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Study abroad in Brazil, Summer 2006

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    Study in Salvador, Brazil, June 2006 Professor Michael Conniff, SJSU History 196, ?Intro to the Culture of Northeastern Brazil? Learn about the rich history
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      Study in Salvador, Brazil, June 2006
      Professor Michael Conniff, SJSU
      History 196, “Intro to the Culture of Northeastern Brazil”

      Learn about the rich history and culture of Brazil’s Northeast, centered on the city of Salvador da Bahia. This was Brazil’s first capital, founded by the Portuguese in 1549, and Brazil’s administrative and economic center until the capital moved to Rio in 1763. Portions of Bahia’s original buildings may still be seen in the historical zone around the Praça da Se.

      This 3-credit hour SJSU course will include lectures, field trips, museum tours, guest lectures, documentary films, and public processions. We will spend approximately three hours a day in these learning activities. A course reader will be available for purchase beforehand.

      Professor Conniff has taught Brazilian history since 1974 in a variety of universities and has lived for over six years in Brazil. He wrote Urban Politics in Brazil (1981) and co-edited Modern Brazil (1991), among many other publications.

      Tudo bem!
      Master Portuguese by taking 3 credit hours, transferable to SJSU. Classes will be taught by a native speaker trained in language instruction, with an emphasis on oral and aural skills. Portuguese is one of the ten most-spoken languages in the world today, a descendant of classic Latin and close to Spanish and Italian. It’s also the beautiful language we hear in bossa nova and other Brazilian music. Sign up for an elementary (PORT 011Y) or intermediate (PORT 020A) level course.

      Africa in the Americas
      Discover the strongest African influence anywhere in the Americas today, in the streets and people of Salvador! More Africans entered the Americas through this city than any other—over two million. Their culture, especially their languages, religion (Candomblé), food, music, clothing, art, dance, political traditions (congadas), and family customs, are vibrant and alive today.

      Total cost: $3,000
      Includes: 6 hours tuition at SJSU, hotel on the beach (double-occupancy), health/travel insurance, breakfasts, excursions, airfare, and several meals.

      The first three weeks will be spent in Salvador, studying and visiting historical and cultural sites. The fourth week we will spend in Rio de Janeiro, devoted to lectures and tours. We will stay at the Hotel Acapulcopacabana in Copacabana.

      Optional internships in high-tech region
      During the last week, interested students may accompany instructor to the Minas city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, known as the Electronics Valley. There they will tour industrial plants and universities. By prior arrangement, students may stay in Santa Rita to gain work experience through internships.

      To sign-up, go to:
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