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      Subject: Job opportunities - Please share with your students

      Dear all -

      The University of Oregon's RARE program, a field based service learning
      program focused on giving graduate-level students invaluable experience
      in the community building field, is now accepting applications for 06-07
      placements. Below, you will see just sampling of the positions that RARE
      participants will hold next year and we think your students may be
      interested in applying. Our June 16th deadline is quickly approaching!

      RARE participants live and work for 11 months in Oregon's rural
      communities and gain professional experience while providing technical
      assistance to small communities. Participants receive a living stipend,
      health insurance, graduate school credits, and are eligible for an
      additional $5,000 education award. The may also be eligible for in state
      tuition at Oregon's schools if they are considering graduate school.

      For more information about RARE, please see our website at:

      Thank you for passing this along.

      ***The position descriptions below describe potential positions for the
      RARE program in 2006-2007. Final positions have not yet been determined
      and will be dependent on fund availability***

      Small City Planning Positions

      #1 City of The Dalles, The Dalles, Oregon
      Supervisor: Dan Durow (Community Development/Planning Dept. Director) The
      RARE participant with The City of the Dalles will manage a project
      to develop and implement several critical city ordinances, including a
      public improvements ordinance, a developer’s ordinance, and a systems
      development charge ordinance. Time permitting, the participant may also
      lead an effort to revise the City’s sign ordinance. The Dalles is
      currently facing a period of significant growth and these ordinances
      will help provide the framework for planned growth and development. The
      participant will also use GIS to track data needed to implement the
      ordinances. The RARE participant will gain significant experience in
      project management while coordinating projects with multiple municipal
      agencies. He/She will use GIS skills in a planning context and will gain
      experience interacting with both the public and with city officials.

      #2 City of Independence and Monmouth, Monmouth, Oregon
      Supervisor(s): Greg Ellis (Independence City Manager) and Jim Hough
      (Monmouth City Manager).
      This placement is shared between the neighboring cities of Monmouth and
      Independence and the participant will work closely with the City
      Managers of both cities. Half of the participant’s time will be spent
      assisting with the coordination of economic development enhancement
      activities ongoing in the City of Independence, including the
      development of a business incubator. The remaining 50% of the
      participant’s time will be spent directly assisting the Monmouth City
      Community Development Director by providing daily planning services to
      the community. The position provides significant experience in economic
      development and land use in two small cities.

      #3 City of Pendleton Urban Renewal Agency, Pendleton, Oregon
      Supervisor: Larry Lehman (City Manager)
      In Pendleton, the RARE participant will work with the Urban Renewal
      Agency and the City Manager to coordinate a façade restoration granting
      program. The participant will also review and update Pendleton’s sign
      ordinance, will manage a sidewalk rehabilitation program, and will
      assist the City’s planning department in updating its existing database
      and information tracking systems. This position will provide the
      participant with significant experience in project management, including
      project design and implementation, as well as exposure to both long and
      short range planning activities.

      #4 City of Winston, Winston, Oregon
      Supervisor: David Van Dermark (City Manager)
      The RARE participant in Winston will work on several projects designed
      to help this small city address its rapid development issues. Projects
      include a traffic apportionment project, the construction of a
      bike/pedestrian pathway, updates to the city’s flood plain ordinance,
      and the modernization of the city’s planning record keeping processes.
      The participant in this position will gain significant insight into
      planning and development issues faced in small rural cities. The
      participant will develop skills in city planning, project management and
      coordination, in systems development, and in communication.

      #5 Department of Land Conservation and Development, Salem, Oregon
      Supervisor: Becky Steckler, Statewide Land Use Review Project Manager In
      2005, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 82 which established
      the Oregon Task Force on Land Use Planning. The Task Force is charged
      with a comprehensive review of Oregon’s land use planning program and
      draft recommendations for the 2009 Legislative Assembly. The RARE
      participant would work closely with the project manager to conduct
      research and outreach to stakeholders and the public on issues related
      to the 30-year review of Oregon’s planning program. The participant will
      gain an invaluable understanding of Oregon’s land use planning system as
      well as a statewide perspective of how planning effects citizens. He/She
      will gain skills in communication, facilitation, and public outreach.

