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FW: Student Design Trainee Employment Application

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  • Elisa Harvie
    STUDENT DESIGN TRAINEE EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Name: __________________________________________ Social Security No.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2005




      Name:     __________________________________________           Social Security No. _____________________________________


      Current Address :__________________________________________                             Phone # ______________________________

      City/State/Zip    ____________________________________________


      Permanent Address: ________________________________________                            Phone # ______________________________

      City/State/Zip  ______________________________________________



      University/College  _______________________________________        Class Standing: Fr / Soph  /Jr  /Sr / Grad               GPA:_______


      Major:  ____________________________________________________  Anticipated Graduation Date: ___________________________


      Courses Taken:

      Course Name                                                          Grade                                      Course Name                                          Grade


      _____________________________                      _____                                      __________________________              _____

      _____________________________                      _____                                      __________________________              _____     _____________________________                      _____                                      __________________________              _____    _____________________________                      _____                                      __________________________              _____ 

      _____________________________                      _____                                      __________________________              _____


      Current Courses in Progress

      ___________________________________                                                          _____________________________________

      ___________________________________                                                          _____________________________________

      ___________________________________                                                          _____________________________________


      I have been convicted by a court of an offense:    __ No        __ Yes (you must explain).  On a separate piece of paper, list your name, the job code(s) and title(s) that you are applying for, and the following details for each offense:  the violation, the court (including military), the place and date of conviction, the penalty (fine, sentence, date(s) of probation), and the name under which convicted if other than that listed. You may omit any traffic offense for which the fine was less than $200, and any record that has been sealed or expunged by the court.  Conviction is not necessarily a bar to employment.  Each case is given individual consideration based on the job-relatedness of the offense.


      In compliance with the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, all persons entering City and County employment will be required to prove their identity and authorization to work in the United States.


      I hereby certify that all statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.



      Signture:  _______________________________________________                              Date:____________________


      The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) is legally allowed to gather the following information.  This information, which is voluntary, will not be used for employment decisicions.


      Check One :     ___Male            ___Female                         


      Circle One  :   White          Black          Hispanic          Asian or Pacific Islander          Filipino          American Indian  or Alaskan Native



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