the Energy Practice Manager
      will work with the RESOLVE Energy Director and team to expand this practice
      area. This is a great opportunity for someone with entrepreneurial skills,
      knowledge of energy, and a commitment to collaborative problem solving. The
      position requires an experienced, responsible, mature candidate, who is a
      self-starter, team player, problem solver, and fast learner, who enjoys
      working with people in the public and private sectors. The successful
      candidate can initiate, manage, and coordinate numerous activities with
      minimum supervision.

      RESOLVE is committed to collaborative approaches to address the country’s
      energy future, including exploring ways to more efficiently use energy
      resources and exploring options for transitioning to a different mix of
      energy resources to supply both electricity and transportation needs. The
      Energy team covers issues ranging from federal-level policy questions to
      site-specific controversies.

      Specifically, the Energy Manager will be responsible for:
      * managing the Energy Practice Area to meet Board-set targets for revenue
      * maintaining and expanding RESOLVE’s visibility in select energy sectors
      * networking with potential clients
      * conceiving and marketing RESOLVE’s services on a project-specific basis
      * leading business development activities such as scoping project leads and
      developing proposals
      * ensuring high quality services
      * identifying networking and learning opportunities
      * organizing events at RESOLVE
      * identifying opportunities for other members of the Energy Practice Area to
      give speeches
      * representing RESOLVE at national conferences and other public meetings

      The Experience Needed:
      RESOLVE is seeking an accomplished, experienced, enthusiastic policy expert
      with significant experience in a broad range of energy issues – preferably
      from both a policy and technical perspective.

      Specific knowledge and skills of importance to the position:
      * technical and policy fluency in the electricity generation and
      transportation sectors [biofuels, geothermal, solar, or other renewables,
      and energy efficiency preferred]
      * knowledge of and extensive relationships with energy-related federal,
      state, non-governmental, and industry stakeholders
      * negotiation skills, with experience or strong interest in facilitation and
      * ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
      * ability to work proactively, take initiative, and work independently
      * ability to network effectively
      * strong writing skills, proposal writing experience
      * presentation skills (presenting proposals to clients; presenting at
      * strong interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills
      * computer proficiency, particularly Microsoft Office suite
      * masters degree preferred
      * minimum of seven years of experience in the energy sector

      Preference will be given to applicants with demonstrated credibility with
      stakeholders representing diverse perspectives and success in marketing
      energy projects.

      How to Apply:
      Applications (cover letter with a description of how the candidate meets the
      desired qualifications, salary history, resume, and references) should be
      sent to Dani Schuman, Human Resources at RESOLVE, c/o The HR Team, 9841
      Broken Land Pkwy, Ste 303, Columbia MD 21046, or via fax to 410-290-9199.
      Applications can also be sent via e-mail to HR@.... Applications
      will be accepted until the position is filled.

      RESOLVE values enhancing the diversity of its staff and is an Equal
      Opportunity Employer.



      About CNT
      The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) is a twenty-eight year-old
      non-profit organization which develops and applies innovative approaches to
      urban sustainability.  Our mission is to simultaneously promote ecological,
      economic and community development in Chicagoland communities and in urban
      regions throughout the U.S.  We do this through public policy, market
      development and community planning activities in partnership with other
      organizations.  The intended result of CNT’s work is healthy urban
      communities that have a clean, livable, sustainable environment, a strong
      local economy with good paying jobs, and a strong social and political

      CNT works in an entrepreneurial fashion, seeking opportunities to apply
      knowledge about potential strategies for inclusive urban well-being to
      demonstrations that can be taken to scale, whether by changing public
      policy, changing marketplace practice, promoting rapid learning or by
      creating better professional communities of practice. Our staff of 45 is
      located in Chicago’s Wicker Park community in a former weaving factory that
      recently was awarded a “Platinum” rating by the US Green Building Council.

