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TFN Employment Connections: Aug 7, 2006

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      TFN Employment Connections: Aug 7, 2006

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections

      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a
      periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the
      right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT

      Positions included in this issue:

      *Senior Planner, Land Use Program, TALC (San Francisco, CA)
      *Vice President, Georgia Conservancy (Atlanta, GA)
      *Assistant/Associate Transportation Planner/Analyst, MTC (Oakland, CA)
      *Smart Growth and Clean Jobs Policy Specialist, Progressive States Network
      (Washington, DC)
      *Transit Projects Coordinator, FDOT (Ft. Myers, FL)
      *Transportation Advocate, MASSPIRG (Boston, MA)
      *Pedestrian, Bicycle and Public Space Advocate/Organizer, Transportation
      Alternatives (New York, NY)
      *Freelance Automotive Writer, Environmental Defense (Flexible)
      *Business Analyst, TransitCenter (New York, NY)
      *Safety Education Program Coordinator, WABA (Washington, DC)
      *Operations Director, SFBC (San Francisco, CA)
      *Executive Director, Recycle-a-Bicycle (Brooklyn, NY)
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)



      TALC is currently hiring for a Senior Planner, Land Use Program. The Senior
      Planner will be responsible for creating regional advocacy tools and for
      engaging community residents in planning processes for transit oriented
      developments (TODs) at select sites around the Bay Area.

      Review of applications will begin Monday, August 7, with interviews likely
      to begin Thursday, August 24.

      To read the full job description, and for information on how to apply, visit



      The Georgia Conservancy is seeking a Vice President to manage the following
      programs: growth management, including the Blueprints for Successful
      Communities program, land conservation, work in South Georgia, and
      environmental education.

      The Georgia Conservancy is a statewide, membership-based environmental
      education and advocacy group that works on water, air, land, and growth

      In each of the program areas listed above, the Vice President will be
      responsible for:
      * Developing long range program plans, annual operating plan objectives, and
      an annual budget;
      * Managing and supporting the staff members (currently five people) who work
      in these program areas;
      * Working with development staff to create fund raising strategies and
      assist in raising funds as needed;
      * This position reports to the president and works closely with the Board of
      Trustees. As a member of the organization’s management team, this person
      works with the president and other senior staff on strategic and budget
      planning, administrative issues, human resources management, and other
      issues as needed.

      The position helps to ensure that teamwork, commitment, and a high quality
      of work are consistent across the organization and participants as a team
      member for all organizational activities that require participation from the
      entire staff.

      A successful candidate will have a master’s degree in planning,
      environmental policy, or a related field and at least 8-10 years of
      experience in environmental or related program work. A solid understanding
      of environmental policy is required, as are meeting facilitation skills and
      an understanding of public participation tools. Excellent writing, speaking,
      and organizational skills, management experience, leadership ability, and an
      ability to work as part of a team are also necessary. Previous work with
      environmental non-profits is not required, but the candidate must have an
      understanding and appreciation for non-profit structure and functions.

      Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience. Please send resume and
      references to Vice President and General Counsel, Georgia Conservancy, 817
      West Peachtree St., Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia, 30308.



      Salary Range: Grade VII of the Salary Plan: $63,910 to $81,810 per year
      (Depending upon additional qualifications, salary may be up to $94,321)

      Under the direction of the Senior Planner: (1) Assist in the preparation of
      the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), (2) Assist with air quality planning
      and policy analysis, (3) Perform various analyses for corridor studies that
      MTC may conduct or be involved in from time to time to help define RTP
      investments, (4) Act as a liaison with one or more counties, representing
      MTC and explaining MTC programs and policies, and (5) Perform various
      planning analyses and develop working knowledge of state and federal
      planning regulations to support other Planning Section and agency functions
      as needed.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      Education: Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or
      university, as listed in the Higher Education Directory, in transportation
      engineering, transportation or urban planning, or a related discipline; or
      an equivalent combination of education and experience. A master’s degree is
      preferred. (Applicants with a degree issued from an institution outside of
      the United States must have their transcripts evaluated by an academic
      accrediting service and provide proof of equivalency along with the

      Experience: Completion of a minimum of one year of recent (must be within
      the last five years), progressive and verifiable professional experience in
      the field of transportation engineering, transportation planning and
      analysis, urban planning, or a related field, involving an emphasis on
      transportation planning. One year of graduate work in a discipline directly
      related to the position may be substituted for the required experience.