      #6 League of Oregon Cities, Salem, Oregon
      Supervisor: Jennie Messmer, Member Services Director
      The RARE participant with the League will focus on 3 main projects.
      He/She will coordinate the Small Cities Support Network and provide
      technical assistance and networking support to cities of 5,000 people or
      less across the state. Secondly, the participant will create and manage
      a Statewide Intern Placement Database to match internship interest with
      community needs. And finally, the participant will assist in the
      development and delivery of the Oregon Local Leadership Institute, a
      training program from City and County officials. The RARE participant in
      this position will gain a tremendous understanding of how small cities
      function and experience in organizing and managing meetings and in
      providing technical assistance and professional support.

      Economic Development Positions

      #7 City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Oregon
      Supervisor: L. Scott Clay (Planner, Historic Preservation Officer) The RARE
      participant in Jacksonville will: work with the Historic
      Preservation Planner to administer a historic preservation fund program;
      create a Master Improvement Plan to document proposed improvements in
      Jacksonville’s core; and will spearhead economic development and renewal
      efforts while updating and then implementing the economic development
      elements in Jacksonville’s Comprehensive Plan. The participant will gain
      a deepened understanding of historic preservation planning and economic
      development in a historic district.

      #8 City of Veneta, Economic Development,Veneta, Oregon
      Supervisor: Ric Ingham (City Administrator)
      The participant will work with the City Administrator and an Economic
      Development Committee to development an enterprise development system
      which will build and grow local small businesses through education and
      other forms of assistance. The goal of the project will be to strengthen
      local entrepreneurs and businesses while working to promote economic
      development in Veneta’s downtown core. The RARE participant will gain
      skills in economic development, in providing entrepreneurial technical
      assistance, in working with city committees, and with project management.

      #9 Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, The Dalles, Oregon
      Supervisor: Lee Curtis (Director)
      The RARE participant with MCEDD will work on several projects, all
      designed to support economic development in the five Mid-Columbia county
      region. The first project will involve providing organizational support,
      including meeting facilitation, grant-writing, volunteer support, and
      website creation, to a variety of industry cluster groups currently
      working on economic development efforts. The participant will also
      complete the annual update of MCEDD’s Comprehensive Economic Development
      Strategy. This RARE placement will provide experience in the field of
      economic development, in working with government agencies and processes,
      and in communication, facilitation, and management.

      #10 The Rogue Initiative for a Vital Economy (THRIVE), Ashland, Oregon
      Supervisor: Wendy Siporen, Director
      In this position, the RARE participant will be working on several food
      security projects including: organizing an annual Food Connection
      conference and bi-monthly workshops for farmers, restaurants, and
      specialty food producers; working to expand an existing buy local foods
      campaign; assisting in the development of a farm incubator project; and
      coordinating an effort to sustain the open-air Rogue Valley Growers and
      Crafters Market. The RARE participant will gain skills in project
      management, event organization, in business development and marketing,
      in food security issues, and in working with a wide array of stakeholders.

      #11, 12, 13 Connecting Oregon for Rural Entrepreneurship (CORE) Economic
      Development Positions, Enterprise, Lakeview, and Roseburg Oregon.
      Supervisors: Lisa Dawson (Exec. Director, Northeast Oregon Econ. Dev.
      Dist., Enterprise), Debbie Utley (Economic Development Dir., Lake
      County, Lakeview), and Tracy Cleverdon (Prog. Manager, Umpqua CDC, Roseburg)
      There will be three CORE positions this year, in Enterprise, Lakeview,
      and Roseburg, Oregon. While each position description will vary based on
      the needs of the specific communities, all CORE positions will share a
      focus on creating and sustaining entrepreneurship development systems in
      economically distressed target areas. Participants will work with a
      local Advisory Board to support the implementation of a regional action
      plan and to host appropriate trainings on entrepreneurship. While local
      leaders and entrepreneurs will spearhead CORE’s regional efforts, a CORE
      Statewide Advisory Board will bring together diverse lessons learned to
      ultimately, impact statewide policy change. Participants in these
      positions will gain skills in economic development principles and
      entrepreneurship, in facilitation, in coordination, in planning, in
      conducting needs assessments, and in working with diverse community

      Natural Resource Management Positions

      #14 City of Veneta, Parks Department, Veneta, Oregon
      Supervisor: Ric Ingham (City Administrator)
      The RARE participant with the Parks Department will help create and
      implement numerous projects in support of increased citizen awareness
      around protecting and enjoying Veneta’s abundant natural resources. The
      participant will spearhead a bike/pedestrian trail planning process, a
      community wide plastics recycling program, and a citizen volunteer
      program to engage the public in parks projects. The RARE participant
      will gain significant experience in working with the public and with
      volunteers, with project management, ecotourism, and with community
      recycling programs.

