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      TFN Employment Connections: March 2, 2006

      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections

      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections.  It is a
      periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people with the
      right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation field.  TO SUBMIT

      Positions included in this issue:

      *VDOT is seeking a new Commissioner!
      *Multiple positions, FTA (Washington, DC)
      *Multiple positions, WSDOT (Washington State)
      *Transportation Planners, MWCOG DOT (Washington, DC)
      *Transportation Advocate, MASSPIRG (Boston, MA)
      *Director, Scenic Conservation Services, Scenic America (Washington, DC)
      *Executive Director, Centre for Sustainable Transportation (Winnipeg, MN,
      *Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator, Maryland Highway Safety Office
      (Hanover, MD)
      *Director of Planning, Town of Brookhaven (Brookhaven, NY)
      *Associate Director, Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable
      Communities (Coral Gables, FL)
      *Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Urbanism, Mithun (Seattle, WA)
      *Public Affairs Associate – Grassroots Communications, NAR (Washington, DC)
      *Director of Finance, EESI (Washington, DC)
      *Conservation Policy Assistant, Defenders of Wildlife (Washington, DC)



      RICHMOND - Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced that the recruiting
      firm Korn/Ferry International of Washington D.C. has been selected to
      conduct a nationwide search for a transportation leader to serve as
      commissioner of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

      Korn/Ferry International is expected to take 45 days to search for an
      initial field of candidates, who will be interviewed by Governor Kaine, the
      Secretary of Transportation, and a bipartisan recruitment team, including
      the leadership of the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. The final
      selection of a VDOT commissioner is expected this spring.

      "We are launching a nationwide search for a transportation professional who
      will continue our significant VDOT reforms, and oversee a new era in the way
      we develop and improve Virginia’s transportation network," said Governor
      Kaine. "This search will be done in a professional and bipartisan manner to
      make sure we get the very best person for the job – a commissioner who can
      serve multiple governors.”

      VDOT delivered 82 percent of its construction contracts on time and 88
      percent within budget through the first half of  fiscal year 2006 (July 1,
      2005 - Dec. 31, 2005), demonstrating continued improvement compared to last
      year's numbers.

      Korn/Ferry International facilitated the recruitment of former Commissioner
      Philip A. Shucet in 2002, who oversaw the implementation of significant
      business reforms within the agency before returning to the private sector in
      July 2005 after three years at the helm of VDOT. Since that time, Gregory A.
      Whirley, a Certified Public Accountant, 17-year VDOT veteran and the
      agency’s Inspector General, has served as Interim Commissioner.

      The VDOT commissioner will be responsible for continuing ongoing business
      reforms while accelerating additional modernization of the agency, in
      addition to implementing Governor Kaine’s goal of better integration of
      transportation planning and local and regional land use.  The commissioner
      will supervise the agency’s 9,100 full-time employees.



      Visit http://www.fta.dot.gov/about/employment/5775_ENG_HTML.htm



      Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/employment/jobs.htm



      The Department of Transportation Planning at COG is seeking applications for
      five positions: three Transportation Planners (I to III), a survey analyst
      and a Transportation Engineer I. The Department provides staff support to
      the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, the Metropolitan
      Planning Organization (MPO) for the Washington D.C. region. These positions
      involve working with local and state transportation agencies in Northern
      Virginia, Suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia.

      Depending upon the candidate’s interests and skills, she/he may:
      * Conduct analysis of the long-range plan;
      * Develop newsletters, reports, web site materials and presentations;
      * Assist in public outreach efforts;
      * Support public advisory committees;  and/or
      * Research transportation issues important to low-income communities,
      minority communities and people with disabilities.

      Qualifications vary by position, but in general requires:(1) knowledge of
      practices of transportation planning; (2) writing, presentation and/or
      analytical skills; and (3) familiarity with Microsoft Office; some positions
      require experience with GIS, travel demand modeling and statistical analysis
      packages. Master’s Degree in transportation, environmental or natural
      science, public administration or policy or an appropriate related field is
      preferred. Any equivalent combination of experience and training which
      provides the required knowledge, analytical and writing skills, and
      abilities will be considered.