      Knowledge of: Principles of transportation planning. Working knowledge of
      transportation and air quality planning, environmental planning, and travel
      demand forecasts model. Specific knowledge related to air quality issues,
      analysis of transportation plans and projects, and transportation conformity
      regulations is desirable. General familiarity with federal and state
      transportation planning and air quality legislation. Ability to use database
      management tools, spreadsheets and packaged analytical programs is

      Ability to: Conceptualize, organize, schedule and successfully manage
      projects. Collaborate with staff from other MTC sections. Establish and
      maintain effective working relationships with staff from other agencies and
      stakeholders. Communicate persuasively, both orally and in writing. Take
      initiative and use sound judgment within established procedural guidelines.
      Organize and prioritize multiple tasks and respond flexibly to changing
      section activities and demands. Organize and analyze data using Microsoft
      Excel and/or Microsoft Access (or other database). Document technical
      analysis for presentation to policy makers. Manage consultant contracts.
      Carry assignments through to completion on time with minimal supervision.

      For more information, see http://www.mtc.ca.gov/jobs/planner.htm



      The Progressive States Network is a state-based organization, the mission of
      which is to pass progressive legislation in all 50 of America's state
      legislatures. Progressive States seeks a highly motivated individual to work
      in a team approach as a policy specialist on health care and labor policy.

      The Progressive States Network works with legislators and community
      organizations across the country to advance legislation at the state level
      that protects individual freedoms, promotes sustainable economic growth, and
      strengthens America's working families. Backed by labor unions, community
      leaders, grassroots organizations such as MoveOn.org, and other individual
      supporters, Progressive States blends analysis and action and is working to
      establish a cohesive network and support system for progressive legislators
      in all 50 states, while building a concerted movement dedicated to
      grassroots social and political change across the nation. See
      www.progressivestates.org for more information.

      Job Description
      Progressive States is seeking a policy specialist with expertise in
      environmental policy, specifically to promote issues of clean energy and
      smart growth. Our agenda in this area will range from promoting energy
      conservation policies to developing "smart growth" transit legislation to
      advocating for ways to reclaim use of land for sportsmen and outdoor
      recreation. Since Progressive States is dedicated to breaking down single
      issue politics in favor of a shared multi-issue agenda, any candidate for
      this position should be prepared to promote these public investment and job
      growth issues in the context of alliances with labor, civil rights,
      community development and affordable housing organizations.

      The role of the Smart Growth and Clean Jobs Policy Specialist policy
      specialist will include:
      * Political Strategist: Identify the most effective clean energy and smart
      growth policies and develop an effective strategy for building support for
      these solutions and turning them into state legislative victories.
      * Researcher: Write reports and analysis for our website and twice-weekly
      e-newsletter, or help coordinate their creation by allies to document key
      environmental, sprawl and energy problems facing state governments and
      detail the benefits from implementing solutions to these problems.
      * Legislative Drafter: Craft policy options that turn these solutions into
      * Advocate: Testify at legislative and administrative hearings and help
      educate members of state legislatures about these legislative solutions.
      * Media Liaison: Work with communications staff to organize media events,
      release reports and publicize problems. Write media releases, provide source
      material to reporters, meet with editorial boards and reporters.
      * Political Organizer: Coordinate meetings and keep in touch with coalition
      partners, and work to generate grassroots support for our agenda.

      Since Progressive States is a relatively new organization, any candidate
      must be self-motivated and an innovative thinker and organizer with a
      dedication to public interest issues and excellent verbal and writing
      skills. Candidate for this position should have three to eight years of
      relevant professional experience. Relevant experience includes (but is not
      limited to) working in political, policy, legal, journalistic, or government
      settings. Advanced degrees, including a JD or masters in related fields, may
      count toward a candidates professional experience.

      Progressive States is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage and value
      a diverse workforce, and we seek diversity among applicants for this
      position. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

      Salary & Benefits
      Salary and benefits for this position is commensurate with the amount of
      relevant professional experience that a candidate has. Opportunities for
      advancement, travel, and additional training are available.

      How to Apply
      Email a compelling cover letter, resume and writing sample showing your
      ability to write about policy issues in a manner accessible to the public

      Nathan Newman, Policy Director
      Progressive States Network



      Duties include urban and rural transit and paratransit project planning,
      development, support and contract management in a multi-county area; working
      committee memberships; technical assistance; project evaluation and audit;
      District-wide program management, and equipment procurement; among others.

