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***CEQA Workshop*** Berkeley 9-28-02 (fwd)

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      A public participation workshop series in communities throughout California

      The Planning and Conservation League Foundation is offering an introductory
      workshop in the fundamentals of the California Environmental Quality Act.
      All participants will receive a copy of the Citizens Guide to the California
      Environmental Quality Act (a layperson's guide to California's premier
      environmental protection law).

      This workshop is being co-sponsored by Urban Roots and Friends of the Gill Tract.
      Thanks also to the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter for its help in
      finding a site for the workshop and for help in publicizing it!

      DATE: Saturday, September 28, 2002

      TIME: 10 am-3 pm

      LOCATION: Gaia Building, 7th floor, 2116 Allston Way, Berkeley (See directions below.)

      INSTRUCTOR: J. William Yeates, Attorney-at-Law, specialist in environmental law

      COST: $25.00, includes lunch, CEQA Guide and other course materials. Sign
      up deadline is Wednesday September 25th. Advance registration is required
      to reserve lunch. Cost is $15 if you would prefer to bring your own lunch.
      A sliding scale is available for those groups who cannot afford the
      registration fee. Please call (916) 313-4520 for assistance.


      I. Overview
      A. California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") provides opportunity for
      the public to participate fully in decisions that will affect a community's
      quality of life
          1. Within a land use context (i.e. planning and zoning, project development)
          2. Other important land use/environmental planning/permitting processes
      B. How does CEQA fit in with existing laws and regulations?
      C. How does CEQA assist public decision-makers?

      II. How to make CEQA work for you!
      A. "CEQA – What's in it for you?"
          1. What tools does CEQA give the public agency and public agency decision-maker?
      B. How to make sense of the public process and still have time for family
      and friends.
          1. What is an initial study? Why should you care to know what's in one?
          2. What's a negative declaration? A mitigated negative declaration? A
      recirculated programmatic mitigated negative declaration based on a prior
      program EIR? (Or, how to get through an EIR process without losing your
          3. So, you just received, or prepared, a notice of preparation. Is this good or bad?
          4. The D-E-I-R (Draft EIR)
      C. Judicial Review
          1. Abuse of Discretion
      III. Open Forum: What works and what doesn't. Shared experiences within the
         public process. Stump Bill Yeates!

      About PCL and the PCL Foundation

      The Planning and Conservation League is a nonprofit, statewide alliance of
      nearly 10,000 citizens and more than 120 conservation organizations united
      to protect wildlife and restore the quality of California's environment
      through legislative and administrative action. The PCL Foundation, PCL's
      sister organization, works to protect the threatened California environment
      through research and public education.

      PCLF has published public policy reports that have been cited extensively by
      decision-makers, numerous Citizens Guides, and a full-length book,
      California's Threatened Environment. PCLF also publishes its award-winning
      bimonthly newsletter, California Today, and hosts an annual environmental
      issues symposium for California environmentalists and policy makers.

      The PCL Foundation's CEQA workshop series is intended to present useful
      information about California's key environmental and planning laws, and to
      serve as how-to CEQA and land use planning sessions to empower local groups,
      encourage participation, and foster a broader coalition of citizen
      activists. Please send us an e-mail to mdelavergne@... if the September
      28 workshop does not fit into your schedule; we can notify you when future
      workshops are planned.

      Please visit our website at http://www.pcl.org for additional information
      about PCL and the PCL Foundation, to learn more about our current projects,
      and to find out how you can help protect California's environment.

      Berkeley CEQA Workshop Location Information

      Where: Gaia Building, 7th floor, 2116 Allston Street, Berkeley 94704
      Directions: BART: go to the Berkeley BART station, and take the Allston Way
      exit. Get out at the Allston Street Exit, cross Shattuck and walk up
      Allston ½ block. Allston is between Shattuck & Oxford
      By car: From Interstate 80, take the University Avenue exit and follow
      University east to Shattuck. Turn right onto Shattuck and left onto
      Allston. The Gaia Building will be on your right.The next street you come
      to will be Oxford. Park in the Oxford Lot, which is on Oxford Street. The
      lot is next to the Gaia Building. Oxford runs parallel to Shattuck.

      Berkeley CEQA Workshop Registration Information

      To reserve your place, please fill out and return the attached registration
      slip (Must arrive by Wednesday, September 25). You may also phone in your
      registration if you would like to pay by credit card. Please call Marc de
      la Vergne at (916) 313-4520 by September 25. We cannot guarantee meals or
      course materials for late registrants or walk-ins. YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER
      ON-LINE AT http://www.pclprograms.org/Landuse/index.html. Click on the
      workshops button.

      Please cut and mail this bottom portion to the address below. You can also

      register on-line at:

      http://www.pclprograms.org/Landuse/index.html. Click on the workshops button.

      Berkeley CEQA Workshop Registration Slip




      Please pay by (circle one): Check, Visa, MasterCard

      Registration Fee: $25 with lunch and course materials. If paying by check,
      please make your check payable to PCL Foundation and mail to:

      PCL Foundation
      Sacramento CEQA Workshop
      926 J Street, Suite 612
      Sacramento, CA 95814

      Credit Card Number:__________________________Expiration Date:____________

      Vegetarian Meal Requested

      Non-Vegetarian Meal Requested

      I'd prefer the $15 option that includes course materials only. I do not
      want my lunch provided.

      All are welcome. Please pass this flyer along to anyone you feel might be
      interested in attending. Thank you. We hope to see you September 28 in

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