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Fw: Invitation to responsible property investing discussion

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Dear Colleague, We are writing to invite you to join a new online discussion on the topic of Socially Responsible Property Investing. Our goal is to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2005
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 10/31/2005 01:38 PM -----

      Dear Colleague,

      We are writing to invite you to join a new online discussion on the topic of
      Socially Responsible Property Investing.  Our goal is to create an online
      community of people who are interested in the intersection of real estate and
      socially responsible investing.  Topics we hope to cover include current
      investment opportunites, new product development, screening criteria,
      networking opportunities, and relevant research.  As far as we know, this will
      be the first discussion list of its kind anywhere in the world.  In our view,
      this is a step toward developing a robust marketplace and research agenda for
      responsible property investing.

      The discussion list is a free service and is strictly voluntary.  As a member,
      you'll have the right to send a message to a single address which will be
      automatically forwarded to all the other members of the list.  You will be
      responsible for signing yourself onto the list and you may leave anytime you
      wish.  You will not being signed up by us.  To become a member, you must follow
      the instructions given below.  If you choose not to join, you will hear nothing
      further from us.  The list membership will not be shared except with the
      members who have the right to see the names of other member.  No adverstising
      is planned, although people are welcome to share what they know about their
      products and those offered by others.

      This invitation is being sent to the 400+ people who attended SRI in the Rockies
      and others.  And you are welcome to forward it to anyone who you think might
      like to join.

      If you would like to read  about Responsible Property Investing, you might look
      at the following two articles:
      Wanted: Socially Responsible Real Estate Investment at
      and Good Deeds, Real Estate and You at

      If you'd like access to more in-depth material, take a look at the documents
      posted under Socially Responsible Real Estate at

      We hope you'll join us in this exciting opportunity to discuss and perhaps shape
      the future of socially responsible property investing.


      Gary Pivo, University of Arizona and NewCommons, LLC
      Leanne Tobias, Malachite, LLC
      Rick Imperiale, Uniplan Forward Fund

      TO SUBSCRIBE, send email to listserv@... with the following as
      the only line in the body of the message:
             subscribe rpi Firstname Lastname
      Substitute your first name for Firstname and your last name for Lastname.

      If you have a signature file that gets appended to each and every e-mail message
      you send, you have 2 options when sending listserv commands: temporarily disable
      this facility when you send listserv messages OR include the command "end" as
      the last command. Listserv will disregard all lines in your message after this
      command.  For example:
             subscribe rpi Firstname Lastname
      Once you're a member, you won't have to use the end command and can send
      messages to the list that inlcude your signature file.  To unsubscribe, follow
      the same procedure except use the word unsubscribe as the only line in the body
      of the message.  You'll get a full set of instructions on this and other
      commands after you enroll.
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