      Candidate should have experience with, and ability to apply, multimodal /
      intermodal planning and implementation strategies. Position involves state
      and federal planning, capital and operating programs (e.g., corridor and
      facility development, commuter assistance, and FTA Sections 5303, 5307,
      5309, 5310, 5311, 5316 , and 5317). The position is located in Fort Myers,
      Florida.  Applications must be completed on-line at
      https://peoplefirst.myflorida.com/logon.htm by July 31, 2006. For assistance
      locating this announcement (Position No. 55002467) on the People First web
      site, and filling out an on-line application , call People First at
      877-562-7287. TTY users call 866-221-0268.   AA/EEO Employer

      This position reports to the District Transit Programs Administrator and is
      responsible for managing grant contracts and associated  projects for
      transit, paratransit, intermodal, and other Modal Development Office
      Programs within District One. It serves as District liaison to the staffs of
      public transit agencies, and other agencies for project management purposes.

      This position is responsible for providing technical assistance to local
      agency staffs on project funding eligibility, grant request process, and
      program requirements, for example, assists with Department Work Program
      development for these programs, and is directly responsible for the
      production, implementation, and oversight of grant contracts for projects
      within these programs.  It also is responsible for monitoring and
      facilitating grant project progress to ensure completion within specified
      time frames, program and project success, and compliance with applicable
      Federal and State policies and regulations.

      Examples of Work:
      * Participates in Development and Monitoring of the Department's Transit
      Intermodal, and Related Programs Five-Year Work Program
      * Facilitates implementation of passenger transportation programs in
      urbanized areas.
      * Facilitates implementation of passenger transportation programs to provide
      adequate transportation to rural areas and to the Transportation
      Disadvantaged including the Federal Transit Administration Rural, Elderly
      and Persons with Disabilities, Job Access, Reverse Commute, New Freedoms and
      other programs, and the State Transportation Disadvantaged Program.
      * Participates, reviews, and comments on transportation studies and
      activities including serving on various committees representing the
      Department on Corridor Studies, Master Plan Studies, and other studies or
      efforts that integrate transit as a viable mode.

      Examples of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

      IMPORTANT: Applicants must be able to demonstrate how they meet all
      Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) in order to be considered for this
      * Knowledge of Federal and State transit programs and/or transit planning.
      * Ability to effectively operate a computer and utilize applications.
      * Ability to administer and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
      * Proven ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.
      * Ability to effectively plan and organize, and work independently.
      * Ability to work as an effective member of a team or group towards common
      goals or established objectives.
      * Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with peers,
      management, and customers.
      * Ability to understand, interpret, and logically apply procedures,
      processes, and regulations.
      * Ability to operate a motor vehicle in traffic and possess the legal
      status to do so.



      The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) is a statewide,
      multi-issue public interest advocacy organization that works on behalf of
      citizens to uncover and fight threats to the environment, public health,
      consumer well-being and democratic government. We employ the time-tested
      tools of investigative research, media attention, grassroots organizing,
      advocacy and litigation to deliver consistent, results-oriented public
      interest activism and to achieve concrete and lasting political change on
      the state level.

      MASSPIRG is seeking an Environmental Lobbyist to focus on transportation
      policy in Massachusetts. Transportation should be convenient,
      environmentally sustainable, and friendly to our communities. The Big Dig
      may be winding down, but the quest for sound and reliable transportation is
      far from over. We need someone devoted to making transportation less
      centered on how to move cars around and more focused on how to move
      Massachusetts forward.

      Job Description
      The Transportation Advocate with MASSPIRG will develop campaigns to make a
      difference on pressing issues. From improving public transportation by
      watch-dogging the MBTA to getting automakers to adopt existing and new
      technology that cleans up cars, we need a talented individual who will bring
      creative ideas and gumption to the transportation challenges that face

      On a daily basis, the Transportation Advocate will be responsible for the
      * Advocacy: Bringing problems and solutions to the attention of
      decision-makers, including state legislators, executive agencies, transit
      authorities and local officials.
      * Campaign Strategy: Creating a plan to win our transportation campaigns by
      strategizing on how to gain political support for our agenda through
      coalition-building, grassroots organizing, media publicity, endorsements and
      message development.
      * Media Outreach: Serving as the public spokesperson for our transportation
      campaigns through media events, press releases, editorial board meetings and
      other PR tactics.
      * Fundraising: Writing grant proposals, impressing foundations with an
      environmental mission to support our work, and meeting with large donors,
      all to bring more resources to efforts we’re waging to improve
      transportation in Massachusetts.