      #15 Columbia County, St. Helens, Oregon
      Supervisor: David Hill (Parks Department)
      The participant in Columbia County will work with the Parks Department
      and a Parks Commission to complete and refine a Parks Master Plan.
      He/She will also develop a marketing and implementation strategy to
      bring the master plan from theory to conception. Finally, the
      participant will research grant opportunities to support and sustain
      implementation activities. The participant in this position will gain
      significant skills in long-range planning, in working with the public,
      in marketing, in grant-writing, and in working in County government.

      #16 Columbia Gorge Earth Center, Hood River, Oregon
      Supervisor, David Skakel (Director)
      The RARE participant in Hood River will work with the Earth Center to
      launch several projects related to food systems and food security in the
      Columbia River Gorge. Projects will include: working with the local
      growers’ association, community members and businesses to launch a local
      farmers’ market; spearheading a “Farmers Resource Network” to connect
      farm resources to local food needs while organizing farmer learning
      workshops; coordinating a school-to-farm program to involve local
      schools in farm visits and gardening; and managing a Gorge Grown Food
      Network Website.

      #17 Lane Council of Governments, Eugene, Oregon
      Supervisor: Denise Kalakay
      The RARE participant working with the Council would work on several
      projects including: assisting with drinking water source protection
      program data collection and analysis activities; public outreach efforts
      in eight small cities to engage the public in discussions around water
      quality; and the coordination of a project to draft the Southern
      Willamette Valley Groundwater, Land Use, and Planning Technical Report.
      The RARE participant in this position will gain field skills in data
      collection, analysis, and the use of GIS in a planning context. He/She
      will also develop skills in facilitation, outreach, coordination, and
      technical writing.

      #18 South Santiam Watershed Council, Sweet Home, Oregon
      Supervisor: Eric Harstein
      The RARE participant placed with the watershed council will complete a
      Fish Passage Barrier and Inventory and Prioritization process. In
      managing this project, the participant will: coordinate information from
      numerous local state and federal agencies; will provide outreach to
      private landowners; will recruit and train volunteers to do field data
      collection; will coordinate and manage field surveys; and will produce
      maps and a database. The participant will gain significant experience in
      project and natural resource management, field data collection, public
      outreach, working with volunteers, and with coordinating a project
      involving diverse stakeholders.

      #19 Umatilla County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD),
      Pendleton, Oregon
      Supervisor: Jaime Clarke (Watershed Technical Specialist)
      The RARE participant with the Umatilla SWCD will work on two projects
      related to ground water and water quality. The first project will
      involve spearheading a county-wide interactive educational effort to
      increase the public’s knowledge about groundwater quality and quantity
      in the Umatilla Basin. As a second project, the RARE participant will
      administer 3 action plan surveys to various constituency groups to
      determine the public’s understanding of water quality concerns to human
      health and the environment. Through this placement, the participant will
      gain public outreach and presentation skills, skills in communication
      and technical writing, skills in survey development and data analysis,
      and in working with a broad array of stakeholders on sensitive
      environmental health issues.

      Social Services Positions

      #20 Columbia Learning Center, St. Helen’s, Oregon
      Supervisor: Marion Christensen
      The RARE participant working with the Learning Center will contribute to
      the center’s programming and long term sustainability. He/She will: help
      facilitate training and community dialogue sessions as part of the
      Wisdom Council Program; organize an annual “Black Tie and Blue Jeans”
      community fundraising event; and oversee the center’s community
      technology programs. The participant would gain significant skills in
      event coordination, non-profit management, facilitation, working with
      the public, and working closely with a Board.

      Regional Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning Positions

      #21, 22, 23 Southeast Positions in Lake, Malheur, and Harney Counties
      and Northeast Positions in Wallowa County
      Supervisor(s): TBD
      In these regional placements, RARE participants will lead efforts to
      complete natural hazards mitigation plans for all four counties. In each
      county, a participant will design a planning process, solicit
      appropriate community involvement, conduct a hazards risk assessment,
      and take the lead in designing a hazard mitigation strategy for the
      County. The participant will see the project through to the plan
      approval and adoption step. The participant will gain significant
      experience in natural hazards planning, in facilitation and community
      involvement processes, in conflict resolution and consensus gathering,
      and in coordinating a project across various levels of government.

      Keavy Cook
      RARE Field Coordinator
      Community Service Center
      1209 University of Oregon
      Eugene, OR 97403
      (541) 346-2879
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