      Transportation Planner I / II ($36, 512 to $51,208)
      Transportation Planner II/ III ($40,164 to $56,326)

      For more information: www.mwcog.org
      (202) 962 -3200 (202) 962-3213 TDD



      With the Big Dig winding down, where do we go from here?

      Transportation in Massachusetts should be convenient, environmentally
      sustainable, and friendly to our communities.  If you'd like a career
      working to make transportation work in ways that are less centered on how to
      move cars around and more focused on how to move Massachusetts forward, read

      The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) is looking to
      hire an Environmental Lobbyist who will focus on transportation policy in
      Massachusetts, especially in the areas of public transportation and more
      sustainable vehicles.

      MASSPIRG has 50,000 citizen members, 23 college chapters, a staff of
      organizers and issue advocates, and a national lobbying office in
      Washington, D.C. to cover federal issues. With a 30-plus year history,
      MASSPIRG is well known for protecting the environment, fighting for
      consumers and making government and business more accountable from Cape Cod
      to the Berkshires.

      Job Description
      The Transportation Advocate with MASSPIRG will develop campaigns to make a
      difference on pressing issues such as: improving public transportation by
      watch-dogging the MBTA, getting automakers to use existing and new
      technology to clean up cars, and promoting public policy that encourages
      smart transportation planning and smart growth. We seek a talented
      individual who will bring creative ideas and gumption to the transportation
      challenges that face Massachusetts.

      On a day-to-day basis, the Transportation Advocate will do the following:
      * Advocacy: Bring problems and solutions to the attention of
      decision-makers-including state legislators, the Executive agencies, transit
      agency staff and local officials.
      * Campaign Strategy: Create a plan to win on our transportation campaigns;
      strategize to gain political support for our agenda through
      coalition-building, grassroots organizing, media publicity, endorsements and
      message development.
      * Media Outreach: Serve as the public spokesperson for our transportation
      campaigns -through media events, press releases, editorial board meetings
      and other PR tactics.
      * Fundraising: Write grant proposals, impress foundations to support our
      work, and meet with large donors, all to bring more resources to our efforts
      to improve transportation in Massachusetts.

      Passion. Persistence. We're looking for a goal-driven and results-oriented
      individual who is committed to the public interest, someone with leadership
      skills and initiative, and the verbal and written skills necessary to make
      the case that convenient, efficient and sustainable transportation must be a
      top priority. Candidates should have 3 to 8 years of relevant professional
      experience, post-college, including (but not limited to) work in political,
      policy, legal, journalistic or government settings.

      Salary and Benefits
      Salary for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional
      experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. A competitive
      benefits package includes health care coverage, educational loan assistance,
      a retirement plan, and paid vacation and sick days. Opportunities for
      advancement, travel, and additional training are available.

      To Apply
      Send a cover letter and resume to careers@... and frank@... to



      Scenic America is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated solely
      to preserving and enhancing the scenic character of America’s communities
      and countryside. Through national advocacy efforts and technical assistance
      services, local and national projects, and the support of its state
      affiliates, Scenic America fights to reduce billboard blight and visual
      pollution; preserve the scenic character of the nation’s highways and
      byways; promote context-sensitive highway solutions; ensure the mitigation
      of the visual impact of cell phone towers and other intrusions in the
      landscape; and promote scenic easements and other strategies to protect open
      space and preserve irreplaceable scenic resources.
      Among its many achievements, Scenic America has been instrumental in the
      founding of the National Scenic Byways program, was influential in
      establishing the core principles underpinning the concept of
      context-sensitive transportation solutions, and has been an active advocate
      for strengthening the role of scenic conservation in federal transportation
      legislation. This position will continue that tradition by providing both
      policy leadership and direct scenic conservation services. It requires
      senior-level expertise and experience, a strong collaborative outlook, a
      desire to build new organizational capacity from the ground up, and a strong
      self-starter mentality.

