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Fw: Positions at Charities Housing

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  • Shishir.Mathur@sjsu.edu
    Shishir Mathur, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Urban and Regional Planning Department One Washington Square San Jose State University San Jose , CA 95192-0185
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2005
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      Shishir Mathur, Ph.D.
      Assistant Professor
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      One Washington Square
      San Jose' State University
      San Jose', CA 95192-0185
      Phone: 408-924-5875
      Fax: 408-924-5872

      -----Forwarded by Shishir Mathur/SJSU on 12/08/2005 05:01PM -----

      To: "Vanessa Cooper" <vcooper@...>
      From: "Vanessa Cooper" <vcooper@...>
      Date: 12/02/2005 05:34PM
      Subject: Positions at Charities Housing

      Charities Housing in San Jose currently has two positions that we are hiring for as part of our expansion. Please see the attached job descriptions.

      Resumes should be submitted by email to me vcooper@... or by fax to 408-282-1133

      Thank you
      Vanessa Cooper

      Vanessa Cooper
      Director of Operations
      Charities Housing Development Corporation
      465 South First Street
      San Jose, CA 95113

      Phone: (408) 282-1133
      Fax: (408) 282-1140
      Web: www.charitieshousing.org

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