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Planning Forum Call for Submissions (fwd)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Interested in publishing a piece of work? Read on. ... Planning Forum - Information for Contributors Planning Forum serves as a medium for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2002

      Interested in publishing a piece of work?  Read on.

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      Planning Forum - Information for Contributors

                      Planning Forum serves as a medium for the multi-disciplinary
      exchange of ideas related to the study of human communities and to the
      interaction of social, political, built, and natural environments.  The
      journal welcomes submissions of original research papers, timely book
      reviews, and discussion of current debates, literature, and theory.  The
      journal's intended audience is primarily academic - graduate students and
      faculty members in worldwide planning-related disciplines - but also
      includes practitioners who work in fields directly related to journal
                      Submission Guidelines:  Suggested length is 5,000-10,000 words,
      including notes and references.  Please indicate the number of words on the
      cover sheet.  Authors should follow the style and spelling requirements of
      the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Edition.  Authors should use
      parenthetical author-date references and should only include those works
      actually cited in the text.  Planning Forum cannot accept papers that
      include footnotes.  Papers are reviewed anonymously, authors should
      therefore refer to themselves in the third person in text and notes.  Each
      illustration, chart, table, or graph to be included in the text should be
      submitted on a separate sheet, with desired text locations clearly
      indicated.  If the manuscript is accepted, the author will receive detailed
      instructions regarding an acceptable format of non-text elements.
      Submission of black and white photographs to accompany the article is
      encouraged, but publication of these will be used at the editor's
                      Number of Copies:  Authors should submit five (5) copies of each
      manuscript, which will not be returned, and an electronic copy on diskette
      or as an email attachment to the address below.   Please include one cover
      sheet listing the article title, author's name, address, phone number, and
      email address.
                      Review Process:  Submissions are anonymously evaluated by the
      student editorial staff and faculty reviewers according to the following
      criteria: clear statement of purpose or thesis, clear significance of the
      contribution to an existing body of literature, clear and effective
      writing, and use of explicit, sound, and appropriate methods.  All
      submissions are subject to final content and style editing with the
      acquiescence of the author before publication.
                      Deadlines:  Planning Forum, Volume 9, will be published in late
      spring 2003.  Abstracts (250 words maximum) may be submitted via email
      until September 15, 2002, indicating that the author intends to submit a
      full manuscript.  Full manuscripts prepared according to the guidelines
      above are due to later than October 15, 2002.  Note: Papers must be
      received by this deadline, no exceptions.

      Correspondence should be addressed to:
      Editor, Planning Forum
      University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture
      3.108 Goldsmith Hall
      Austin, TX   78712
      Tel (512) 471-1922 - Fax (512) 471-0716

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