      Passion. Persistence. We’re looking for a goal-driven and results-oriented
      individual who is committed to the public interest, someone with leadership
      skills and initiative, and the verbal and written skills necessary to make
      the case that convenient, efficient and sustainable transportation must be a
      top priority. Candidates should have 3-8 years of relevant professional
      experience, post-college, including (but not limited to) work in political,
      policy, legal, journalistic or government settings.

      Salary & Benefits
      Salary for this position is commensurate with the amount of relevant
      professional experience and/or advanced degrees a candidate has. A
      competitive benefits package includes health care coverage, educational loan
      assistance, a retirement plan, and paid vacation and sick days.
      Opportunities for advancement, travel and additional training are available.

      How to Apply:
      E-mail cover letter and resume to careers@....


      2 positions open)

      Transportation Alternatives seeks two advocates to coordinate campaigns to
      improve pedestrian safety and expand the provision of pedestrian public
      space at key locations throughout New York City and to make New York City a
      safer, more congenial place to bicycle and to encourage more New Yorkers to
      ride bikes. You should be an urbanist, familiar with current local politics
      and have experience in political organizing.

      The Pedestrian, Bicycle and Public Space Advocates/Organizers will work
      closely with the advocacy staff to to advance bicyclist-friendly projects
      and policies around the city and to galvanize the support of community
      groups and local businesses and institutions for pedestrian-first streets
      around New York City at destinations such as schools, parks, playgrounds,
      senior centers, cultural institutions and commercial districts. We are
      looking for someone who is capable of helping local residents, community
      service centers and businesses redefine street use in their communities and
      show how they will benefit by reclaiming their streets for people through
      meetings, presentations, press work, research, writing and studies. You
      should be practical and hard working as well as captivated by the idea of
      improving public spaces and New Yorkers quality of life. We are looking for
      someone equally comfortable with negotiating in a corporate board room and
      leading a public rally.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Applicants should have a proven record of achievement, with a strong
      background in political organizing and community development and planning
      and/or public affairs and a strong desire to make New York City a better
      place to walk and bike.
      * Spanish language skills a plus.
      * Strong interest in the mission of Transportation Alternatives
      * Strong writing and presentation skills and ability to effectively
      represent T.A. to the public
      * Highly self-motivated and able to work closely with others
      * Detail-oriented and possessing good organizational systems
      * Political and PR experience a plus
      * Ability to work closely with business and community leaders, including
      after hours
      * Ability to communicate our message effectively to print, radio and TV
      journalists, including after hours

      How to Apply:
      1. Cover letter (the most important part of your application)
      2. Resume
      3. Writing sample

      Advocacy Staff Search
      Transportation Alternatives
      127 West 26th Street, #1002
      New York, NY 10001
      212-629-8334 fax

      Women and people of color encouraged to apply.

      No phone calls or walk-ins please.



      Environmental Defense: Environmental Defense is a non-profit environmental
      organization with more than 300,000 members nationwide. It was founded in
      1967 to combat the use of DDT in the United States. Since then,
      Environmental Defense’s mission has expanded to include the broader
      protection and preservation of the nation’s natural environment and
      biodiversity. The organization employs scientists, economists, attorneys and
      other professionals to analyze and develop innovative solutions to
      environmental problems. It is based in New York City and has offices in
      several locations throughout the United States, including North Carolina,
      California, Massachusetts, Texas, Colorado, and Washington, DC. The
      organization has an annual operating budget of $56 million and receives
      support from its members, private donors, foundations, corporations,
      bequests, and government grants.