      * Responsible for organizing and conducting three scenic conservation
      workshops on national scenic byways in both 2006 and 2007, in conjunction
      with, and under contract to, the America’s Byways Resource Center.
      * Provide advice and counsel to national and state scenic byway leaders
      about scenic conservation issues on an as-needed basis.
      * Coordinate Scenic America’s relationship with the Project for Public
      Spaces and explore and implement joint corridor-based project opportunities.
      * Serve as Scenic America’s principal liaison with transportation and scenic
      conservation organizations, and federal land-management agencies.
      * Serve as Scenic America’s principal source of expertise on corridor
      studies, visual assessment methodologies, view protection, and tree and
      landscape conservation.
      * Coordinate partnership and project opportunities with federal agencies
      concerned with scenic conservation and visual assessment issues, including
      the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and
      the Federal Highway Administration.
      * Develop grant and project applications on topics related to scenic
      * Monitor and influence federal and state transportation policies,
      regulations, and legislation.
      * Serve as Scenic America’s principal liaison with organizations,
      individuals, and federal and state government agencies on the topic of
      context-sensitive transportation solutions, scenic roads, smart growth,
      historic preservation, and land conservation.* Supervise sub-contractors,
      vendors, or staff hired as part of scenic conservation contracts or projects
      awarded to Scenic America.
      * Oversee the development of publications and/or web-based resources on
      scenic conservation topics.
      * Work closely with the Director of Scenic Protection (position planned for
      2006) on matters related to sign control, cell tower placement, and other
      land-use issues.
      * Work closely with the Online Communication Manager to ensure that scenic
      conservation topics are adequately represented on the Scenic America
      website, and in e-newsletters, action alerts, and online advocacy and
      fundraising efforts.
      * Respond to media inquiries and work with the President, Manager or Online
      Communication, and other staff to develop communication and media
      * Serve as liaison to the Scenic Conservation Committee of the Scenic
      America Board of Directors.

      * Professional degree in Landscape Architecture, Planning, Environmental
      Law, Environmental Science and Forestry, or related fields.
      * Minimum 10 years of professional experience.
      * Experience in conducting visual and scenic assessments, corridor studies,
      and scenic conservation projects.
      Familiarity with the National Scenic Byway program and federal and state
      transportation policies and institutions.
      * Thorough understanding of the principles and practices of
      context-sensitive transportation solutions.
      * Thorough understanding of sign control and the issues inherent in the
      segmentation of scenic byways, the use of conservation easements, and other
      principles and tools related to land-use regulation, particularly along
      transportation corridors and on federal lands.
      * Thorough understanding of visual assessment methodologies and
      transportation corridor planning.
      * Familiarity with concepts underlying land-use ordinances and the legal
      basis of tree, vegetation, and view protection.
      * Demonstrated commitment to, and enthusiasm for, Scenic America’s positions
      and policies on the protection of scenic resources and community character,
      sign control, and opposition to visual blight.
      * Excellent public presentation and written communication skills.
      * Willingness to travel.

      REPORTS TO: President, Scenic America

      SALARY: $85,000 per year

      Scenic America offers equal opportunity without regard to age, gender, race,
      ethnic background, disability, or sexual orientation.

      To apply for this position, submit a cover letter and resume to:
      Kevin E. Fry
      Scenic America
      1634 I Street, NW, Suite 510
      Washington, DC 20006
      or, via email to fry@....
      Electronic submissions preferred.



      A national leadership role on the path to the future
      Canada’s future as an economically vibrant nation depends on the safe,
      affordable, accessible and environmentally responsible mobility of both
      people and goods. Founded in 1996, the Centre has earned international
      plaudits for its definition of sustainable transportation and for its
      ongoing commentary on the issue. As Canadian and international governments
      recognize the importance of harmonizing transportation systems with
      ecosystems, a vibrant economy and societal goals, you will lead the way as .
      . .

      With its new headquarters on the University of Winnipeg campus, The Centre
      for Sustainable Transportation is poised to take on an even more profound
      role in research, advocacy, public education and policy development. Your
      mission is to attract new members, new research projects and new attention
      to the cause. Plan, lead and build the Centre. Foster industry, government
      and community relationships. Be a lightning rod for changing opinions and
      legislation. Ensure that Canada is in the forefront of developing
      sustainable transportation solutions.

