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Pool to School program

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  • Dayana Salazar
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      From: Stephen Blaylock [mailto:sblaylock@...]
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      Subject: Recent Article on San Ramon Valley "School to Pool" Program

      Greetings Transportation Professionals, Clients and Friends,

      I thought I would forward this short article that appeared in the Tri-Valley
      Herald a few weeks ago that features the "Pool to School Program" at the 39
      schools in the San Ramon Valley area. The article can be found at

      Working with Lisa Bobidilla from the City of San Ramon, ALTRANS helped
      create (and maintains) the interactive and fully customized on-line carpool
      referral program site that is featured in this article for five cites
      (Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda & San Ramon) as part of the Southwest
      Area Transportation Committee (SWAT). This program is paid for with funds
      from the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA), administered by the
      BAAQMD and other local funds.

      The SRVPooltoSchool.org site and program identifies commuters that would
      like to share rides that live in the same area and is organized by specific
      school sites (in this case) with commuter's zip codes, cross streets and
      e-mail addresses in the completed matchlist. The site is extremely easy to
      use and can be accessed by the commuter directly, at any time, in order to
      gain access to immediate and interactive carpool matchlists. This
      particular site and program is the third internet-based version that ALTRANS
      has created in the last 1.5 years, and is the most interactive and easy to
      use to date.

      As the article states, hundreds of commuters have already signed up for this
      on-line carpool matching and referral program, which has produced numerous
      testimonies that new carpools have been formed. As part of the contract
      with the City of San Ramon, ALTRANS may provide detailed "Pro-Active Carpool
      Trip Plans" to the commuters using our Geographical Information System (GIS)
      software, and will also be providing on-line surveys to the commuters that
      join the carpool database, identifying the program's success at developing
      and sustaining new carpools.

      For more information on the San Ramon Valley - Pool to School Program,
      please contact Lisa Bobidilla with the City of San Ramon at

      If you have any questions on how ALTRANS can assist you in the development
      of a cost-effective, customized and fully interactive carpool referral site
      or program for your school, college, employer site, business park or city
      anywhere in the USA, please contact Faiz Khan, ALTRANS Transportation
      Services Manager at fkhan@... or (408) 741-2692 and /or Jill Meyers,
      ALTRANS TDM Outreach Manager at jmeyers@... or (408) 741-2685.

      Thanks for reading this message and accompanying newspaper article.

      Stephen Blaylock
      (408) 741-2684
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