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FT Job - East Palo Alto, CA - Nuestra Casa - Executive Director

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Job Title: Executive Director Organization: Nuestra Casa Location: East Palo Alto Salary: 50,000 plus benefits FT Regular Job Description: NUESTRA CASA
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2005

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 08/08/2005 10:19 AM -----

      Job Title: Executive Director
      Organization: Nuestra Casa
      Location: East Palo Alto
      Salary: 50,000 plus benefits
      FT  Regular

      Job Description:
      NUESTRA CASA seeks Executive Director
      *East Palo Alto residents, people of color and bicultural candidates
      encouraged to apply*

      Base salary: $50,000 with benefits (negotiable)
      Apply by: September 10, 2005
      Preferred start date: November 1, 2005
      Submit resume and cover letter to lizziebrock@... or
      to 1798B Bay Rd, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

      Description of Nuestra Casa
      Nuestra Casa, a community education organization run by a local, Latino
      board, is dedicated to increasing the civic participation and promoting the
      economic self-sustainability of the Latino immigrant population of East Palo
      Alto. We utilize the principles of popular education and develop local
      leadership to seek changes in favor of the community’s economic and social

      Nuestra Casa works to represent the Latino immigrant communities of East
      Palo Alto, from the well-established to those in transition, by focusing on
      their problems, needs and desires. We seek to establish projects that
      address deficiencies and fulfill residents’ aspirations. As a voice
      representing the community, Nuestra Casa seeks to guarantee its political
      participation in various spheres. Nuestra Casa believes that the community
      is the essence and bastion of our work, and thus we seek to nurture its
      unification and strength, guiding it toward self-sufficiency,
      educational success and democratic participation.

      Since 2003, Nuestra Casa has focused its approach on improving education for
      East Palo Alto families. Nuestra Casa facilitates school reform by
      developing families’, in particular parents’, English literacy and
      participation in the community. Our ESL Program increases participants'
      level of English proficiency, particularly with regards to school and
      community involvement. Through our Parent Leadership Training Program,
      parents inform themselves, as well as learn communication and leadership
      skills that increase their participation in and support for their
      children’s learning processes.

      In conjunction with our newly developed strategic plan for 2005-8, Nuestra
      Casa is expanding the current position of half-time Director to that of
      full-time Executive Director. We seek a committed, motivated, experienced
      person to guide our team forward in the fulfillment of its goals and the
      translation of its strategic plan into action, including the achievement of
      501(c)3 nonprofit status.

      •                 Commitment to working for social change and community empowerment
      •                 Strong understanding of community organizing
      •                 Experience working with communities of color
      •                 Ability to translate over-all vision of organization into implementation
      •                 Fluent in English and very strong communication ability in Spanish (both
      written and oral)
      •                 Supervisory experience
      •                 Self-directed with the ability to set priorities as well as to work
      cooperatively with others
      •                 Fundraising and financial management experience
      •                 Group process and facilitation skills

      1) Overall coordination of organization’s activities and development of
      capacities and systems
      •                 Assure that program goals and functioning reflect mission and vision
      •                 Oversee implementation of three-year strategic plan
      •                 Evaluate the achievement of objectives and the progress of programs
      •                 Ensure alignment of program approaches and methods in ESL, leadership
      development and organizing
      •                 Act as point of contact between and facilitate necessary communication
      between board, staff, funders and consultants
      •                 Strengthen human resources structures and processes
             o                 Hire staff in accordance with organization’s growth
             o                 Support and evaluate staff
             o                 Hire consultants and services as needed

      2) Fund Development and Financial Management
      •                 Monitor finances and funding of programs and organization in cooperation
      with fiscal agent (Community Development Institute)
      •                 Design and supervise over-all fundraising plans
      •                 Oversee data-tracking and reporting to funders
      •                 Manage finances and assure adherence to budget
      •                 Develop annual budgets and submit to board for approval and periodic

      3) Outreach and Communication
      •                 In collaboration with the board and staff, represent Nuestra Casa to
      funders, the public, organizations and institutions
      •                 Implement plans for increasing Nuestra Casa’s visibility in the community
      through cultural events and programs, marketing, website and materials

      4) Board Development and Communication
      •                 Develop and train Nuestra Casa’s community board to become a working board
      •                 Strengthen the board’s systems of governance
      •                 Report to/communicate with community board
      •                 Collaborate with the board to further develop its leadership capacities
      and ownership of organization and programs
      •                 Annually review the strategic plan and develop with the board its annual
      operational plan

      5) Community / Political involvement
      •                 Keep abreast of community developments relevant to programs and
      •                 Develop and maintain general and current knowledge of best practices in
      the areas of community organizing, leadership development and parent
      involvement in the schools
      •                 Develop and maintain contacts and strategic alliances with local and
      regional immigrant, service, education and community
      organizing groups

      How to Apply:
      Submit resume and cover letter to lizziebrock@... or to 1798B
      Bay Rd, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

      Organization Web Site: www.nuestracasa.org
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