      As a visionary advocate, business developer and organizational builder, you
      may be in government, the private transportation sector or consulting today.
      Familiar with Canadian policy development and research, you have both
      strategic and operational credentials. You also have the potential to
      contribute to teaching and scholarship. Establish a legacy by leading the
      next wave in sustainable transportation.

      All responses to The Caldwell Partners are confidential.

      Please indicate your interest in Project 8232 through the Opportunities
      section of www.caldwell.ca, by email to resumes@..., or in writing
      to 2110 - 360 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3Z3.



      * The purpose of the Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Program is to enable and
      encourage children, including those with disabilities, to walk and bicycle
      to school; to make it a safer and more appealing transportation alternative;
      and to facilitate the planning, development and implementation of projects
      that will improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption and air
      pollution in the vicinity of schools.  This position is responsible for
      managing the SR2S Program.
      * Coordinate with the State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, safety
      engineers, planning offices and other organizational units within the
      Maryland Department of Transportation, as well as other State, regional and
      local authorities, non-profit organizations and safety advocates.
      * Develop policies and guidance, and interpret legislation as necessary, to
      successfully enable the implementation and administration of the SR2S
      Program.  Conduct process reviews to monitor compliance and ensure that the
      program is meeting the intent of the legislation.
      * Promote the SR2S Program to state, local and regional agencies and
      non-profit organizations through workshops, brochures and the internet, to
      ensure the intent of the program is accomplished.

      * Develop training materials and provide training for agencies,
      organizations, and district staff working on the application, review or
      administration of SR2S projects.
      * Provide direction and support to agencies, organizations and district
      staff working to secure funding, deliver projects, and meet program
      requirements.  This includes review of proposed scopes of work and
      applications for eligibility, effectiveness and completeness.

      * Develop and maintain a database for the purpose of program administration,
      project tracking, preparation of Federal Statewide Transportation
      Improvement Program/Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP/FTIP)
      lists, demonstration of financial constraint, reporting project delivery and
      fund management.            
      * Establish and communicate program priorities.  Develop and maintain
      website posting guidance, schedules, and program-related information.
      Communicate best practices across agencies, organizations, and districts.
      Prepare responses to legislative referrals and public inquiries.

      * Provide liaison and maintain partnerships with federal, State, regional
      and local agencies, non-profit organizations, school districts, law
      enforcement agencies, advocacy groups and districts.
      * Other duties, as assigned.

      * Bachelor’s degree in related field is required, Master’s degree is
      * Familiarity with Microsoft Office, particularly Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
      Access and Publisher, is desirable.
      * Highly motivated self-starter capable of accepting accountability and
      responsibility with minimal direction and oversight.  Must be able to handle
      critical assignments within short timeframes, undertake multiple tasks
      simultaneously, and learn new tasks with little or no formal training.
      Excellent organizational skills a must.  
      * Highly customer-oriented and eager to apply continuous improvement
      techniques to ensure quality products are presented to management and the
      general public in a timely manner.  Must display initiative and integrity.
      * Ability to organize thoughts clearly and concisely, utilizing good writing
      skills and knowledge of electronic and print media.  Ability to think
      creatively/outside of the box.
      * Ability to communicate effectively through good interpersonal skills.
      Ability to chair meetings, coordinate contacts with the press and various
      stakeholder groups (both internal and external), and work well with people
      to build on team-developed projects.
      * Knowledge of non-motorized means of transportation useful – interested in
      the fields of bicycling and walking, and supportive of these modes,
      particularly for school transportation.
      * Engineering and/or planning expertise relating to non-motorized travel
      useful.  Ability to assimilate technical information readily and problem
      solve helpful.
      * Ability to coordinate contractual agreements and deliver projects within
      * Ability to work across organizational units within the Department, with
      external partners in fields related to transportation (ex. – safety, school
      administration, law enforcement), and work through administrative and
      inter-agency political processes.