      CNT Research
      CNT’s program initiatives are organized primarily around four areas:
      Transportation and Community Development, Energy Efficiency, Natural
      Resources, and Climate Change.  Much of CNT’s work relies on original
      research that we conduct either in-house or in partnership with other
      research institutions and networks.  We have a particular competency in
      using geographical information to better understand the opportunities for
      sustainable development.  Recent examples include: the development of the
      Housing +Transportation index, measuring the combined cost of housing and
      transportation by location, with analysis of the impacts of the combined
      cost on lower and middle income households; and economic and geographic
      analysis to inform strategies to replace aging highway infrastructure in
      some cities with enhanced street transportation options.  CNT’s research has
      a national and regional reputation for quality and innovation, and has been
      the basis for new program initiatives as well as significant policy change.

      Purpose of Position
      The Research Manager plays a key role in the success of CNT programs through
      developing and managing high quality research, data analysis and
      presentation efforts that advance knowledge of community economic
      development, sustainable development strategies and policies.  The Research
      Manager will be responsible for the development, planning, direction and
      coordination of a range of quantitative and qualitative research and
      analytical projects.  He/she will also be responsible, in conjunction with
      CNT senior staff and external partners, for the identification, development
      and marketing of new project opportunities. The Research Manager will
      coordinate a team with 4-5 staff whose skills include database development
      and management, programming, GIS analysis, website development, and urban
      planning and design.

      * Envision and plan research and analytical projects that address the
      mission of CNT and advance program objectives in conjunction with program
      staff and senior management.
      * Working with Program Managers and external partners, develop project work
      plans and staffing requirements and reporting procedures for project phases
      and schedules.  
      * Direct and coordinate activities of project personnel to ensure project
      progresses on schedule and within prescribed budget.
      * Work with the research team to ensure quality completion of project
      deliverables, e.g. reports, websites, maps, programs, and other final
      products, for management, client, or others
      * Track progress of research projects and provide regular updates for CNT
      senior staff and external partners.
      * In conjunction with CNT senior staff and external partners, assist in the
      identification, development and marketing of new funding and project
      opportunities. Work with appropriate CNT staff and external partners to
      facilitate the development of proposals related to new project opportunities
      and funding.
      * Present research results to external audiences.
      * Maintain and enhance CNT’s research reputation.

      Qualifications: The Research Manager will have:  
      * Exemplary written and verbal communications skills.
      * Strong research skills and analytical capabilities
      * Exceptional ability to organize people and resources to get things done,
      along with the ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment.
      * Time management and organizational skills to balance multiple projects
      * Ability to prepare proposals, scopes of work, research designs for
      potential clients, partners, and funders.
      * Demonstrated ability to help organize and work in partnership teams with
      other organizations.
      * Experience in managing complex research projects
      * Prior experience in community economic development, planning, and/or
      organizing, applied and/or action-oriented research, environmental analysis,
      or related field(s)
      * Master’s degree or equivalent required

      To apply, please submit a letter of interest, resume, and salary history to:

      Bridget Torres, Human Resources Manager
      Center for Neighborhood Technology
      773 269 4054

      Additional information about CNT programs and research projects is available
      on request.

      Anti-Discrimination Policy
      The Center for Neighborhood Technology is an equal opportunity employer that
      does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant based on race,
      color, national origin, religion, sex, sexually orientation, age disability,
      veteran status, or marital status. This policy applies to all terms and
      conditions of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring,
      termination, promotion, transfer, layoff, leaves of absence, compensation
      and training.

      The Center for Neighborhood Technology and the Community Energy Cooperative
      are Equal Opportunity Employers.



      The Energy Foundation is a private grant-making foundation whose mission is
      to assist in a national, and ultimately a global, transition to a
      sustainable energy future by promoting energy efficiency and renewable
      energy. The Foundation’s U.S. office has a dedicated staff of 18 and a
      dynamic, positive work environment. The office is located in the Presidio of
      San Francisco.

