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FT Job - Philadelphia PA - 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania - Project Manager, Metro Devt Program

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    ... Job Description 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania Project Manager for Philadelphia Metropolitan Development Program 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania seeks an
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2005

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 10/11/2005 03:25 PM -----

      Job Description

      10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

      Project Manager for

      Philadelphia Metropolitan Development Program

      10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania seeks an experienced and innovative
      individual to lead organizing, policy development and advocacy for a new
      metropolitan development agenda in southeastern Pennsylvania.

      10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania is an alliance of organizations and
      individuals from across the state who are committed to land use policies and
      actions that will enable Pennsylvania to strengthen its diverse urban,
      suburban, and rural communities and reduce sprawl.  10,000 Friends seeks
      development that will support the social and economic viability of
      Pennsylvania's cities and towns, protect environmental quality, conserve
      fiscal resources, and preserve our state's exceptional rural and heritage

      The project manager will be based in 10,000 Friends’ Philadelphia office,
      and will work collaboratively with other staff to support 10,000 Friends’
      overall mission.  The project manager reports to the president and CEO.

      Job Description

      The goal of the project is to develop and lead a new Philadelphia
      metropolitan development caucus of leaders in the private, public and
      non-profit real estate community to pursue state and regional policies that
      support revitalization and redevelopment. Key areas of focus include
      infrastructure (transportation, schools, water/sewer investments), housing,
      and/or planning.  With the support of the president and other staff, the
      project manager will be responsible for the following tasks:

       a.. Recruit key leaders from regional private development, finance,
      housing, and community development organizations and firms;
       b.. Research and disseminate examples of good development projects in the
      region; analyze why they worked;
       c.. Provide one to two forums per year on research results from regional
      experts that will help shape action agenda;
       d.. Develop a market-oriented policy agenda with a focus on 2-3 strategic
      opportunities such as housing (vacant property, inclusionary programs,
      employer assisted housing), planning, infrastructure investment
      (transportation, schools, water and sewer);
       e.. Build relationships with key state and regional officials to pursue
       f.. Raise additional grant funds to sustain the program;
       g.. Work with staff and professional consultants to help frame and
      communicate issues;
       h.. Establish and use electronic and web-based communications systems for
      group communications.
      Desired Qualifications

      Bachelor’s Degree required

      5-10 years experience in real estate or related field

      Strong written and verbal communications skills

      Project management experience (policy, real estate development, other)

      Strong knowledge of Philadelphia region, development issues, and leaders

      Facility with public policy analysis

      Excellent interpersonal skills

      Successful fundraising experience

      Salary & Benefits

      Competitive, DOQ

      Please send or e-mail letter of interest and resume by October 30, 2005 to:

      Michelle Last

      10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

      1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1329

      Philadelphia, PA 19103

      215 985 3201 x. 300

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