      * Salary will be in the mid-forties, commensurate with educational
      background and experience.  
      * Paid Leave benefits include 22 days annual vacation, 14 (15 during
      election year) holidays, 15 sick days and 3 personal days.  
      * Employer will provide subsidy for health insurance and retirement.
      * This is a year-to-year contract position, with successive contract renewal
      based on performance and the availability of federal funds.

      Position Available:                 Immediately.

      To Apply:
      * For best consideration, interested candidates should submit cover letter,
      resume, writing sample, and list of three professional references (with
      contact info for each) to Ms. Joyce Kregelka, Office Manager (Attn: SR2S),
      Maryland Highway Safety Office/State Highway Administration, 7491 Connelley
      Drive, Hanover, MD 21076  (FAX: 410.787.4020 / E-MAIL:
      * Application review will begin on February 8, 2006, and will continue until
      a suitable candidate is selected.  Please direct any questions to Ms.
      Kregelka at 410.787.4050.

      The University of Maryland/MHSO is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
      Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.



      The Town of Brookhaven is seeking a Director of who is creative and highly
      motivated to engage projects involving land use related to open space,
      affordable housing and transportation including transit oriented
      development. This position will direct a team of long range planning
      professionals working on a variety of exciting and complex land use and
      transportation initiatives. The position entails plan development,
      facilitating public processes, and working with a variety of stakeholders.
      As the Director of the planning team, this professional will bring an
      analytical approach to Town projects, plans, policies and practices.

      The Town of Brookhaven, a fast-growing suburban community in Eastern Suffolk
      County, is seeking a Director of who is creative and highly motivated to
      engage projects involving land use related to transportation and Smart
      Growth initiatives. This position provides a full range of community
      planning services at the local municipal level. Applicants must possess
      experience in the review of subdivision and land development plans,
      ordinance preparation, rezoning reviews, and the preparation of land use
      planning studies. In addition, sound working knowledge of local codes and
      ordinances, current principles of planning practices and procedures,
      specifically with respect to local governments is a must. Ability to
      establish and maintain professionally effective relationships with external
      public/vendors, internal management and non-management employees, citizen
      representatives and Town and other government officials. Practices of
      researching planning issues, evaluating alternatives, making sound
      recommendations and preparing and presenting effective staff reports.
      Interpreting, applying and explaining complex laws, codes and regulations.
      Assists in the planning and development of new programs and projects,
      including Smart Growth initiatives, downtown revitalization, transportation,
      land preservation, and community revitalization projects. Specific interest
      and experience with community visioning, downtown
      development/revitalization, and mixed-use planning highly desirable. Public
      presentation and project management skills are essential

      Director of Planning coordinates interpretation & application of Town codes,
      develops, updates, and implements department policies and procedures;
      assists in developing, editing, or updating Town Codes or other documents.
      Develops and implements division budget; monitors expenditures to ensure
      compliance with approved budget; coordinates preparation of grant
      applications and administration of grant funds. Supervises current planning
      functions; anticipates long range needs of the community; oversees review of
      development applications for compliance with Town codes, ordinances, and
      comprehensive plan.

      Qualification Requirements:
      Education: Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning or similar field.

      Experience: 5+ years experience in the administration of local codes and
      ordinances. Progressively responsible local government planning experience;
      supervisory experience preferred. AICP certification preferred.

      Skills: Sound working knowledge of local codes and ordinances, current
      principles of planning practices and procedures, specifically with respect
      to local governments. Ability to establish and maintain professionally
      effective relationships with external public/vendors, internal management
      and non-management employees, citizen representatives and Town and other
      government officials. Practices of researching planning issues, evaluating
      alternatives, making sound recommendations and preparing and presenting
      effective staff reports. Interpreting, applying and explaining complex laws,
      codes and regulations.

      Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general planning, business and trade
      periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, governmental
      regulations, etc. Ability to write reports, business correspondence,
      procedure directives and grants. Ability to effectively present information
      and respond to questions from groups of stakeholders, clients, community
      leadership, and the general public. Ability to convene, facilitate, and
      coordinate groups of divergent stakeholders. Ability to mediate disputes and
      resolve conflicts.