      We seek a responsible, energetic, and highly professional individual with a
      background in environmental or energy studies and a strong interest in the
      clean energy mission of the Foundation. This person will work closely with a
      Program Officer and other Program Associate staff to support the
      administrative functions of the Foundation and be the front-line contact
      handling inquiries from grant-seekers and grantees.

      * Support the work of program officers by:
      * Managing foundation-initiated projects such as meetings, contracts, and
      * Setting up conference calls
      * Editing and drafting documents and reports
      * Generating correspondence to grantees, grant- seekers, and funders
      * Working with grantees to compile proposal materials
      * Reviewing grant proposals and assisting with due diligence as needed
      * Evaluating grantee reports
      * Assisting with preparation for Board meetings, potentially including
      drafting grant recommendations, evaluations, and presentations
      * Maintaining grantee and subject files (both physical files and electronic
      * Conducting research on climate- and energy-related subjects
      * Providing general administrative support, including scheduling, travel
      logistics, and reviewing mail
      * Maintain Filemaker Pro database information
      * Answer phone as backup for receptionist
      * Execute general office responsibilities in partnership with other staff
      * Generate and implement ideas for program and office improvement

      * Minimum of two years relevant work experience or academic background in
      the fields of energy, climate, environmental studies, or public policy
      * Demonstrated interest in the mission of the Foundation
      * Strong administrative skills
      * Ability to prioritize and juggle diverse tasks
      * Excellent attention to detail
      * Solid computer experience with emphasis in Microsoft Office, Filemaker
      Pro, and Adobe products (Mac experience helpful)
      * Superior written and oral communication skills
      * Proven ability to work well under pressure, take initiative, and be a
      creative problem-solver
      * Work well independently and as a team member
      * Good sense of humor and positive attitude

      Start Date: Immediate.
      Last Day to Apply: November 22, 2006

      How to Apply:
      Please send cover letter explaining your interest in the mission and resume
      immediately to: Craig Appel, The Energy Foundation, 1012 Torney Ave. #1, San
      Francisco, CA 94129. FAX 415-561-6709 EMAIL: craig@... NO PHONE CALLS



      Richmond Main Street is the organization in Richmond, California, that is
      dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Richmond with a commitment to
      make downtown a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly urban village, offering
      products, services, arts, and entertainment that reflect the community’s
      rich and diverse heritage.

      RMSI follows the Main Street approach to downtown revitalization that was
      developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, an approach that
      has been used successfully in hundreds of downtowns throughout the United
      States. The approach is comprehensive and community driven, and focuses on
      the following points: physical revitalization, business retention and
      attraction, cleanliness and safety, and promotion.

      RMSI programs include business assistance, festivals, marketing campaigns,
      youth involvement programs, streetscape and façade improvements, and much
      more. RMSI’s programs involve volunteers from the merchant and resident
      community of downtown Richmond, as well as representatives from City
      government and the larger East Bay business community.

      Position Summary
      The RMSI Executive Director is responsible for coordinating, developing, and
      implementing current and future projects and programs within the Main Street
      boundaries of downtown Richmond. The Executive Director works closely with
      various public and private organizations to improve and maintain the
      vitality of the downtown area. The Executive Director reports to the Board
      of Directors of the RMSI.

      Duties and Responsibilities
      * Work with the Board, committees, and city agencies to prepare, implement,
      and monitor goals and work plans for RMSI;
      * Devise marketing and promotional programs including special events to
      promote downtown Richmond;
      * Gather data and analysis of downtown and maintain data systems to track
      * Provide assistance to existing and potential downtown businesses regarding
      physical improvements, financial resources, and other topics with the goal
      of attracting and retaining high quality businesses;
      * Make presentations to various constituencies regarding downtown Richmond;
      * Build strong and productive working relationships with public and private
      organizations at the local, state, and national level;
      * Manage all administrative aspects of the organization including financial
      management, purchasing, record keeping, and hiring and supervising employees
      and consultants;
      * Identify potential sources of funding for the organization and implement
      effective fund development strategies;
      * Provide strategic vision and leadership to shape the ongoing development
      of RMSI;
      * Perform targeted outreach to increase community participation and
      diversity in revitalization projects;
      * Recruit and retain volunteers;
      * Maintain and update building and business inventory database including
      merchant contacts and vacancies;
      * Other responsibilities as required.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Bachelors’ degree or minimum of three years experience in economic
      development, business, or community development.
      * Experience with project management, group facilitation, public relations,
      public speaking, revitalization programs, and fund development.
      * Ability to interface with various ethnic and cultural groups.
      * Ability to recruit and manage employees, consultants, and volunteers.
      * Bilingual in Spanish/English a plus.
      * Able to prioritize tasks and maintain a sense of humor and positive
      attitude in a fast paced environment.

