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FT Job - San Francisco, CA - Greenbelt Alliance - Field Director

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    (From http://www.planetizen.com/jobs/item.php?id=4405&rf=e) Field Director Greenbelt Alliance 05:00 pm PST, Nov 08 Greenbelt Alliance, the San Francisco Bay
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005

      (From http://www.planetizen.com/jobs/item.php?id=4405&rf=e)

      Field Director
      Greenbelt Alliance

      05:00 pm PST, Nov 08

      Greenbelt Alliance, the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading land conservation and urban planning non-profit organization, seeks an experienced Field Director.

      Position Summary
      The Field Director will join Greenbelt Alliance’s management team in San Francisco and be responsible for our innovative and effective Field Program, managing four field offices, five full time staff and, as needed, project-specific staff.

      Through our Field Program – with offices in Santa Rosa, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, and San Jose – Greenbelt Alliance provides leadership in land use advocacy throughout the Bay Area. The Field Director works with field staff to develop and implement strategies to protect open space and foster livable communities. See www.greenbelt.org to learn more about our work.

      The ideal candidate will have proven experience in grassroots organizing, political strategy, staff management, and policy development. The Field Director reports to the Executive Director.

      Key Responsibilities:
      Program Development: The Field Director shapes the Greenbelt Alliance Field Program to ensure permanent protection of open space resources, creation of affordable, infill housing opportunities and enhancement of the region’s quality of life. The Field Director oversees – and engages in – targeted advocacy efforts to pass land use polices in cities and counties, defeat irresponsible sprawl development proposals and promote smart growth, infill development.

      Staff Management: The Field Director commits significant time to each member of the field staff. Through systematic communications, monthly meetings, site visits, and regular evaluations, the Field Director develops the skills and ensures the effectiveness of the field staff. The Field Director is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training the field staff.

      Regional Advocacy: The Field Director plays a leadership role in regional efforts to make the Bay Area a better place to live, serving on the Executive Committee of the Bay Area Open Space Council and the Board of Directors of the Transportation and Land Use Coalition. The Field Director also actively works to build other coalitions with a broad range of constituencies.

      Organizational Coordination: The Field Director provides a key communications link between the Field Program and other Greenbelt Alliance programs. For example, the Field Director works with the Development Department to help raise funds for field activities and with the Communications Director to generate media coverage of field campaigns.

      The ideal Field Director candidate will be a proven and effective advocate with a bachelor’s degree plus five years experience – or relevant master’s plus three years experience – in the following:
      - Staff management
      - Political strategy development
      - Grassroots field campaign management
      - Ballot measure campaigns
      - Media relations and public speaking
      - Advocacy on land use and community development issues
      - Policy analysis
      - Foundation and major donor fundraising

      Salary and Benefits
      Greenbelt Alliance is committed to maintaining a rewarding work environment. We offer a competitive salary, $45,000 – $52,000 commensurate with experience; an excellent medical, dental, and vacation package; and opportunities to explore the Bay Area’s Greenbelt and diverse communities.

      How to Apply:
      Please send a cover letter, resume, and a short writing sample to info@....

      To apply by regular mail, send application materials to:
      Field Director Search
      Greenbelt Alliance
      631 Howard Street, Suite 510
      San Francisco, CA 94105

      Deadline: November 18, 2005

      Greenbelt Alliance values a diverse workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.

      About Greenbelt Alliance
      Greenbelt Alliance is the San Francisco Bay Area's leading land conservation and urban planning non-profit organization. Since 1958, we've been active across the nine county Bay Area region protecting open space, opposing sprawl, and promoting livable communities. Greenbelt Alliance has helped save over one million acres of farms, watersheds, and recreational greenbelt lands. We are a leader in promoting regional solutions to the problems of sprawl and were among the nation's first environmental groups to endorse compact infill development and to actively campaign for affordable housing.

      We will build on this legacy of success in the years to come by bringing people together to ensure that the Bay Area remains a great place to live – a thriving metropolitan region with a healthy economy surrounded by a protected Greenbelt. You can be part of our success.

      Salary: $45,000 – $52,000 commensurate with experience

      Org.:Greenbelt Alliance
      Dept.: Field
      Address:631 Howard Street, Suite 510
      San Francisco, CA 94105
      United States

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