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FT Job - San Francisco - Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation - Project Manager

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Job Title: Project Manager Organization: Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation Location: San Francisco Salary: FT Job Description: THE POSITION
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2005

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/07/2005 05:14 PM -----

      Job Title: Project Manager
      Organization: Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
      Location: San Francisco

      Job Description:
      Under the general direction of the Director of Housing Development (DHD),
      the Project Manager (PM) performs a wide variety of tasks related to
      planning and developing affordable housing for Tenderloin Neighborhood
      Development Corporation (TNDC).  With minimal direction from the DHD, the
      Project Manager coordinates and implements all activities relating   to
      project development from feasibility analysis through completion of

      With minimal direction from the Director of Housing Development, the Project
      1.                 Initiates and evaluates new development opportunities. Identifies
      potential project sites and performs analyses related to the acquisition of
      property.  Coordinates the negotiation of the purchase agreements and
      performs economic and non-economic feasibility analyses for each project
      under consideration.
      2.                 Procures construction and permanent financing for developments from
      conventional, public and quasi-public sources. Researches and develops
      financing sources; prepares financing applications and meets other
      requirements of private and public lenders.
      3.                 Organizes, coordinates, documents and facilitates escrow closings.
      4.                 Solicits and coordinates the work of project consultants, including
      legal, finance, and property management consultants.  Negotiates contracts.
      5.                 Obtains construction, architectural and other project approvals from
      planning and building departments and other regulatory agencies.
      6.                 Prepares periodic project activity reports.
      7.                 Prepares and monitors development and construction budgets.
      8.                 Prepares, updates and adheres to project timelines and schedules.
      9.                 Prepares and implements relocation plans.
      10.                 Coordinates bid and qualifications processes to select
      construction-related consultants, including architects, general contractors
      and construction consultants.  Prepares and negotiates contracts.  Monitors
      contract compliance.
      11.                 Oversees project design development; supervises preparation of project
      plans and specifications.
      12.                 Prepares construction- and design-related cost estimates.  Processes
      requests for payment and monitors costs related to
      design and construction.
      13.                 Oversees the construction process including compliance with local
      government and lender requirements.  Performs site inspections.  Recommends
      decisions regarding and process changes order requests.  Processes pay
      application and loan disbursement requests.  Assures compliance with plans
      and specifications.
      14.                 Supervises Housing Development staff as assigned.
      15.                 Works with Property Management, Tenant Services and tenants in the
      design and development of projects.  Oversee development
      and implementation of hiring programs.
      16.                 Conducts due diligence tasks to safeguard the organization’s investments
      and corporate integrity.
      17.                 Performs outreach duties and public relations work as needed; attend
      neighborhood and community meetings; act as liaison between TNDC, its
      consultants, vendors, partners and the community. Participates in
      City/County policy planning and advocacy efforts.
      18.                 Meets with and reports to the Director of Housing Development on a
      regular basis to discuss issues associated with the development process.
      19.                 Attends TNDC’s Board and Housing Development Committee meetings as
      20.                 Prepares and carries out annual Performance Plans.
      21.                 Undertake tasks as may be assigned by the Director of Housing
      Development or the Executive Director.

      •                 High degree of independence, initiative, responsibility, and
      •                 Substantial experience and in-depth knowledge of complex private and
      public debt financing and equity for typical affordable housing development
      •                 Substantial experience with and knowledge of design issues and
      construction materials and methods.
      •                 Well-developed oral, written and public speaking skills.
      •                 The capacity to exercise considerable independent judgment over typical
      acquisition, financing, construction and design issues.
      •                 The ability to supervise; the ability to work with and lead a wide variety
      of individuals and groups.
      •                 The capacity to manage multiple projects independently.

      •                 A bachelor’s degree and three years experience in affordable housing
      development project management.
      •                 An advanced degree can be substituted for a year of experience.

      •                 Four years experience in affordable housing development project management
      and master’s degree in city and regional planning, business, public policy,
      architecture or a related field.

      How to Apply:
      Submit cover letter and resume to: TNDC/Human Resources, 201 Eddy Street,
      San Francisco, CA 94102; fax to (415) 776-3952; or e-mail to jobs@....
      Position open until filled.

      Organization Web Site: www.tndc.org

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