      How to Apply:
      Email resume and cover letter to jkassan@...



      Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) is seeking a highly motivated
      individual with experience and expertise in public relations and
      communications. Ideal candidates will also have familiarity with public
      policy and/or urban planning.

      This person will serve as Outreach Director for local community planning
      efforts in South Louisiana that CPEX is facilitating under a U.S.
      Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant. The Outreach Director will be
      responsible for public outreach, communications, and meeting/event
      coordination with civic leaders and the general public.

      Candidates should hold a Master’s degree in public relations, marketing,
      communications or similar discipline OR Master’s degree in urban planning,
      public policy, architecture, landscape architecture or similar discipline OR
      equivalent employment experience in either field. Some background in both
      fields is preferred.

      Submit cover letter and resume to: Center for Planning Excellence, Attn: Hal
      Cohen, Director of Planning, Re: EPA Outreach Director, 402 N. Fourth
      Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802 OR via email to: halcoh@....



      Occidental College invites applications for a tenure-track position at the
      Assistant Professor level, beginning Fall 2007 in the Urban and
      Environmental Policy (UEP) Program. Applicants should be prepared to develop
      and teach courses in two or more of the following areas: Community Economic
      Development, Immigration in American Society, The Environment and
      Sustainable Development, Labor, Community, and the Environment.  We
      encourage candidates who also have an interest in teaching related courses
      in Methods of Policy Analysis, Economics for Public Policy, Social Change
      Across Borders, and Urban and Environmental Planning.   UEP is an

      interdisciplinary major that involves faculty in politics, sociology,
      economics, history, biology, geology, and other disciplines.  We will
      consider candidates with training in a variety of disciplines, including
      urban planning, political science, sociology, environmental studies, public
      policy, economics, history, and law. Candidates with practical
      political/community/planning experience are strongly encouraged to apply. We
      encourage candidates who are familiar with Los Angeles. Candidates should be
      immersed in the pedagogy of community based learning and able to expand the
      College's efforts to promote internships, community based learning in
      classes, and partnerships with public, private, and non profit organizations
      in Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C.  The UEP program is closely
      linked with the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, through which
      students, faculty and staff engage in applied research and community
      engagement. (http://www.uepi.oxy.edu)

      Applicants should submit a letter of interest demonstrating a commitment to
      academic excellence in a diverse liberal arts environment, and including a
      statement of teaching philosophy, areas of teaching interest, and plans for
      research/creative work; a curriculum vitae; samples of scholarly or creative
      work; and three letters of recommendation to Professor Peter Dreier, Urban &
      Environmental Policy Program, Occidental College, 1600 Campus Road, Los
      Angeles, CA. 90041.  All materials are due by November 17, 2006.  

      Occidental College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. The
      College is committed to academic excellence in a diverse community and
      supporting interdisciplinary and multicultural academic programs that
      provide a gifted and diverse group of students with an educational
      experience that prepares them for leadership in a pluralistic world.  Women
      and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.



      Mayor Daley's Bicycling Ambassadors is currently accepting applications for
      After School Matters - Junior Ambassador Instructors.