      Specific understanding of Long Island issues, needs and public policies
      related to Smart Growth and progressive planning is critical. General
      comprehension of successful models, case studies and implementation
      solutions gleaned from Smart Growth approaches and operations throughout New
      York and the rest of the nation is also necessary.

      Computer literacy; word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation

      Please send resume and qualifications to:
      Constance M. Kepert
      Councilwoman, 4th District
      Office of the Town Council
      One Independence Hill
      Farmingville, NY 11738



      The Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities is seeking a
      person to fill an Associate Director position, which would be a new position
      at the Network.  The Funders’ Network exists to inspire, strengthen, and
      expand philanthropic leadership and funders’ abilities to support
      organizations working to improve communities through better development
      decisions and growth policies.  It brings together foundations, nonprofit
      organizations, and other partners to address the range of environmental,
      social, and economic problems caused by poor planning and development

      Based in Miami, Florida, the Funders’ Network’s members include corporate,
      private, and community foundations and intermediaries.  The Network is
      supported by contributions from its members.  Members serve as the core of
      the Network, but the Network’s staff maintains contacts with key nonprofit
      organizations, government agencies, and private sector groups.  

      Associate Director Job Description:  Working in partnership with, and under
      the general direction of, the Executive Director, the Associate Director
      will help organize and direct the day to day activities of the Funders’
      Network.  This includes oversight responsibility – in partnership with a
      highly capable staff – for office operations, meetings and convenings,
      product production, program coordination and planning.

      Duties and Responsibilities:  Responsibilities and duties will include, but
      are not limited to, the following:

      Organizational Development:
      * Directs internal development projects, such as planning and implementing a
      knowledge management system, exploring new revenue sources, and improving
      grant management processes.
      * Oversees office management issues and human resources functions and
      initiates and implements team building exercises, conflict resolution
      techniques, and related activities to ensure a collegial, productive, and
      positive work atmosphere.
      * Builds positive relationships with and oversees the provision of support
      to the board of directors and all Network committees to maximize their
      productivity and time investment.

      * Participates in the shaping of strategies and work plans to reflect the
      Network’s issues and advance its priorities.
      * Coordinates with the Executive Director to maximize synergies among
      programs and the work of core office staff and field staff.
      * Represents the organization at events and works to enhance coordination
      and collaboration among other affinity groups and outside organizations to
      maximize mutual benefit from these relationships.
      * Prioritizes and directs office staff assignments to ensure effective and
      efficient program coordination and administration, appropriate distribution
      of workload, and timely satisfaction of all grant and contractual

      Planning and Evaluation:
      * Coordinates strategic planning for the Network and develops annual work
      plans in partnership with staff.
      * Directs program evaluation efforts and monitors progress made toward
      achieving strategic priorities, in alignment with the Network’s theory of

      * Supervises financial staff and processes – payroll, accounts payable, etc.
      – to ensure integrity, timeliness, efficiency and compliance with all

      administrative and legal restrictions and requirements.
      * Supervises relations with the Network’s accountants and auditors.
      * Recommends improvements to fiscal controls, fiscal policies, and
      investment policies as needed.
      * Serves as liaison to the audit and finance committees of the board of
      * Assists in the development of financial forecasts, including the Network’s
      annual budget.
      * Ensures the preparation of financial reports as required by law and
      periodic financial reports for the director and the board of directors to
      summarize performance and the future financial outlook for the Network.

      Related Functions:
      * Supervises certain staff and maintains good communications with all
      * Coordinates communications strategies and materials on behalf of the
      * Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.


