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FT Job - Oakland CA - AC Transit - Transportation Planner

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Transportation Planner (To apply, log onto www.actransit.org. Click onto Careers, then onto the job posting for Transportation Planner) Ref #
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2005

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 09/08/2005 12:00 PM -----

            Transportation Planner
           (To apply, log onto www.actransit.org.  Click onto "Careers," then
      onto the job posting for Transportation Planner)
           Ref # 05-­­­­031

           $5,130 to $6,124

           monthly (Grade 6)
          Opens August  12, 2005
          Location: General Offices

           Downtown Oakland

           Internal/External Dept: Service Development

           AC Transit Job Announcement
           Work Hours
          8:30AM – 5:00 PM M-F
          Union Representation  AFSCME

           This position is OPEN UNTIL FILLED
          Don’t delay your application!  This job may be closed at anytime
            after ten (10) days from the opening date.

      Job Summary: Under general supervision, participates in policy development
      and implementation of service enhancement projects by conducting transit
      planning and service delivery studies that include the identification of
      issues, collection, analysis, and reporting of data, and the preparation and
      presentation of oral and written reports.

           Minimum Qualifications

           To be considered, you must meet the following:

           Education: Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited
      college or university with major coursework in City and Regional Planning,
      Urban Studies, Public Administration, Political Science, Geography,
      Business, Finance, Economics, or a closely related field.

           Experience: Two (2) years of increasingly responsible experience in
      city, regional, urban or Transportation Planning, AN/OR systems analysis.

          AC Transit will also consider applications from entry-level applicants
      who have no professional level experience. Completion of an internship in
      planning, or six (6) months experience in a planning environment is

           This entry-level position is called Assistant Transportation Planner.

           The monthly salary is $4,744 –$5,660 (DOE) Grade 5.

           Desired:  (1) Experience in a large urban public transportation
      system. (2) Six (6) months or more experience performing needs analysis in
      regard to funding.

           Physical Requirements: Must maintain the physical condition necessary
      to perform tasks in an office setting operating a personal computer,
      keyboards, and other peripheral equipment.  The position requires frequent
      travel within the District in order to perform studies

           Attendance Requirement for Current District Employees Only: AFSCME and
      Non-Represented employees: No more than twelve (12) sick days off during the
      last twelve (12) months unless due to extraordinary circumstances. ATU
      Employees: No more than six (6) absences during the last twelve (12) months
      unless due to extraordinary circumstances. Definition of Extraordinary
      Circumstances: Illness, injury or disability that qualifies under the
      Americans With Disabilities Act, Family Leave Laws or the District’s Alcohol
      & Substance Abuse Program.  If extraordinary circumstances are due to
      medical reasons, applicant(s) must contact the Human Resources Administrator
      at (510) 891-4783 by the application filing deadline.

      Summary of Essential Functions:

      ·         Prepares a variety of transit planning and service delivery
      studies covering a small geographic or limited service area including
      documentation of service performance, service analyses, recommendations for
      service enhancements, and discussion of pertinent issues.

      ·         Conducts transportation and service delivery studies including
      boarding and alighting, safety, and cost analysis.

      ·         Analyzes technical, demographic, economic, and financial data used
      for assessing route and schedule changes, as well as related service
      enhancements; and provides expertise to Senior Planning staff in the
      development of recommendations for change.

      ·         Provides expertise to the development of capital funding
      strategies to support District needs; and prepares a variety of written

      ·         Monitors current service levels and identifies potential areas for
      study, and may prepare cost analyses.

      ·         Collects and/or supervises the collection of data, develops and
      implements survey techniques and processes, and may supervise and
      participate in field studies.

      ·         Prepares statistical charts, maps, and other documents to
      accompany studies, reports, and presentations.

      ·         Responds orally and in writing to requests from the public, staff,
      governmental agencies, advisory committees, and community groups, for
      information regarding existing services and funding, suggested service
      adjustments, and long-range planning issues.

      ·         Makes oral presentations on transit and service related issues to
      the Board of Directors, staff, service users, governmental agencies,
      advisory committees, and community groups.

      ·         May provide work direction to Assistant Transportation Planners,
      clerical staff and consultants on small contracts, and monitor consultant

      ·          Performs related duties as required .

      Knowledge and Abilities Required:

      Knowledge Of: Principles of transportation planning and capital funding;
      principles and practices of data collection and presentation; report
      writing; business English usage; federal transportation funding program data
      reporting requirements; principles of traffic demand management; attractions
      and locations that generate patronage; cost analysis and modeling; potential
      service enhancements; basic statistics; measures of transit effectiveness
      used to assess route performance; applicable federal, state and local laws
      governing transit operations; research methods and survey techniques; and
      the theory of economic forecasting.

      Ability To: Analyze transportation, budget, and funding issues and make oral
      and written recommendations for immediate, short, and long-range service
      enhancements and capital requirements; design and implement service changes;
      conduct cost/benefit, impact and other related technical analyses; meet
      deadlines; prepare written technical reports and performance documentation
      materials; communicate in a clear, concise, persuasive, and tactful manner
      to a wide variety of audiences both orally and in writing; effectively
      participate in a variety of outreach activities; effectively advocate and
      promote the use of public transit; keep abreast of current trends in the
      field; and establish and maintain effective working relationships with
      District staff, governmental officials, advisory committees, and community
      groups using principles of good customer service.

      S:\HR\Data 12-01-01\Class-Comp\STUDIES\TransPlanner 05-021\Job Posting - UC

           The Selection Process:

           The Human Resources Department must physically receive a signed and
      completed District application by the final filing date. Postmarks are not
      acceptable. Applications received late, incomplete, or unsigned will be
      disqualified.  Only those candidates whose background and work experience
      best fit the needs of the hiring department will be invited to participate
      in an examination process that may include written, oral and/or performance
      segments. Finalists will be placed on an Eligibility List.

           Include up to 6 weeks of vacation depending on length of service;
      accrued sick leave; 12 holidays per year; regular retirement after at least
      5 years of service at age 55; free system transportation; medical, dental,
      orthodontic, vision care and prescription insurance coverage including
      qualified dependents; and group life insurance.

           The Human Resources Department will make reasonable efforts in the
      recruitment/examination process to accommodate applicants with disabilities.
      If you have a need for an accommodation, please call the
      Recruitment/Employment Administrator at (510) 891-4783, or TDD (800)
      448-9790 for the hearing impaired.

           The Alameda Contra Costa Transit District has established the goal of
      a 100 percent drug and alcohol-free workplace. Applicants will be required
      to undergo drug and alcohol testing prior to employment and those in safety
      sensitive positions will be subject to further drug and alcohol testing
      throughout their period of employment, including random drug and alcohol

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