      LENGTH OF JOB: January 2007 through early June 2007

      The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation manages a city-funded program called the
      After School Matters Junior Ambassadors. The After School Matters Junior
      Ambassador Program is after school instruction on bicycle mechanics and
      safety that takes place three days a week for sixteen weeks between February
      and June. After School Matters Instructors work in teams of two to teach the
      bicycling curriculum to 25 teenagers at two locations in Chicago. Once
      successfully completing the After School Matters Junior Ambassadors program,
      the teenage participants are able to apply to the Mayor Daley’s Junior
      Ambassadors program for possible summer employment.

      The After School Matters Instructors will:
      * Work in a team of two, reporting to the Junior Ambassador Coordinator.
      * Work for nineteen weeks from January 2007 through June 2007.
      * Be available to work 20 hours in late January 2007 for recruitment and
      mandatory meetings.
      * Work 9-12 hours per week, predominately on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
      * Travel directly to training site, by bicycle, walking, or public transit.
      * Manage and teach teenagers in a classroom environment, lead on-bike
      training for teens outside of classroom.
      * Practice safe bicycling, which includes wearing a bicycle helmet, when

      The After School Matters Instructor will have these duties:
      * Teach the designated Junior Bicycling Ambassador curriculum to 25 teenage
      After School Matters participants.
      * Teach bicycle mechanics, maintenance and repair.
      * Teach Bicycling Ambassadors’ messages about safe bicycling and the use of
      bicycles as a form of transportation.
      * Teach teens teamwork, public speaking skills and strategies for presenting
      to children and adults.
      * Encourage confidence, strong work ethic and maturity in teens, in part by
      being a positive role model.
      * Maintain order and discipline in an unstructured learning environment.
      * Oversee program equipment at the host school teaching site; assist in
      transporting this equipment to and from the site.
      * Sustain a working relationship with administration of host school
      * Correspond with After School Matters and the Chicago Park District
      regarding student paperwork.

      The candidate should have the following qualifications:
      * Communicates well with teenagers of all abilities, cultural groups,
      economic statuses, sexual orientations, and disabilities.
      * Writes and speaks in a friendly, concise, and accurate manner.
      * Comfortable with speaking in front of large groups.
      * Very experienced in bicycling in urban traffic.
      * Owns a bicycle in good working condition and an approved bicycling helmet.

      * Effective problem-solving abilities, thinks creatively.
      * Self-motivated and determined, completes tasks in an unstructured and
      informal environment with limited supervision.
      * Works well in a team, fosters team spirit through communication and
      * Prompt, punctual and takes direction well.
      * Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.
      * Can pass a background check in order to work with children.

      We prefer candidates with these qualifications:
      * Experience teaching teenagers.
      * Experience working as a bicycle mechanic with an emphasis on repairing
      urban bicycles and/or teaching bike mechanics to others.
      * Experience with Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors program materials and

      How to Apply:
      Candidates should write a cover letter and résumé which includes (a) why
      they consider themselves suited for the job, and (b) a description of
      qualifications and/or relevant experience.

      Provide to:
      Emily Willobee
      Mayor Daley's Bicycling Ambassadors
      30 North LaSalle, Suite 500
      Chicago IL 60602
      phone (312) 744-5645
      fax (312) 742-2422

      All applications are due by Wednesday, November 15, 2006.

      This full job description and additional information about the program is
      also available online at



      Responsibilities: Manage and develop sponsorship opportunities for the
      Chicagoland Bicycle Federation with a focus on its events such as Bike The
      Drive and the Boulevard Lakefront Tour. Coordinate and assist with
      organizational marketing efforts.
      * Maintain and build existing sponsor relationships
      * Research and develop new sponsor opportunities including:
      * In-kind trades such as advertising
      * Donations such as food, water and equipment
      * Develop and expand sponsor benefits by developing marketing and promotion
      * Draft and communicate sponsorship proposals
      * Manage and fulfill all elements of sponsorship contracts
      * Manage pass-through rights and co-promotions for signed sponsors
      * Assist with marketing planning and execution including:
      * Drafting materials and communication (brochures, website copy, email
      blasts, etc.)
      * Public relations outreach (news releases, media pitching, etc.)
      * Managing vendor relationships (printers, designers, etc.)
      * Maintain a positive relationship with volunteers, board members and
      organization members