      Sufficient education, training and/or work experience to demonstrate
      possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities which would allow someone
      to excel in the position.  This may include:
      * Bachelor’s degree plus ten years work experience, including management of
      small teams of dedicated workers;
      * Knowledge of urban planning, community development, smart growth and/or
      related fields;
      * The ability to think both abstractly and concretely, including comfort
      with ambiguity while still accomplishing meaningful results;
      * The ability to condense complicated issues to simple summaries that can be
      understood by a variety of constituents;
      * Experience accomplishing goals within a timeframe and within budget;
      * Ability to communicate clearly in writing and verbally;
      * Flexible and collegial disposition and ability to work effectively with
      diverse people;
      * Entrepreneurial spirit and high energy level;
      * Ability to juggle multiple priorities with good humor;
      * Demonstrated proficiency in leading a group to develop and implement
      * Willingness to undertake moderate amounts of travel by air;
      * Ability to sit for long periods, use a computer, and talk on the
      telephone; and
      * Ability to lift small amounts.

      Excellent benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, 401(k)
      matching contributions, vacation, sick leave, and generous holiday
      schedules.  Salary offered will be commensurate with salary history and

      Application Process
      The position will be open until filled.  Mail resume, with references, and
      cover letter to:
      Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
      Re: Associate Director Position
      1500 San Remo Avenue #249
      Coral Gables, FL 33146
      Or E-mail: jennifer@... (Subject: Associate Director

      The Funders’ Network is an equal opportunity employer, which recognizes and
      values the benefits of diversity.  Individuals who share this belief are
      encouraged to apply.



      Job Description:
      We are looking for a dynamic, highly collaborative, and creative individual
      to join our award winning Sustainable Urbanism planning and urban design
      practice as a Senior Project Manager. This will be a project management
      leader with high design sensitivity, holding 10 to 20 years experience,
      passionately believes in the principles of Smart Growth, has a knowledge of
      New Urbanism & TOD principals, HOPE VI and other subsidy and incentive
      programs, is intellectually rigorous, and is a talented manager with
      excellent team management, client relationship, and communication skills.
      Required is the interpersonal sensitivity and mentorship ability to attract,
      grow, and keep the best talent available from throughout the world.
      Knowledge of Auto CAD, Photoshop, Sketch-Up and GIS is desirable.

      We are looking for an individual who can lead a 21st Century
      interdisciplinary approach to achieve vibrant, livable, economically
      successful, and ecologically sound new communities, cities, and places. A
      good knowledge of natural systems and hydrological strategies is desirable.
      The ideal candidate would have an architectural or urban design background,
      or a form aware planner, with a clear understanding of how to channel market
      forces to create success for developers, stakeholders, jurisdictional
      entities, users, and the environment. Registered or AICP required, and
      holding or working towards LEED Accreditation. Membership and leadership in
      professional organizations such as AIA, ASLA, APA, ULI and CNU desirable.

      Mithun has received two National ASLA Honor Awards in Planning & Analysis,
      one National AIA Honor Award in Regional & Urban Design and one National AIA
      Top Ten Green Award for Urban Design in the past three years. Ideal
      candidates will have a passion for sustainability, a rigorous pursuit of
      excellence, and high degree of modernist design sensitivity. This is an
      opportunity to be part of an award winning design team that is changing the

      Cover letter and resume to employment@... or, HR, Pier 56 1201
      Alaskan Way, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98101.



      The Public Affairs Associate – Grassroots Communications is responsible for
      communications that raise awareness of Realtors’ community builder role.
      Position involves coordinating local media relations to support NAR public
      policy initiatives and identifying Realtor community-building initiatives
      suitable for national publicity.

      1. Creates communications to raise awareness of Realtors’ community builder
      role through enhanced PR support of the following:  
      * Housing Opportunity
      * Smart Growth Program
      * Habitat
      * Good Neighbors
      * Realtor relief efforts
      * Local Board initiatives
      2. Initiates publicity on national level and coordinates publicity efforts
      with relevant staff at the local level.
      3. Writes op-ed articles, letters to the editor, and news releases, and
      conducts local media relations to support public policy initiatives and to
      publicize RPAC.
      4. Gathers news articles on NAR-related topics; selects priority stories and
      compiles for inclusion in NAR Daily News.  
      5. Identifies opportunities, including community-building initiatives by
      local and state Realtor associations, to generate national publicity in
      national media outlets appropriate for the ‘Realtors Build Communities’
      6. Other duties as assigned.

