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Solar Home Tours (fwd)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    For those of you interested in environmental planning issues.... ... Dear Solar Enthusiast, I am pleased to inform you of a spate of legislative victories for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2002

      For those of you interested in environmental planning issues....

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      Dear Solar Enthusiast,

      I am pleased to inform you of a spate of legislative victories for solar
      energy in California thanks, in no small part, to your tremendous response.
      All the legislation we have been tracking over the last few weeks has passed
      and now awaits the Governor's signature.

      Now it's time to support solar in your neighborhood by attending the annual
      Solar Home Tour coming up October 5th. This year's NCSEA solar home tour
      includes homes in Arcata, Davis, East Bay, Marin and Silicon Valley.

      Register before September 30th, and NCSEA members can buy a ticket admitting
      up to five people for as little as $5 ($10 for non-members, but a special
      first-year membership is available for only $20). And this year signup is
      even easier as we have added the ability for you to signup online using a
      major credit card.

      Even if you don't live in these cities, a list of tours in other areas of
      northern California is available on our website.

      Each tour features 4 to 8 homes that are probably not too different from the
      one you live in. However, some of them are making enough energy from the sun
      to literally spin their electric meters backward. There's never been a
      better time to add solar because right now solar is on sale with the State
      of California's hefty rebates. Join one of our tours and we will tell you
      all about it.

      As you know, there is more to solar energy than making electricity. Some
      homes will feature passive solar designs and solar hot water, and the East
      Bay tour will showcase straw bale, cob, and rammed earth walls. Some homes
      will display solar cookers, electric cars, wind power, and hydrogen fuel

      For complete details on the five NCSEA-sponsored tours, or to learn about
      other tours, or to sign up online or by mail, visit



      October 5, 2002 (Various Bay Area and northern California locations)

      This year's tour will take place on October 5, 2002, and we need volunteers
      to help.  Tours will be in Arcata, Davis, East Bay, Marin, and Silicon
      Valley.  Even if you have no experience with solar energy there are plenty
      of ways to assist us.  If you are a solar expert, there are docent positions
      available to help with the home tours.  Mostly we need people with a sunny
      disposition.  If you'd like to help on October 5th for all or part of the
      day, fill out our online form at:


      Even though you are receiving this electronic newsletter you may not be a
      member of NCSEA.  And right now if you sign up for the 2002 Solar Home Tour
      you can get admission to the tour AND a first year membership for only $25.
      That's $5 less than a membership alone.  For complete details go to:



      We want to hear from you.  Send your thoughts, interests, concerns to us at:

      Thank you for your continued support and interest in a clean, safe,
      abundant, and renewable energy future for California.


      Yours in solar,

      Elaine Hebert, President
      Northern California Solar Energy Association

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