      * A desire to improve Chicagoland communities by promoting bicycling
      * At least one year of marketing or sponsorship related experience
      * At least one year of major event experience
      * Ability to evaluate and recommend changes in advance or on-site for events

      * Excellent writing and presentation skills
      * Flexible schedule: Must be willing to work longer hours during event
      * Proficiency with Microsoft Office including Access and PowerPoint, and
      Adobe Illustrator

      Salary and benefits:
      $28,000 - $30,000 Depending upon experience and skills. The Chicagoland
      Bicycle Federation offers a progressive benefit program that includes
      health, dental, and retirement options.

      We are an equal opportunity employer; women, persons with disabilities and
      persons of color are encouraged to apply.

      How to Apply:
      No phone calls, please. Submit cover letter and resume by e-mail to
      ethan@... or fax it to (312) 427-4907, attn: Ethan Spotts.



      Hours: Community service activities will be mostly during the after school
      hours and some weekends. Much of the work (but not all) will probably occur
      during the afternoon and evening. Youth Workers will need to be available to
      either help in crises or to organize other interventions for their ten youth
      around the clock. This job requires a great deal of flexibility in terms of
      hours worked. This is a 40 hour per week job. During some weeks it may be
      greater or lesser depending on conditions, but will average 40 hours per
      week, and applicants should expect to work 40 hours per week. During the
      training and orientation period before youth are assigned to the youth
      worker, hours will be set by NBW and will be close to regular business
      hours; once the caseload is up and running, hours will be determined by the
      schedules and needs of the youth.

      * Undergo Adolescent Violence Reduction Partnership (AVRP) training at To
      Our Children’s Future With Health.
      * Undergo bike repair training and youth work orientation at NBW
      * Create files on ten youth assigned to NBW by the Department of Human
      Services, Philadelphia
      * Set up interviews with assigned youth and their families. Get to know the
      youth we will be serving as completely as possible.
      * Mentor these youth, meeting with each youth at least an assigned number of
      times per week for group and individual activities.

      Work with NBW executive director to
      Integrate AVRP youth into existing NBW activities, including
      * Youth leadership activities in NBW classes
      * Bicycle repair community service activities
      * Art
      * Neighborhood revitalization
      * Documenting youth experience through writing, photography and video
      * Fitness training
      Create new activities based on the needs of the AVRP youth
      Write up descriptions and procedures for these activities
      Document activities, including but not limited to
      * Keeping attendance records
      * Keeping notes on progression of youth
      * Keeping detailed notes on situation of each youth
      * Use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word for record keeping
      * Using NBW’s proprietary database
      Write reports when required (monthly at least)
      Attend NBW staff meetings and liaise daily with other NBW staff regarding
      placement of AVRP youth in activities with other NBW programs
      Participate in bike rides and fitness programs when relevant to AVRP
      Other duties as needed by AVRP program. NBW is a small agency, so the AVRP
      worker will have to perform administrative duties that are sometimes
      performed by other specialists in larger agencies.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Knowledge of inner city communities in which the youth we are serving live

      * Philadelphia resident, preferably residing near the youth we are serving
      (West Philadelphia), but in any event must be able to easily travel to the
      youth’s homes, schools, and places of recreation.
      * Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups of youth
      * Competent bicycle mechanic or undergoing training for this
      * Be able to ride twelve miles straight. Bicycling enthusiast preferred
      * Youth work and community relations experience desired
      * This is a job that can require more or less constant physical activity
      * Excellent personal communications skills and ability to use and e-mail
      * Computer skills; you must be able to use Word and Excel for PC
      * Availability to work at extremely inconvenient hours when necessary
      * Complete faith in the ability of youth in difficult situations to rise
      above the hardships they have endured… and a great sense of humor
      * Must have high school diploma
      * Knowledge of goals and strategies of AVRP program
      * State police and PA Childline background check

