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Planning Report Photographs Were Well Received

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  • frankandjoy
    Hi All, My planning report photographs were well received at the Stockton Art Walk. Over one hundred people viewed and discussed them. As part of my exhibit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2006
      Hi All,

      My planning report photographs were well received at the Stockton Art Walk. Over one hundred people viewed and discussed them. As part of my exhibit I prepared and distributed a list of suggested improvements for the arts, history and culture in downtown revitalization to seventy-five people.

      I have been asked to exhibit this collection of photographs at a fundraiser for a Stockton city councilwoman in September. Hopefully improvement programs based on my suggestions will follow in the future.

      Below is the handout I distributed at the Art Walk. The suggestions come from successful programs I researched for my planning report. I hope they will be of help.

      Bye for now,

      Joy Neas

      Why Not Now?
      Why Not Stockton?
      I selected this collection of photographs from my planning report in order to respond to specific needs found in the City of Stockton. These images show the wide range of solutions available to city leaders and the residents they serve. What is your vision for the City of Stockton? Let city staff and support agencies like the Downtown Alliance know what is on your mind. Volunteer to help turn your dreams into reality. The possibilities are limitless.
      Salvage – Ask the City of Stockton to work with Habitat For Humanity to start a vigorous public salvage resale program in order to share historic resources and raise money for historic preservation and low-income housing.
      Façade Improvement – Ask the Stockton Arts Commission to start a mural façade program to beautify existing structures to bring interest to the community and community events.
      Public Space Program – Ask the Stockton Arts Commission to work with artists to fill vacant storefronts with art and increase art programming in public spaces.
      Greyhound Community Reflections Mural Program – Ask Greyhound to work with area artists to install a mural in the Stockton station.
      Freeway Sound Walls – Ask for a mandatory 1% public art policy in the City of Stockton based on the San Francisco and San Diego public art models to be used for capital improvement projects (such as freeway sound walls and public seating) and art enhancement projects where needed.
      La Placita Village – Ask the City of Stockton to staff a Visitor’s Center to promote the city (Introduce sidewalk art that leads somewhere like Tucson’s geckos or San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Trail).
      Fox Theatre – Ask the Friends of the Fox to collect stories from Stocktonians about their experiences at the Fox through the years and publish them to support more low admission events for the public.
      Arts Districts – Ask the City of Stockton to make downtown an historic arts district with increased space for art and performance offerings.
      Fiberglass Objects For Auction – Ask the Stockton Arts Commission to sponsor a fiberglass object exhibit and auction (consider fiberglass asparagus bunches exhibited during the asparagus festival season).
      Transit Mall – Ask the San Joaquin Regional Transit District to introduce public art into its new transit center for maximum appeal and benefit.
      Zellweger Mansion – In Tucson, the Historic Zellweger Mansion was valued enough to be made available to the public for weddings and special events (Move the Grohman House, currently on the lot next to the Podesto Teen Center, to the lot by the historic Philomathean/ use the Grohman House for weddings or other events that generate income for its preservation).
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