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Upcoming roundtable discussions on planning at UC Berkeley's IURD

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    (For more info on IURD, see http://www-iurd.ced.berkeley.edu/) ... Janet Dawson 09/13/2006 04:05 PM Hello, all. Just to let you know
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      (For more info on IURD, see http://www-iurd.ced.berkeley.edu/)

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 09/13/2006 04:29 PM -----
      Janet Dawson <jgdawson@...>

      09/13/2006 04:05 PM

      Hello, all.

      Just to let you know that we have a great lineup of Visiting Scholars
      Roundtables set for this semester. I don't have details on some of
      them, but here's the schedule so far.



      Upcoming IURD Visiting Scholars Roundtables

      Tuesday, 9/19, 2 p.m., Victoria Basolo, Associate Professor,
      Department of Planning, Policy, and Design UC Irvine

      Authority, Power and Pressure: State-Local Relations and the
      Implementation of Prop 46

      California citizens passed Proposition 46, a $2.1 billion bond
      measure for affordable housing, in 2002.  Little discussion of the
      implementation challenges of this historic proposition occurred prior
      to the vote. During the campaign, the general attitude was: "Get the
      money first (and then figure it out)." However, the success of Prop
      46 programs rests largely on the organizations charged with
      implementation. Basolo's research examines the implementation of
      three Prop 46 programs to reveal the mechanisms that affected the
      process, as revealed in the interorganizational relationships between
      the State Department of Housing and Community Development and
      recipients of Prop 46 funds.

      Thursday, 9/21, 12 noon, Alan Forghani, GISC Visiting Scholar

      Remote Sensing and GIS: Bushfire Mapping and Modeling

      Climates in Australia and America are susceptible to natural
      disasters - wild fire, flood, severe wind, coastal erosion and
      tsunamis. Strategies to better minimize damage from these hazards are
      essential to prosperity and safety, and national risk assessment
      methodologies play an essential role. Forghani will give an overview
      of remote sensing and GIS activities at the Australian Center for
      Remote Sensing (ACRES), focusing on the use of spatial information
      technologies capabilities in environmental monitoring, mapping and
      modeling. He will also examine bush fire spread risk mapping as an
      application and development process to establish a regional/national
      bushfire risk assessment framework at the UC Berkeley's Geographic
      Information Science Center (GISC). Forghani's research investigates
      the FARSITE and Wind Wizard systems for fire forecast spread using
      wind speed and direction, DEM, historical local hotspots, biomass and
      fuel continuity, and terrain roughness information. His work also
      considers the use of new and improved remote sensing technologies to
      describe fuel continuity and map soil/vegetation moisture including
      terrain roughness.

      Thursday, 9/28, 12 noon, Sharon Kazemi, GISC Visiting Scholar

      Title and description to come.

      Thursday, 10/5, 2 p.m., Jasmin Aber, IURD Visiting Scholar

      Culture-Led Regeneration and Creative Community

      Aber discusses how art, architecture, culture and cutting-edge
      technology create economic regeneration in some cities in the context
      of the new economy. Globalization, economic restructuring and
      de-industrialization have led to demographic shrinkage and economic
      decline: the "shrinking city" effect. Many cities in the West and the
      Pacific Rim are promoting cultural activities and creativity as an
      effective strategy for economic regeneration. The links between art,
      culture, urban design and regeneration are complex and subject to
      many interpretations. Aber's research focuses on examples that best
      exemplify "good practices" in economic recovery through culture-led
      regeneration and how they have been implemented in some shrinking
      cities in the Western countries and the Pacific Rim. The research
      examines contemporary trends in cultural, social and urban studies
      and proposes strategies by which these principles may be used to
      inform future decisions for effective and sustainable urban planning.

      Thursday, 10/19, 12 noon

      Thomas Maloutas, University of Thessaly, Greece

      South European Urbanization and Social Issues of Urban Growth in
      Post-War Athens

      Thursday, 11/2, 2 p.m., Sunniva Skalnes, IURD Visiting Scholar

      Title and description to come.

      Mid-November, Andrew Charleson, IURD Visiting Scholar

      Title and description to come.

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