      How to Apply:
      Please e-mail resume and cover letter to Andy Dyson, Executive Director,
      andy@.... E-mail is our preferred means of
      communication. Please use Microsoft Word attachments including your name and
      the position being applied for in the file name. Files entitled “resume” may
      well be deleted, which can delay your application. Please do not use any
      kind of compression on the files. If you do not have access to e-mail, mail
      to Neighborhood Bike Works, 3916 Locust Walk Philadelphia PA 19104.
      Candidates must be available to try out at NBW for a few days prior to
      starting. Please check our web site for more information on NBW at



      The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments is seeking applications
      for a planner to support human service transportation coordination efforts
      at the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB), a
      metropolitan planning organization (MPO).

      This position will involve working with local/state social service and
      transportation agencies to improve transportation services for persons with
      disabilities, older adults and low-income populations. Specific assignments
      could include:

      * Provide staff support to a new TPB task force;
      * Assist with the development of a regional Human Service Transportation
      Coordination Plan which will set priorities for three Federal Transit
      Administration (FTA) programs; and
      * Coordinate two FTA programs for transportation services, the Job Access
      Reverse Commute and New Freedom program, which will provide $2 million in
      federal funding per year.

      Qualifications: knowledge in practices of transportation planning and/or
      social services; proficient computer skills; strong oral and written skills;
      ability to maintain effective working relationships with other employees,
      officials and the public. Master’s degree in planning, public
      administration, or an appropriate related field.

      How to Apply:
      For more details and to apply on-line, please visit http://www.mwcog.org or
      send application materials to: Resumes@... or

      Imelda Roberts
      Office of Human Resources Management
      Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
      777 North Capitol Street, N.E.
      Suite 300
      Washington, DC 20002
      (202) 962 -3200
      (202) 962-3213 TDD



      The Richmond Initiative: Regional Equity Development Project is seeking an
      individual who is passionate, energetic and committed to building
      partnerships for a more just community. The Field Campaign Organizer will
      provide coordination and implementation of the Richmond Initiative’s
      priority campaigns. These campaigns include promoting a set of equitable
      development principles and policies as part of the City of Richmond’s
      General Plan update and advancing a jobs and economic development agenda
      that benefits the city’s low-income/low-wealth residents.

      The Richmond Initiative includes the partnership of the following
      organizations: Contra Costa Faith Works, Urban Habitat, EBASE (East Bay
      Alliance for a Sustainable Economy), and the University of California at
      Berkeley’s Center for Community Innovation.

      Duties include but are not limited to:
      * Conduct outreach and organizing to engage community allies and other
      stakeholders in the Initiative’s campaigns.
      * Train community leaders on the principles of equitable development.
      * Assist in the overall coordination of Initiative partner efforts. .
      * Represent the Initiative and promote its agenda at community meetings,
      city council meetings, and other public meetings.
      * Facilitate communication among initiative members and allies.
      * Facilitate media outreach, including writing press releases and planning
      media strategies.
      * Represent the organization at conferences, meetings, and other media
      events, when necessary.
      * Assist in transitioning the Richmond Initiative from a foundation
      sponsored project into an independent program.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Minimum 3 years experience as a community organizer working on social and
      environmental justice issues and/or land-use and planning.
      * Bachelor’s degree in planning, environmental science, public health,
      community development or equivalent experience.
      * Demonstrated experience working with members of diverse communities–
      including community, faith, and labor organizations and coalitions.
      * Must be extremely detail oriented with a demonstrated ability to manage
      multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
      * Strong skills and experience in key campaigning areas: public speaking,
      activist training, strategic planning, organizing people around an issue,
      oral and written communication and problem solving.
      * Fluency in English and Spanish ideal.
      * A team player who works well with others as well as independently.
      * Must be computer literate in word processing, email and database
      * Current California Driver’s License, auto insurance and vehicle required.

