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Re: [SJSU_MURPs] Fwd: Transportation Planning/GIS Internships available

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  • Anthony Drummond
    Sounds very very interesting Irv. I will pass this along. Anthony ... Join the world’s largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail. Click Here
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        Sounds very very interesting Irv. I will pass this along.


      >From: "irvin dawid"
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      >Subject: [SJSU_MURPs] Fwd: Transportation Planning/GIS Internships available
      >Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 19:28:29 +0000
      >A SF internship...
      >Naoimi - can you dist. this in the Geog' dept?
      >----Original Message Follows----
      >From: "Forest Atkinson"
      >Subject: Transportation Planning/GIS Internships available
      >Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 09:41:41 -0700
      >The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is now recruiting for
      >Transportation Planning and Transportation Planning/GIS (ArcView) interns.
      >The Authority is a very progressive agency that administers local, state,
      >and federal funds in San Francisco. In that role, the Authority tracks
      >transportation system performance to ensure that San Francisco gets good
      >value for its transportation investments and prepares a long-range
      >Countywide Transportation Plan to guide San Francisco's future
      >transportation investment decisions. Because of San Francisco's urban,
      >multimodal character, our projects generally focus on bicycle, pedestrian,
      >and transit travel. They also emphasize equity and have a strong
      >community-involvement component. Please check our web site for more
      >information about the agency at www.sfcta.org.
      >Fall interns will have the opportunity to work on various projects, based on
      >their interests and talents. These projects may include:
      >� Countywide Transportation Plan will identify and prioritize projects for
      >funding in the next 30 years, set policy, and develop a strategy for new
      >revenue sources. This fall, an intern might help with finalizing existing
      >conditions, assisting with graphics and materials for community outreach,
      >participating in outreach events, helping to evaluate projects, developing
      >alternatives, preparing newsletters, etc.
      >� Market Street Study seeks out ways to improve Market Street for
      >pedestrians, bicyclists and transit and involves significant public outreach
      >and data collection and analysis.
      >Various Strategic Analysis (SAR) Reports or policy papers such as:
      >� 16th Street SAR considers the role of 16th Street in the transportation
      >system given that the corridor has undergone significant changes in land use
      >in recent years and is facing significant future changes given the
      >uncertainly of future zoning regulations and impacts from the Mission Bay
      >development. This SAR looks closely at the links between land use (existing
      >and future) and the role of the 16th Street corridor.
      >� Folsom Boulevard - Just requested, this SAR would look at the potential to
      >convert Folsom, currently a one-way, freeway-like arterial to a boulevard.
      >� Changing the CEQA metric from vehicle LOS to something else (e.g. person
      >throughput) - This SAR would look at the legal and legislative constraints
      >of using other metrics for CEQA analysis beyond the traditional vehicle LOS.
      >It would also consider policy implications and tradeoffs and potentially
      >provide recommendations for new metrics.
      >� Caltrain Oakdale Station Relocation Study will examine the potential
      >benefits of relocation of the little-used Paul Ave Caltrain Station to
      >Oakdale just south of the community center. This study has a strong
      >environmental justice emphasis.
      >Interns should have completed one year in a relevant discipline (e.g.
      >transportation planning) or be enrolled in a relevant discipline and have
      >one year of relevant experience. Interns should be available to work at
      >least 16 hours per week during regular business hours (fulltime is also
      >possible) at our office near the Civic Center BART/Muni Metro station.
      >Compensation is $16/hour.
      >To Apply or For More Information:
      >Please feel free to contact Lilia Scott, Transportation Planner-GIS, with
      >any questions (email: Lilia_Scott@...; phone: 415-522-4813).
      >Interested persons should send a cover letter and resume via email or fax:
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