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Temp Job - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - Associate Planner

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    / ... SAN FRANCISCO REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY Job Announcement Associate Planner Temporary ? Through June 30, 2006 $2576 - $2576 Biweekly D.O.Q. THE POSITION AND
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 11/30/2005 09:19 PM -----

           Job Announcement
           Associate Planner
           Temporary – Through June 30, 2006

           $2576 - $2576 Biweekly D.O.Q.


      The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency seeks an Associate Planner to assist
      in plan adoption, financial analysis, and redevelopment work for the Bayview
      area.  Will assist staff in preparing and conducting planning research and
      surveys.  Will research, compile and analyze data (land use, economic,
      demographic, etc.) necessary for project plan preparation.  Assist in the
      performance of various planning and project administration work as assigned
      including serving as a liaison between the Project Area Committee (PAC),
      consultants and Agency staff.

      Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree in urban planning or a closely
      related field.  A Master’s Degree in planning is desired but not required.
      Candidates should also have experience in city planning, redevelopment or
      urban public sector experience is highly desirable.  Knowledge of urban
      design work including design review and drafting of design guidelines is

      Excellent computer skills including graphic and GIS software as well as
      written and oral communication skills are essential.


      The Redevelopment Agency is a local public agency operating within the City
      and County of San Francisco.  The Agency works with other City departments
      to alleviate physical and economic blight in geographic areas that the Board
      of Supervisors has identified as redevelopment project areas.  The Agency is
      a catalyst for development on public and private land in these project
      areas.  This development provides additional tax revenues (i.e. tax
      increment) and other community benefits.  The Agency dedicates a significant
      portion of its tax increment funding to affordable housing throughout the


      Benefits include a choice of health and dental plans, vision plan, life
      insurance, long-term disability, deferred compensation plan, and CalPERS
      retirement plan.  Employees are responsible for 5% of the 7% employee
      contribution to the PERS retirement fund through June 30, 2006.

      The Agency currently maintains a Cafeteria Plan (Section 125 Plan) for
      flexible pre and post tax benefits.  The Internal Revenue Service sets the
      limits for pre-tax benefits that may differ from year to year.  Other
      benefits include paid vacation, holidays and sick leave.


      The position is Open Until Filled.  Please submit a detailed resume.  Those
      applicants appearing to best meet the Agency’s requirements will be invited
      to interview.  Apply to:

      Human Resources Manager

      San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

      770 Golden Gate Avenue

      San Francisco, CA  94102

      Fax:  (415) 749-2568

      -Equal Opportunity Employer-
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