      Overall Function: The automotive analysis group supporting Environmental
      Defense's Climate Campaign seeks part-time assistance by a freelance writer
      specializing in automotive journalism. Assignments will entail assisting our
      staff with technical and policy reports, writing and ghostwriting articles,
      editing and adapting material for new audiences, and assisting with the
      development of other communications materials. Topics include product
      trends, technologies, and automotive business issues as they relate to fuel
      economy, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

      Current Project:
      A current project for which we are seeking writing assistance is "Hybrids in
      Perspective." This project entails developing a report and spin-off articles
      that take a pragmatic look at the energy consumption and environmental
      implications of hybrid-electric vehicle technology. For this project, the
      freelance writer will assist in distilling and explaining the technical work
      of the organization's automotive analysts and engineering consultant. The
      writer may be called upon to help with: brainstorming ways to better convey
      abstract concepts; interviewing automotive experts, consumers, and other
      sources to enrich reports and articles; researching supplemental material
      (including photos and other graphics); condensing (preparing executive
      summaries and synopses), editing, fact-checking and proofing.
      The freelance writer will be managed by Environmental Defense's automotive
      analysis staff and coordinated with the organization's in-house
      communications staff.

      Education: Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, or related
      fields including coursework in sciences or other technical fields showing a
      high degree of comfort with quantitative material (you can't be afraid of
      numbers!); or a Bachelor's degree in a technical field with demonstrated
      professional writing experience.
      Experience: Minimum two years' writing experience including a track record
      of publication on automotive topics in newspapers, magazines, or other
      outlets. Automotive technical and product knowledge is essential;
      familiarity with auto-related environmental issues a plus.
      Skills and Abilities: Proven journalistic research, writing and editing
      skills; demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and maintain strict
      confidentiality of sources and material under development; ability to
      understand, interpret, and communicate quantitative and technical
      information; strong orientation to detail and critical thinking; good
      organizational skills; flexibility and ability to handle multiple
      assignments. A high degree of familiarity with automotive sources and the
      trade press is assumed. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel and internet
      use is a must; experience with graphics software and desktop publishing is a

      To apply:
      Please submit your cover letter, resume, salary history, and 4-5 clips
      (published writing samples) to Robyn Scrafford at
      rscrafford@.... Please include in the subject line
      "Freelance Automotive Writer". MS Word or PDF documents only.
      No phone calls, please.



      As the creator of TransitChek, the nation's first pre-tax commuter benefit
      program, TransitCenter, Inc. today provides commuter benefit products and
      services to more than 500,000 transit riders nationwide. As an independent
      nonprofit corporation, TransitCenter has made it its mission to encourage
      the use of mass transit to help reduce traffic, preserve natural resources,
      protect the environment and improve the quality of life where people work
      and live. TransitCenter is currently looking to hire a Business Analyst.

      The ideal candidate will provide analytical support to the sales and
      marketing teams. Identify trends, gaps in market coverage and sales
      opportunities. Provide reports, analyses and recommendations of sales and
      marketing activities, market place opportunities and the collection and
      analysis of data to test business hypotheses. Develop models to help
      forecast sales, new product launches and other related activities. Position
      reports directly to the Business Development Officer.

      To qualify you will have a BS Degree with 5-7 years of business experiences
      in a quantitative discipline. Must have sound knowledge of statistics and
      research methods. Mastery in Excel and Access, a MUST. Proficient with
      PowerPoint. Strong project management skills with a sense of urgency.
      Experience in building models for tracking underlying performance trends.
      The ability to be proactive and work independently in providing solutions.
      The ability to establish relationships and work collaboratively across
      functional areas. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. The
      ability to achieve results working within the limits of available data; to
      understand the differences in data by source; and to work with large data
      sets from many different sources.
      How to Apply:
      To apply, kindly submit a cover letter, salary history and resume to
      ba@... or fax to the Human Resources Department at

      Only applicants selected for further consideration will be contacted.

      Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V  



      The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is seeking an experienced
      professional to serve as Safety Education Program Coordinator. Established
      in 1972, WABA promotes bicycling as a healthy and sustainable means of
      transportation through education and advocacy for better riding conditions
      in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

      This position is funded by a grant from the District of Columbia Department
      of Transportation which requires WABA, during the 2006-2008 school years, to
      expand its Street Smart for Kids Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education
      Program in District of Columbia elementary schools and at other venues. The
      program will utilize an established school curriculum that has been in use
      and refined by WABA over the past four years in the District of Columbia as
      well as in the state of Maryland.

      The core program is a week-long pedestrian and bicycle course in specific
      elementary schools. Kindergarten, first and second graders are taught
      pedestrian safety, while third, fourth, and fifth graders are taught bicycle
      safety. In addition to the core program, WABA delivers bicycle and
      pedestrian safety training at safety events through Boys and Girls Clubs, at
      Parks and Recreation camps, and at other festivals and events as requested.

