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FT job - Los Angeles - Transportation and Land Use Collaborative - Executive Director

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      TLUC Executive Director Search

      Dear Colleagues and Friends:

      As you may know, Katherine Perez, the founding Executive Director of the
      Transportation and Land Use Collaborative, recently resigned from her
      position to pursue new challenges and opportunities. Katherine will continue
      to play a significant leadership role with TLUC through participation on its
      Board of Directors.

      TLUC has embarked on a search for its new Executive Director.  In addition
      to more general outreach, TLUC is calling upon its supporters, colleagues
      and friends to assist in this effort.  We hope that you will circulate this
      letter and the attached job description to individuals you feel would be
      strong candidates for the position, and to organizations that may be in a
      position to post the announcement.

      TLUC is committed to significantly improving the quality of life for people
      who live and work in Southern California by ensuring that there is balance
      between growth, economic development and environmental stewardship.

      We are seeking a person with the attitude of a change agent.  As TLUC is
      positioned to embark upon an exciting next chapter of growth, influence and
      impact, we are looking for a person who grasps that Los Angeles and Southern
      California are at the beginning of a new era in planning and development.  

      The Executive Director will provide strong leadership direction that enables
      TLUC to fulfill its mission. The Executive Director is responsible for the
      overall management, growth and development of TLUC.  The ideal candidate for
      the Executive Director position will satisfy the following job

      *        5 years experience in managing an organization with a $1 million
      plus budget;

      *        Demonstrated ability to develop and implement a fundraising plan;

      *        Experience with philanthropic community and grant programs in land
      use and planning field;

      *        Significant experience in local and regional land use and
      transportation planning;

      *        Master's degree in urban planning or related field is preferred;

      *        Demonstrated leadership experience;

      *        Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse group of individuals
      including government, policy and community leaders and donors;

      *        Knowledge and expertise in public policy or legislative issues
      affecting transportation and land use in Southern California;

      *        Public speaking and media relations experience; and

      *        Creative and entrepreneurial skills and a results oriented
      management philosophy.

      Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to:

      Transportation & Land Use Collaborative

      Attn: Executive Director Selection Committee

      417 South Hill Street, Suite 211

      Los Angeles, CA 90013

      Deadline for submission is Friday October 27, 2006.  

      Thank you for your interest in this extraordinary opportunity.


      William Cipes
      Interim Executive Director
      Transportation & Land Use Collaborative
      417 South Hill Street, Suite 211
      Los Angeles, CA 90013
      p. (213) 613-0800
      f. (213) 613-0200


      [Content of attachment was as follows.]

      Land Use Transportation Civic Engagement Public Participation Public Policy
      417 South Hill Street, Suite 211, Los Angeles, CA 90013
      (213) 613-0800 phone • (213) 613-0200 fax
      Page 1 of 3
      Linking planning with people
      Transportation and Land Use Collaborative of Southern California
      Position Description
      Title: Executive Director
      Reports to: Board of Directors
      Summary: The Executive Director provides the professional leadership that enables
      the organization to fulfill its mission, including responsibility for the overall
      management, growth and development of the organization.
      Supervisory Responsibilities
      The Executive Director supervises staff and provides management oversight for projects
      and programs.
      Position Responsibilities
      1. Administration: Ensure effective management and operations of the organization,
      • Direct, manage and oversee all administrative, human resources, financial and
      planning functions of the organization.
      • Develop and direct the implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures
      and work standards.
      • Develop and maintain policies and procedures and required organization
      • Develop, maintain and update information management systems to serve the
      program and operational needs of the organization.
      2. Development: Ensure the development of resources needed to accomplish the
      mission and support the operations, including:
      • Formulate and implement strategies to provide for financial growth and stability.
      Page 2 of 3
      • Facilitate, support and work effectively with the Board of Directors in developing
      and implementing its fund raising and development efforts.
      • Build and strengthen the revenue development capability of the organization with
      public and private funding entities.
      • Develop and cultivate a donor base, including foundations, corporations, and
      individual donors.
      3. Financial Management: Ensure the effective management of financial resources,
      • Direct the preparation and administration of the organization's annual budget.
      • Direct and implement appropriate financial compliance, reporting and auditing
      activities to ensure financial integrity and viability of the organization.
      4. Planning: Ensure effective planning for organizational goals including:
      • Assist in the development and implementation of the strategic plan in conjunction
      with the overall mission and goals established by the Board.
      • Prepares an annual operating plan consistent with the strategic plan that includes
      the scope, budget and timing of programs and projects.
      5. Human Resources: Ensure the effective management of human resources, including:
      • Maintain an effective staff structure.
      • Exercise the authority to hire and terminate employees and consultants to meet
      organizational staffing needs.
      • Implement and maintain annual employee review system that provides
      accountability for quality performance and staff development.
      • Implement and update a fair and reasonable salary structure.
      • Implement and update employee benefits that attract exceptional staff.
      6. Program Development & Management: Ensure development and effective
      management of programs that fulfill the organization mission, including:
      • Provide leadership, support and direction to staff for program planning,
      development and the achievement of program objectives.
      • Lead the management team to ensure coordination and synergy among programs.
      • Strengthen and manage the infrastructure required to expand and deliver
      programs, including compliance with reporting and documentation to funders.
      • Monitor, evaluate and develop programs that meet changing client and community
      7. External Relationships & Media: Ensure public visibility and relationships with
      key constituencies for the organization, including:
      • Establish, cultivate and maintain relationships and communications with policy
      makers, civic and community leaders, media, funders, supporters, potential
      supporters and other stakeholders.
      Page 3 of 3
      • Articulate the vision and mission of the organization to external audiences and
      • Promote an understanding of the organization’s mission, programs and related
      community issues.
      • Disseminate information about the organization and its work to various
      • Serve as spokesperson for the organization on various advocacy matters.
      8. Board of Directors: Support the Board of Directors to fulfill its governance and
      fiduciary responsibilities, including:
      • Assist the Board to structuring its work and activities effectively.
      • Support Board Committees to accomplish their work.
      • Maintain effective communications with Board members and the Board as a
      • Inform the Board of Directors of developments affecting major projects and
      Education Requirements
      A Masters degree is in public administration, urban planning, real estate, social work or a
      related field is required. Fundamental understanding of land use and planning is critical.
      Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. TLUC provides health and
      dental benefits.
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