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Lectures on water: "Hell and High Water in the Delta" (UC Berkeley, 2/14) + others

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      [Caconwater] Tues. Feb. 14: "Hell and High Water in the Delta" and        Spring  schedule

      The California Colloquium on Water presents

      Hell and High Water in the Delta: The Fate of California's Water Supply Hub

      Given by:
      Jeff Mount
      Director, UC Center for Watershed Science (UC Davis)

      Tuesday, February 14
      5:30pm - 7:00pm
      Goldman School of Public Policy, Room 250 (Please note room change)
      (Corner of Hearst and LeRoy)

      Meet the speaker at a reception at the Water Resources Center Archives,
      4:45pm - 5:30pm.
      Light refreshments will be served.

      Summary of lecture :
      The Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta supplies the valley with water for
      communities, agriculture, recreation, and habitats for fish and wildlife.
      But the evolving landscape and ecosystem of the Delta are changing at a
      pace that surpasses the scientific and political communities' ability to
      respond. Professor Jeff Mount will be discussing the principal issues
      impacting the future of the Delta and demonstrating how current trends will
      affect the future of its waterways. He will also address the fact that the
      "Delta debate" seems to be going nowhere. To conclude, Professor Mount will
      outline six broad future options for this important water supply hub in
      order to spark more discussion and debate.

      For more information, contact the Water Resources Center Archives at (510)
      642-2666 or waterarc@..., or check out the Colloquium web
      site: http://lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/ccow.html
      PDF of flyer for this lecture: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/pdfs/mount.pdf
      PDF of spring brochure: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/pdfs/ccow_s06.pdf

      This semester's lecture series promises to bring very timely issues to the
      podium. Check out the rest of this semester's schedule:

      March 14:
      The Invaded Estuary: Exotic Species in San Francisco Bay: Andrew N. Cohen,
      Senior Scientist, and Director of the Biological Invasions Program, San
      Francisco Estuary Institute

      April 11:
      Utilizing California's Water Supply Efficiently and Effectively: Tom
      Birmingham, General Manager and General Counsel, Westlands Water District

      May 9:
      Recycled Water: Conveying the Message to Non-Water Experts: Roy Herndon,
      Chief Hydrogeologist, Orange County Water District
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