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FT job - Oakland - Annie E. Casey Foundation/Making Connections Oakland - Project Manager

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    ... Annie E. Casey Foundation - Making Connections Oakland JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: WORKFORCE/FAMILY ECONOMIC SUCCESS PROJECT MANAGER Making Connections Oakland, an
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 08/03/2006 06:35 PM -----

      Annie E. Casey Foundation - Making Connections Oakland



      Making Connections Oakland, an initiative funded by the Annie E. Casey
      Foundation, believes that children do well when their families do well, and
      families do better when they live in supportive neighborhoods.  This premise
      is now driving a set of strategies under the Making Connections Initiative
      through which the Foundation is committing a significant amount of its grant
      making toward helping challenging neighborhoods become places where children
      and families can flourish.  This program is being conducted in 10 sites
      across the nation and contain a series of actions which include improving
      connecting families to economic opportunities, social networks, and trusted
      supports and services; building public will, supporting system reforms,
      promoting policies and community development activities, and strengthening
      and connecting organizations and disciplines that contribute to family


      The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been working to promote the well being of
      vulnerable children for over 50 years.  The Foundation was established in
      1948 by United Parcel Service founder Jim Casey and his siblings to honor
      their mother.  Efforts of the Foundation have evolved from its early work
      sponsoring a camp for disadvantaged children to later attempts to find more
      stable placements for children in foster care.  In the 1980s, the Foundation
      shifted its focus toward improving the effectiveness of institutions-from
      education to child welfare to juvenile justice.  Today the Foundation
      supports a diverse range of activities with a mission to build better
      futures for millions of American children at risk of poor educational,
      economic, social, and health outcomes.

      Making Connections Oakland (MCO) focuses on strengthening lives of families
      and children residing in the Lower San Antonio (LSA) neighborhood.
      Neighborhood results – through the San Antonio Neighborhood Network (SANN) –
      focus on economic opportunities, workforce development, affordable housing
      and mixed-use development, social networks, early childhood and school
      readiness, and health.  The Lower San Antonio is home to a diverse
      population including African Americans, Asians, and Latinos.  More than
      fifty percent of the population is foreign born and many residents struggle
      to gain viable employment without legal status.

      Making Connections Oakland hopes to increase and enhance workforce
      opportunities for Lower San Antonio residents.  MCO is working closely with
      partners on several program interventions to train and place LSA residents
      into sustainable employment opportunities.  Some of the program
      interventions include training residents in the medical, construction, and
      housecleaning fields.  MCO is also hoping to improve the local workforce
      system that helps prepare LSA residents for family-supporting jobs/careers.
      MCO also has secondary FES objectives such as asset development and physical

      Making Connections Oakland’s Family Economic Success 2006 targets are as

      §         100 newly employed LSA neighborhood residents;

      §         100 One-Stop jobs are enhanced with health benefits, higher wages,
      or longer retention rates;

      §          Of the 100 newly-employed residents, $39,073 average household

      §          Of the 100 newly-employed residents, 54% (or 54) will have health

      §         100 more households will have a savings account;

      §         1050 more Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) returns totaling
      $749,600 in refunds;

      §         50 more residents enrolled in food stamps; and

      §         Increased public investment in 23rd Avenue corridor and LSA.

      SUMMARY JOB DESCRIPTION: Project Manager
      The Workforce/Family Economic Success (FES) Project Manager (PM) guides and
      supports the LSA FES partners as they implement workforce/FES strategies and
      interventions.  This is a two-year position that aims to build neighborhood
      capacity for achieving FES results.  This position reports directly to the
      Site Director.


      ·        Work with SANN CBO partners, MCO staff, and resident leaders to
      ensure participation by LSA residents in available workforce programs,
      services, and supports;

      ·        Coordinate workforce/FES outreach efforts with other SANN
      workgroups and resident engagement efforts;

      ·        Convene CBO partners on common topics of interest, such as outreach
      and recruitment, health care workforce initiatives, and strategic

      ·        Trouble-shoot and provide resources and support to CBO workforce
      and FES initiatives.

      ·        Attend workgroup, committee, and Joint Committee meetings, may
      require evening meetings;

      ·        Represent MCO on local bodies and encourage partnerships and

      ·        Enhance relationships of CBO partners with variety of institutions
      including the Private Industry Council, Workforce Investment Board, City of
      Oakland, community college district, adult education program, public and
      private investors, regional employers, and others;

      ·        Facilitate new relationships between employers and CBO partners
      that leads to hiring of local residents, as requested by local CBO partners;

      ·        Identify, broker, provide and monitor needed technical assistance;

      ·        Conduct research on high-quality local jobs and potential career
      paths, as requested by local CBO partners;

      ·        Lead foundation site reporting for workforce and FES activities and
      establish standards and procedures for reporting and documentation to
      communicate to all stakeholders about the work;

      ·        Provide regular and timely updates that identify significant issues
      to the Site Director;

      ·        Ensure program accountability and performance by tracking program
      progress, reviewing reports prepared by workgroups, monitoring results
      against stated work plan deliverables, coordinating the modification of
      schedules and plans as needed, and working closely with our data partner,
      the Urban Strategies Council;

      ·        Confer with Site Director and Support Team to resolve problems in
      meeting deliverables; and

      ·        Perform other duties as assigned.


      The successful candidate will:

      ·        Specialized knowledge of workforce and family economic success
      interventions, best practices, and systems;

      ·        Knowledge about and experience with the local workforce and FES

      ·        Experience in designing, operating or investing in workforce

      ·        Experience working with the business community, sensitivity to the
      needs and priorities of private employers, and ability to relate effectively
      with employers, community partners and foundations;

      ·        Familiarity with data collection and workforce development outcomes
      like retention, advancement, and building partnerships around results, etc.;

      ·        Demonstrate the ability to understand, anticipate and meet project

      ·        Hold people and programs accountable for stated results with tact
      and diplomacy;

      ·        Support strategic planning through the preparation of work plans
      and project schedules;

      ·        Monitor and administer multiple projects;

      ·        Develop positive working relationships with the MCO and LSA
      organizations, consultants, partners, grantees, residents and other

      ·        Exercise strong performance management, negotiation, facilitation,
      mediation and validation skills;

      ·        Quickly develop a working knowledge of MCO jargon, goals,
      processes, strategies and targets;

      ·        Demonstrate excellent written, verbal communication and analytical

      ·        Display a working knowledge of computer applications, including
      word processing, financial management systems and project scheduling

      ·        Have excellent and timely interpersonal and communication skills;

      ·        Be responsive, flexible, easy to work with, and have the highest
      ethical standards.

      ·        Located in downtown Oakland with possible future office in

      ·        Occasional travel to Baltimore, MD and other locations;

      ·        Multiple projects going on simultaneously at multiple sites;

      ·        Project personnel working relatively independently of one another;

      ·        Community work entailing evening and weekend meetings and

      ·        Responding to principle funding and sponsor headquartered in
      Baltimore, MD;

      ·        Direct interaction with multicultural, multilingual,
      multigenerational community population of diverse socio-economic
      backgrounds; and

      ·        Interfacing with institutional, governmental, multi-jurisdictional


      The project manager will receive an annual salary commensurate with
      experience, and will be eligible for cost of living increases.  Medical,
      dental, vision, retirement, holidays and vacation benefits are included.

      TO APPLY:

      If interested, please send resume, cover letter and three references,
      preferably by email in a Microsoft Word file, to:

      Denisha Delane,


      Interested candidates should send their materials by August 11, 2006.
      Position open until filled.

      Making Connections Oakland encourages a diverse pool of candidates for this
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