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Three Research Positions for Incoming Doctor of Design Students (Washington State)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Three Research Positions for Incoming Doctoral Students The Interdisciplinary Design Institute on Washington State University s Spokane campus is pleased
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2005

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/18/2005 10:19 PM -----

      Three Research Positions for Incoming Doctoral Students

      The Interdisciplinary Design Institute on Washington State University's
      Spokane campus is pleased to announce three (3) funded research
      assistant positions for students interested in pursuing our Doctor of
      Design degree.  At the same level of academic standards as a Ph.D.
      program, the Doctor of Design focuses on applied research and emphasizes
      the advancement of design-related professional knowledge.  The program
      has three areas of concentration: Design Methods & Processes; History,
      Theory and Criticism; and People and Place, and is inherently
      interdisciplinary, with supporting faculty from architecture, interior
      design and landscape architecture.  Current faculty research includes:

      *        Daylighting and human performance

      *        Health-environment interactions through the application of GIS

      *        Design for an Aging Society

      *        Workplace performance and creativity

      *        Design pedagogy and design leadership

      *        Design for the cognitively-impaired

      *        Social justice dimensions of historic preservation

      *        Human-centered sustainability

      *        Participatory design processes

      *        Culture-environment studies

      The program has outstanding research faculty who genuinely seek to offer
      personal mentorship to doctoral students, including Nancy Blossom, Kerry
      Brooks, Keith Diaz Moore, Janetta McCoy, Bob Scarfo, Judy Theodorson, Jo
      Ann Thompson, and David Wang.  

      The successful candidates will exhibit strong critical thinking
      abilities and be highly motivated to extend inquiry in one of the
      research foci identified above.  As an interdisciplinary program, a
      respect for other perspectives, openness to challenging new ideas and a
      collaborative spirit are essential.  Students in our program hold unique
      positions; they are essential members of our team of researchers and
      educators.  We therefore insure mentorship from personable, stellar
      research faculty and access to excellent facility resources, including
      two state-of-the-art research labs: the Geographical Information Systems
      and Simulation Lab and the Daylighting Lab.  

      If you are interested in joining us to further the body of evidence for
      design decision-making, please visit our website at
      http://www.spokane.wsu.edu/academic/design/ddesoverview.html .
      Application information and material may be accessed through the
      "prospective students" section.  Applications are due February 1st.  We
      hope you will take the time to explore the program and join us in this
      innovative learning experience.

      For further information, please contact:

      Keith Diaz Moore, Ph.D., AIA
      Assistant Professor of Architecture / Landscape Architecture
      Coordinator, doctoral program
      Washington State University Spokane
      Interdisciplinary Design Institute
      PO Box 1495
      Spokane, WA  99210-1495
      (T) 509.358.7943
      (F) 509.358.7900
      (E) keithdm@...

      For Delivery Services outside of USPS:
      Keith Diaz Moore, Ph.D., AIA
      Washington State University Spokane
      Interdisciplinary Design Institute
      412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.
      Spokane, WA  99202
      (T) 509.358.7943
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