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FW: Open Sr Program Analyst

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  • Elisa Harvie
    ... From: Ann Macaulay [mailto:AMacaulay@mtc.ca.gov] Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 7:57 AM To: Ann Macaulay Subject: Open Sr Program Analyst Click on View;
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      From: Ann Macaulay [mailto:AMacaulay@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 7:57 AM
      To: Ann Macaulay
      Subject: Open Sr Program Analyst

      Click on View; select HTML, to view in proper format. MTC has a position
      open for a Senior Program and Policy Analyst in the Programming and
      Allocations Section. The person in this job will:° Assume responsibility
      for an extensive range of complex tasks related to the management of a unit,
      including the direction of staff activities and the supervision, evaluation,
      development and training of professional staff assigned primarily to transit
      capital programs and projects. ° Perform financial analysis to identify the
      current and future transit capital and operating needs in the region for the
      baseline system. ° Monitor the progress, cost/funding plans, and operating
      plans for the Regional Transit Expansion Program. ° Work collaboratively
      with the stakeholders, develop policies for assigning federal formula
      transit funds and ensuring timely use of funds and project delivery by Bay
      Area transit properties. ° Oversee the effective implementation of various
      transportation-funded programs. ° Actively work with project sponsors in
      developing and implementing realistic and deliverable financial plans and
      projects. ° Provide direction and oversight for financial forecasting and
      fund estimation and apportionment tasks required of the section. ° Conduct
      analysis related to federal and state legislation and budgetary actions
      affecting transportation finance. Attached is the complete job announcement.
      You can also refer any interested parties to our web site at www.mtc.ca.gov
      for the detailed job announcement and an MTC application. Those interested
      parties must submit an application, a current resume, and response to the
      supplemental questions. The closing date for this position is Friday, Nov
      3rd. Please ensure that this information is disseminated to interested
      parties. If there are any questions or if further information is needed,
      you can contact me at the number below. Ann Macaulay, PHR
      Human Resources
      101-8th St
      Oakland, CA 94607
      (510) 817-5741
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