      The Richmond Initiative is committed to maintaining a diverse and
      multi-cultural working environment

      How to Apply:
      The Field Campaign Organizer works on behalf of the Richmond Initiative
      partners but reports directly to the Executive Director of FaithWorks! This
      position is located in Richmond and will require a willingness to work some
      evenings and weekends.

      To Apply: Send Resume and cover letter via electronic mail (e-mail) to
      ma@.... or mail to: Maria Alegria, Executive Director, Contra
      Costa Faith Works! 402 Harbour Way, Suite 105, Richmond, CA 94801. Phone
      calls are strongly discouraged.



      Global Footprint Network is seeking Research Associates to perform research
      and conduct data analysis in support of Ecological Footprint studies.
      Working in teams, the Research Associate will contribute to a variety of
      projects with partners and clients worldwide.

      A young and growing nonprofit, Global Footprint Network uses the Ecological
      Footprint as a metric of sustainability to inform decision-making in
      business and government. Working with more than 70 partner organizations
      around the world, and serving clients ranging from WWF to the European
      Environmental Agency to major corporations, our impact is large compared to
      the size of our organization.

      The successful candidate will have the solid quantitative and software
      skills needed to manage and conduct Ecological Footprint assessment
      projects, such as the Footprint of business operations, and to develop
      Footprint modeling applications, such as calculators, for both stand-alone
      and web-based platforms .

      Applicants are expected to be motivated, reliable, responsible, and
      self-starters. Applicants should be interested in sustainability, global
      resource issues, ecological economics, and resource analysis. A background
      or strong interest in one of the following areas is beneficial:
      environmental science, ecology, earth systems, urban planning, or resource
      management. Opportunities exist for both experienced candidates and recent
      college graduates; a postgraduate degree is desirable but not required.

      * Ability to plan and deliver projects and reports on schedule and under
      * Effective interpersonal skills
      * Strong writing, research, and organizational skills
      * Experience working in a team oriented environment very desirable.
      * General interest in, and understanding of, environmental problems and
      * Background in natural, physical, or engineering sciences
      * Strong and demonstrated ability to solve problems and create models
      * Knowledge of LCA, Input-Output and/or hybrid IO methods desirable
      * Strong computer skills
      * Intermediate to advanced Excel programming skills
      * Experience with Visual Basic and database queries / administration (MySQL,
      MS Access), or demonstrated ability to learn quickly
      * Web programming skills and knowledge (e.g. HTML,PHP,CSS, or Dreamweaver
      beneficial but not required

      * Working with partner organizations to build Ecological Footprint
      applications and tools
      * Building, maintaining, and enhancing ecological accounts for a variety of
      Ecological Footprint applications
      * Providing ad-hoc queries, summaries, and graphs for projects and clients
      * Scoping, budgeting and managing projects that support Ecological Footprint
      studies and calculators
      * Writing documentation and academic papers describing the resource accounts

      Salary commensurate with experience; health benefits provided.
      Extra-pecuniary benefits include opportunities to work on international
      projects, contribute to peer-reviewed academic publications, and help shape
      international reports. Our collegial, open-plan office is in an attractive
      neighborhood with good transit access. Light-hearted, often delicious,
      communal lunches daily.

      The Global Footprint Network is committed to diversity in the workplace;
      women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. Unfortunately,
      we are unable to provide assistance in applying for work permits, so all
      applicants must be able to provide proof of eligibility to work in the
      United States.

      Send resume and statement of career goals to jobs@....
      Email preferred; subject line MUST include the term "Research Associate
      Position." Please -- no walk-in applications.

      WHO WE ARE
      Global Footprint Network supports a sustainable economy by advancing the
      Ecological Footprint, a measurement and management tool that makes the
      reality of planetary limits relevant to decision-makers throughout the
      world. The Network, which has over 70 partner organizations around the
      world, is advised by sustainability leaders such as E.O. Wilson, Jorgen
      Randers, Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Wangari Maathai, and Herman Daly.

      For more information about the Global Footprint Network and the Ecological
      Footprint visit http://www.footprintnetwork.org

      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm


      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm

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