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FW: Summer Internship Coast Guard Oakland CA

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  • Elisa Harvie
    ... From: Justin.W.Gray@uscg.mil [mailto:Justin.W.Gray@uscg.mil] Sent: Friday, April 28, 2006 11:27 AM To: urbplan@email.sjsu.edu Subject: Summer Internship
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      From: Justin.W.Gray@... [mailto:Justin.W.Gray@...]
      Sent: Friday, April 28, 2006 11:27 AM
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      Subject: Summer Internship Coast Guard Oakland CA

      The Coast Guard Civil Engineering and Planning Division has a summer
      internship opportunity that may be of interest to planning, public policy or
      engineering students who are from the San Francisco Bay Area or would like
      to work in the San Francisco Bay Area for the summer.

      We have a summer internship in the civil engineering division of our office
      that could be of interest to either undergraduate of graduate students. Our
      office is located in the federal building in downtown
      Oakland, next to a mass transit station. The personnel office decides
      which wage grade level the applicant qualifies for, but the pay would be
      roughly $19 an hour and transit benefits can also be available.

      The work would be assisting the staff of planners, environmental
      specialists, and engineers in planning, and construction proposals and
      projects. AutoCAD and GIS experience and interest would be a plus.

      Dates of employment would be approximately May 15th to September 30th, but
      start and departure dates are negotiable.

      The OF612 form attached is optional, but it is the simplest way to make sure
      you cover everything that our personnel office requires The description of
      the job and how to apply is attached, the deadline to fax in an application
      and resume is next Friday May 5th, 2006

      I can be contacted if there are any questions about the position or
      application procedures,

      Justin Gray
      Thirteenth District Planner, USCG
      Civil Engineering Division
      Maintenance & Logistics Command Pacific
      1301 Clay Street, Suite 700 North
      Oakland, CA, 94612-5203
      Phone: (510) 637-5537
      Fax: (510) 637-5513
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