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Fwd: Women's Transportation Seminar College Scholarships (fwd)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2002
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      Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 08:36:36 -0700
      From: Steve Campbell <spcampbe@...>
      To: ITS Students <students@...>
      Subject: Fwd: FW: Women's Transportation Seminar College Scholarships

      Dear Students,

      Below and attached is information regarding scholarship money from
      the SF Bay Area Chapter of the Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS).
      You don't need to be a member of WTS, but you do need to be female
      (sorry guys).

      I encourage anyone interested to apply. Please note that only one of
      these awards is geared towards graduate students.

      Good luck!

      -Steve Campbell

      >Scholarships are available on a competitive basis for women in
      >transportation related programs of study.
      >Deadline is Nov.4th. It is not a requirement to be a WTS member to apply.
      >Do you know any exceptional college students?
      >The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Women's Transportation
      >Seminar (WTS) is seeking scholarship applications from female
      >graduate and undergraduate students. WTS is an organization
      >promoting the advancement of women and minorities in the broad field
      >of transportation (from engineering, to planning, to business, to
      >logistics, etc.)
      >The WTS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter sponsors three
      >scholarships/awards for deserving Bay Area female graduate and
      >undergraduate college students.
      >The Helen Overly Graduate Scholarship - $3000
      >The Sharon D. Banks Undergraduate Scholarship - $2000
      >The Louise Moritz Molitoris Undergraduate Leadership Award - $1000
      >Winners of these Chapter scholarships/awards are submitted for
      >similar scholarship/award competitions at the National level. If
      >you know of any female college students that may benefit from this
      >information, please forward this on.
      >I have attached this year's WTS Scholarship/Award information:
      >General Scholarship Announcement/Flyer
      >Undergraduate Application
      >Leadership Award Undergraduate Application
      >Graduate Application
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