      This position supports the Safety Education Program Manager by coordinating
      the Street Smart for Kids program in the District of Columbia and by
      assisting with additional bike and pedestrian safety programs in the
      District and in Maryland.

      * Schedule program delivery in schools and recreation centers
      * Teach program lessons to area youth
      * Promote and schedule the program at teacher professional development
      seminars and community meetings.
      * Report on the program’s progress area-wide as needed.
      * Help design and implement a method of evaluating success of the program.
      * Assist with other WABA programs and events as necessary

      This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position, though some evening and
      weekend hours will be required. Hours are flexible and some telecommuting
      will be acceptable. Salary is commensurate with experience. WABA is an equal
      opportunity employer based in the District of Columbia.

      Additional Qualifications:
      * Experience in coordinating and teaching a youth education program.
      * Familiarity with the Public School environment.
      * Ability to design and implement program with the help of Program Manager.
      * Strong writing and public speaking skills.
      * Experience with surveys and data collection.
      * The flexible attitude of a team player who wants to work with a dedicated
      and tight-knit staff.
      * Proficiency in cycling with some experience in basic bike maintenance a

      How to Apply:
      This position is open until filled, but applications received by August 15th
      2006, will take priority. To apply please send a cover letter, resume and
      two writing samples to safetyed@.... No phone calls please.



      The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) is a 5,800-member nonprofit
      advocacy organization working to promote bicycling for everyday
      transportation. We are seeking a talented, highly motivated individual to
      join our growing staff as an Operations Director.

      This full-time position reports directly to the Executive Director and works
      closely with a talented team of bicycle advocates on staff and with
      Coalition volunteers. Responsibilities will include managing our computer
      network and information systems; providing bookkeeping and payroll support,
      and purchasing; and communications support through the SFBC website and

      Additional Qualifications:
      The ideal candidate will have experience or demonstrated skills in the
      following areas:
      * Filemaker Pro database design and administration
      * Office systems management
      * Macintosh network management and backup
      * Strong 'hand-coding' HTML skills
      * Basic knowledge of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript
      * Excel and other MS Office applications
      * Photoshop/Illustrator skills
      * Strong communication skills
      * Creating, maintaining office systems
      * IT/hardware troubleshooting
      * Strong organization skills
      * Ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently

      The right person for this position will have strong written and oral
      communication skills. A passion for creating a better city and bicycling
      experience are also appreciated. Pay is commensurate with experience; full
      health and dental benefits, generous vacation and retirement plan are

      How to Apply:
      People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply. Send your resume
      and a letter of interest by Wednesday, July 5th to Leah Shahum, SFBC
      Executive Director, via email to leah@... with the subject line:
      Operations Director search.

      For more information about the SFBC, see http://www.sfbike.org



      Recycle-a-Bicycle (RAB) is an innovative youth training and environmental
      education initiative that has taken root both in New York City public
      schools and in respected after-school youth programs. The organization is a
      model social business venture that combines instruction in bicycle repair
      and small business management with promotion of recycling and bicycling as a
      non-polluting means of urban transportation. RAB operates successful bicycle
      shops specializing in the sale of refurbished bicycles in the East Village
      and DUMBO, Brooklyn, as well as a training/manufacturing center in Long
      Island City.

      The executive director is responsible for:
      * Setting the organization's strategic direction.
      * Development activities to sustain operations and support growth.
      * Financial management and oversight of senior staff (3 shop/project
      managers and specialized positions like communications, book-keeper).
      * Serving as the public face of the organization at community and project
      * Reporting to the organization's board of directors at quarterly meetings
      and on an as-needed basis.

      * Dedication to youth training & development
      * Belief in the bicycle as a vehicle for youth training & environmental
      * Experience managing a non-profit corporation
      * Fundraising experience
      * Bachelors degree

      This is a unique opportunity for a professional interested in integrating a
      social mission within a business environment.

      Only those candidates invited to interview will be notified. Thank you for
      your time and interest in becoming a part of Recycle-a-Bicycle, Inc.

      Please send your resume along with a cover letter describing your interest
      and salary requirements to hiring@....

      Please apply promptly, as applications will be considered as they are



      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm



      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm

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