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FT job - City and County of San Francisco - Planner III (Code Enforcement)

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    (From http://www.planetizen.com/jobs/item.php?id=5388&rf=e) Planner III City and County of San Francisco 04:30 pm CDT, Aug 15 5291 PLANNER III Code Enforcement
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2006

      (From http://www.planetizen.com/jobs/item.php?id=5388&rf=e)

      Planner III
      City and County of San Francisco

      04:30 pm CDT, Aug 15

      5291 PLANNER III
      Code Enforcement

      Filing Deadline:
      September 5, 2006

      Appointment Type:
      Provisional or Permanent Transfer

      $2,910-$3,537 Biweekly, $75,660-$91,962 Annually

      Appointment Type:
      Provisional Appointments will be required to participate and succeed in a Civil Service exam for this class to be considered for permanent appointment.

      Work Schedule:
      Full-time project funded position. Position may require occasional compensatory time as necessary.

      Position Description:
      Code Enforcement, Sign Enforcement and Inventory Program

      Under direction, the Planner III plans, coordinates and implements the General Advertising sign inventory program. Duties require difficult and responsible planning work in land use, zoning, development, code enforcement, historic preservation and real estate; supervises or assists in the preparation and design of research surveys and projects and conducts the more difficult investigations; prepares or assists in the preparation of reports and planning studies; processes applications; provides information on planning policies and procedures; and supervises professional staff. Assists in the development and implementation of planning policies and procedures; reviews difficult & complicated building and land use permit applications; prepares, checks, and reviews important technical records and plans; has considerable contact with representatives of government, community groups, developers, business organizations and the general public; and performs related duties as required.

      The Planning Department’s Sign Enforcement and Inventory program is the result of recent amendments to the Planning Code (Section 604) providing for improved monitoring and enforcement of General Advertising Signs and allow for General Advertising Sign relocations after certain requirements are met. The Citizens of San Francisco passed Proposition G in March 2002, restricting existing General Advertising Signs and providing for no new General Advertising Signs because of perceived abuses in the unregulated industry and a multitude of signs without or not in conformity with permits. The primary duty of this position is to manage the development of a comprehensive Sign Inventory within defined budget and staffing. The Sign Enforcement and Inventory planner communicates with the public on a daily basis, conducts numerous site visits and performs extensive research. Knowledge of the Planning Code, procedures and policies is extremely important. Familiarity with work programs, staff allocation, budgeting, and database development are strongly desired but not required.

      Essential Duties:

      * Plans, coordinates, and implements the Sign Enforcement and Inventory program, which requires careful logistic and resource planning.
      * Performs all aspects of Code Enforcement, including but not limited to, site visits, historical research, letter writing, issuing violation notices, inventory work, problem solving, and analyzing data.
      * Meets reporting requirements for the Sign Enforcement and Inventory program and responds to Board of Supervisor complaints and special legislation related to General Advertising signs .
      * Works closely with the Department of Building Inspection, ie. Building Inspectors, Housing Inspectors, Enforcement Division, and the Microfilm personnel, and Department of Public Works, i.e. Surveyors and Interns.
      * Coordinates and assists City Attorney’s Office in developing procedures and pursuing violations.
      * Provides assistance to the Police Department permit officers and inspectors.
      * Supervises code enforcement interns and may act as the team leader, if needed.
      * Works closely with sign companies, property owners, public interest groups.
      * Represents the Planning Department before various City Departments and outside neighborhood groups. Educates outside neighborhood groups on the Sign Enforcement and Inventory program.
      * Reviews and approves building permit applications related to abating Planning Department complaints.
      * Interprets and explains legal, technical, and procedural aspects of planning work for individuals, permit applicants and community groups.
      * Studies and makes recommendations on the more difficult planning & zoning issues, makes recommendations to Zoning Administrator and appropriate decision-making bodies.
      * Staffs the Planning Information Counter on an occasional basis.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      Requires a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university and four (4) years in an urban, city, and/or regional planning environment; OR possession of a Master’s Degree in City, Regional, or Urban Planning, or a closely related field such as Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, Urban Studies, or Environmental Studies and two (2) years of experience in an urban, city, and/or regional planning environment.

      Additional Desired Skills:
      * Program management
      * Excellent writing skills
      * Good communication and negotiating skills
      * Analytical ability
      * Ability to function both independently and as a team member
      * Ability to handle confrontations with individuals who are not in compliance with the Codes
      * Extensive knowledge of the Planning Code
      * Knowledge of planning procedures and policies

      How to Apply:
      If you are interested in applying for the position, please submit a letter of interest, resume and a standard application form to Personnel, Planning Department #29, 1660 Mission Street, 5th Floor, and San Francisco, CA 94103. Applications may be obtained from the Department of Human Resources, 44 Gough Street, San Francisco, at the City’s website: http://www.sfgov.org/site/government_index.asp?id=5988, or you may contact Josie Lee at (415) 558-6280. Please return the required application materials by 5:00 P.M on September 5, 2006. Minorities, Women and Persons with Disabilities are Encouraged to Apply. An Equal Opportunity Employer

      Salary: $75,660-$91,962 Annually
      Contact:         Josie Lee
      Email:         no_email@no_email.com
      Phone:         (415) 558-6280
      Org.:         City and County of San Francisco
      Web:         http://www.sfgov.org/site/government_index.asp?id=5988
      Dept.:         Planning Department #29
      Address:         1660 Mission Street, 5th Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94103
      United States
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