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Job Announcement: Planning Manager, City of Vallejo

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  • dayana.salazar@sjsu.edu
    The Community The City of Vallejo is a rapidly changing, highly diverse community of approximately 120,000 residents located on Interstate 80 between the
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      The Community

      The City of Vallejo is a rapidly changing, highly diverse community of

      120,000 residents located on Interstate 80 between the cities of San
      Francisco and

      Sacramento. City Hall is strategically located between the historic
      downtown and the

      waterfront, and overlooks Mare Island. The conversion of the former
      naval shipyard

      to civilian use is an exciting project and provides significant economic

      opportunities to the City. Meanwhile, work continues across the Mare
      Island Strait

      on Vallejo's downtown and waterfront plans, which call for a multi-modal

      center and transit orientated residential and commercial development
      near the

      terminal for the City-operated ferry service which provides direct
      access to San Francisco.

      Vallejo has a delightful downtown area, which is home to beautiful

      and many historic buildings. A strong retail base continues to grow,
      with new developments

      under construction in the Northeast quadrant of the city, including a

      auto mall, retail and residential projects.

      The Organization

      The Planning Division is housed in the Development Services Department
      at the City

      of Vallejo. The Planning Divisions primary functions are advanced
      planning and current

      planning. Advanced Planning includes implementing the Vallejo General

      and the Zoning Ordinances and reviewing development proposals for

      with the California Environmental Quality Act. Current planning includes

      applications for various permits, enforcing Zoning Ordinances, historic

      and providing the public with information related to the development of
      projects. In

      addition, the Planning Department supports the Planning Commission and
      the Architectural

      Heritage and Landmarks Commission.

      The Position

      The position directs, manages, supervises, and coordinates the programs
      and activities

      of the Planning Division within the Development Services Department;

      assigned activities with other City departments, divisions, and outside

      and provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to
      the Development

      Services Director. This position reports to the Development Services

      and provides supervision to professional, technical, and clerical staff.
      The position

      assumes management responsibility for all services and activities of the

      Division including current and advanced planning activities.

      The Ideal Candidate

      The ideal candidate will share the city's vision of entrepreneurial
      leadership, innovative solutions to problems, collaboration and results.
      She/he will be knowledgeable in the areas of operational
      characteristics, services and activities of a comprehensive urban
      planning program including current and long-range planning;
      organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis and
      evaluation of programs, policies and operational needs; historic
      preservation and local historic districts; and advanced principles and
      practices of municipal budget preparation and administration. A
      qualified candidate will possess five years of increasingly responsible
      experience in professional municipal planning and a Bachelors degree
      from an accredited college or university with major course work in
      planning, public or business administration or a related field. A
      Master's degree in City Planning or a related field and/or AICP
      certification is desirable, but not mandatory.

      The Planning Manager will:

      * Manage and participate in the development and implementation of goals,
      objectives, policies, and priorities for assigned programs including
      current and advanced planning activities; recommend, within Departmental
      policy, appropriate service and staffing levels; recommend and
      administer policies and procedures.

      * Continuously monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of
      service delivery methods and procedures; assess and monitor work load,
      administrative and support systems, and internal reporting
      relationships; identify opportunities for improvement and review with
      the Development Services Director.

      * Select, train, motivate and evaluate Planning Division personnel;
      plan, direct, coordinate, and review the work plan for Planning
      Division; meet with staff to identify and resolve problems; assign work
      activities, projects and programs; monitor work flow; review and
      evaluate work products, methods and procedures.

      * Serve as the environmental coordinator for the City in compliance with
      the California Environmental Quality Act.

      * Oversee, direct and manage the maintenance and revision of the General
      Plan and the Zoning Ordinance.

      * Manage and participate in the development and administration of the
      Planning Division program annual budget; direct the forecast of
      additional funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and
      supplies; direct the monitoring of and approve expenditures; direct and
      implement adjustments as necessary, and other related

      duties as required.


      What We Offer:

      * $98,028 - $119,154 annual base salary (pending 7/1/06 COLA increase)

      * 2.7% @ 55 CalPERS Retirement Plan

      * Management Incentive Pay Equivalent to 120 Hours Base Pay

      * 10 Days of Vacation For First 4 Years

      * 11 Holiday, Plus 2 Floating Holidays

      * 12 Days Of Sick Leave

      * CalPERS Health Insurance Fully Paid For Employees and Eligible

      * City Paid Dental, Orthodontic, Vision, Life Insurance, And Long-Term
      Disability Insurance

      * Longevity Pay

      * 4 Deferred Compensation Plans Available

      * Employee Assistance Program

      * Credit Union Membership

      Application and Selection Process

      If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit a
      City of Vallejo employment application, your resume, and a cover letter.
      A City of Vallejo employment application can be obtained from the City
      of Vallejo website. Your application and/or resume should reflect
      positions you have held relevant to the current vacancy, the size of
      staff you have managed and should also indicate both months and years of
      beginning and ending dates of positions held.

      Forward your materials to:

      Hedy Dehghan

      CPS Human Resource Services

      241 Lathrop Way

      Sacramento, CA 95815

      (916) 263-3614 x 3078

      Fax: (916) 648-1211

      Email: hedy@...

      The recruitment deadline for this position is August 4, 2006. Following
      the recruitment deadline, applications and resumes will be screened in
      relation to the criteria outlined in this brochure. Candidates who best
      fit the profile will be invited to participate in an oral interview with
      the City of Vallejo, currently scheduled for August 23. The City expects
      to make an appointment in September.

      Stacy James

      Personnel Management Consultant

      CPS Human Resource Services

      241 Lathrop Way

      Sacramento, CA 95815

      Office: (916) 263-3614 ext. 3114

      FAX:   (916) 561-1822

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      I will be pleased to post the job announcement for Vallejo at our
      department's listserv, but I can only post it in plain text. May I ask
      you to please send me the announcement either in MS Word, plain text, or
      as a email text?

      Many thanks,

      Dayana Salazar
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      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
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      Employment Opportunity

      Good Morning,

      CPS Human Resource Services has been retained by the City of Vallejo to
      conduct a recruitment for a Planning Manager.  Enclosed, you will find a
      brochure highlighting the City of Vallejo, the Development Services
      Division, the position, salary, and benefits as well as a City of
      Vallejo employment application.

      If you know of someone that would be interested in this exciting and
      challenging position, please forward this e-mail to them.  To be
      considered for the position, a candidate should submit a cover letter,
      resume, and City of Vallejo employment application to:

      Hedy Dehghan

      CPS Human Resource Services

      241 Lathrop Way

      Sacramento, CA 95815

      Fax: 916-648-1211

      Email: hedy@...

      If you have any questions regarding this recruitment, please feel free
      to contact Hedy at 916-263-3614, ext. 3078.

      Thank you for your assistance!

      Stacy James

      CPS Human Resource Services

      241 Lathrop Way

      Sacramento, CA 95815

      Fax: 916-263-3614

      Email: smichel-james@...

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