      Excellent writing  skills;  five years  experience effectively pitching news
      ideas, and arranging interviews with print/electronic outlets and
      local/national TV talk shows.  Minimum one-year media relations experience
      with PR firm; demonstrated  success  in  placing  publicity  at  national
      level;  and Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, English, or
      related field.  

      Contact Kate McCarry at (202) 383-1284.  Effective until March 15, 2006



      The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) is seeking a highly
      organized individual to fill our director of finance position.

      Position Responsibilities:
      * Accounting - develop organizational, program and grant budgets, process
      accounts payable and accounts receivable invoices, prepare account bank and
      investments reconciliations, financial and grant reports, audit schedules,
      payroll transmittals, manage employee benefits, vendor contracts and leases.
      Work with investment advisor and monitor organization investments.
      * Development - work with development director on project budgets, grant
      tracking and reporting and process state and Earth Share applications and
      * Human Resources - maintain payroll records, board, employee and intern
      files, manage employee benefits, and prepare materials for board meetings.
      * IT - Manage network server and passwords, troubleshoot server and
      workstation issues, install software and perform routine maintenance for
      network. Direct and oversee IT consultant projects and make recommendations
      for equipment and software purchases.

      Position Qualifications:
      * Highly organized individual with 3-5 years solid financial/office
      management/network computer skills.
      * Experience with federal and state grants management.
      * Adequate computer skills or ability to quickly learn various computer
      programs including: Microsoft programs (Word, Outlook) and database
      programs. Peachtree and Excel proficiency a plus.
      * Self-starter, flexible and able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines.
      * Interest in sustainability and energy issues
      * Openness to expressing questions and new ideas that will further EESI’s

      Application Requirements:
      Send cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references to
      jcouch@.... or fax to (202)628-1825.  

      Great benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. We offer transportation
      benefits and a friendly, informal and progressive work environment.

      The position is open until filled.

      Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) is a non-profit established
      in 1984 by Congressional leaders, dedicated to promoting environmentally
      sustainable societies in the areas of renewable energy/efficiency, climate
      change; transportation/smart growth; and agriculture and energy. Its primary
      focus is on national policy and policymaker education. EESI effects change
      by producing credible, timely information and innovative policy ideas and
      through coalition building, media outreach, publications, Congressional
      briefings/workshops and task forces.
      For more information, please visit www.eesi.org.



      Defenders of Wildlife, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the
      protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural
      communities, is recruiting for a Conservation Policy Assistant to work under
      the Director of the Habitat & Highways Campaign and the Director of
      Conservation Planning.  The Habitat & Highways Campaign seeks to reduce the
      impact of roads and highways on wildlife and habitat and incorporate
      wildlife conservation into transportation planning.  Our Conservation
      Planning Program promotes regional and statewide strategies to conserve

      In addition to working on core projects, the assistant will be exposed to a
      variety of programmatic experience on conservation issues of national
      significance.  The assistant will attend hearings, seminars, conferences and
      working meetings to develop and implement strategies.  Some travel may be
      involved.  Occasionally he or she will be expected to provide administrative
      and outreach support for related projects.

      1. Assist with administrative tasks, scheduling, budget, logistics
      2. Meeting preparation
      3. Manage websites, update, draft content, scout for related sites, links
      4. Research
      5. Provide conference support
      6. Provide funders and grant support
      7. Write newsletters, alerts, comments, fact sheets
      8. Shepherd documents through necessary channels (sign-on, alerts)
      9. Maintain files
      10. Fulfill information requests
      11. Mailings, shipping  

      The ideal candidate will be able to work 40 hours per week at Defenders of
      Wildlife’s office in Washington DC .    

      * Bachelor’s Degree
      * Strong administrative, organizational and writing skills
      * A solid background in environmental policy  

      To Apply:
      Interested applicants, please reference #1006-06, Conservation Policy
      Assistant, and send resume and cover letter to lbrohawn@....  Fax:
      Or mail to Lauren Brohawn, Defenders Of Wildlife, 1130 17th Street, NW ,
      Washington , DC 20036-4604


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