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MTC Job Announcement

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2005


      CLASSIFICATION: Assistant/Associate Planner/Analyst
      (Programming and Allocations Section)

      VACANCIES: One

      SALARY RANGE: Grade VII of the Salary Plan: $61,731 to
      79,021 per year (Depending upon additional
      qualifications, salary may be up to $91,104 per year).

      DESCRIPTION: Under supervision of the Section Manager
      and Senior Planner/Analyst, this position involves
      conducting complex financial analyses of
      transportation revenues and expenses. Working
      collaboratively with the stakeholders, the position
      involves policy development for assigning federal
      formula transit funds and bridge toll funds for
      transit and ensuring timely use of funds and project
      delivery by Bay Area transit properties. These
      responsibilities include presenting financial reports
      about regional transit programs, and presenting
      findings before various policy boards. The position
      also entails performing analysis to identify current
      and future transit capital and operating needs in the
      region for the baseline system.

      QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Completion of a bachelor’s
      degree in one or more of the following disciplines is
      required: public finance, public policy, public
      administration or city planning, or a related
      discipline; or, an equivalent combination of education
      and experience.

      Experience: Completion of one year of professional
      experience in an appropriate field related to the
      position such as: public finance, budget analysis, or
      fund programming. Experience with transportation
      finance and intergovernmental relations is a plus.

      Ability to: Communicate effectively both orally and
      in writing. Represent agency before professional and
      policy groups. Present results of analyses before MTC
      committees and other public entities. Translate
      technical data and information into language
      understandable to the general public. Work
      cooperatively with other MTC staff. Carry assignments
      through to completion on time and with minimum
      supervision. Conduct analyses using spreadsheet and
      database programs.

      Knowledge of: Principles and techniques of public
      finance and accounting; knowledge of government
      finance programs, projects, and funding procedures.
      Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and
      Access database software is required.

      ASSIGNMENTS: Under the supervision and direction of a
      Senior Planner/Analyst, the Assistant Planner/Analyst
      will perform the following tasks:

      FTA Programming and Policy Development:
      • Serve as lead staff for developing the region’s
      policy guidelines for programming the FTA formula
      funds, including facilitating policy discussions with
      members of the Bay Area Partnership.

      • Oversee programming and monitoring of the region’s
      FTA funds and transit-related bridge toll funds.

      • Oversee Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
      amendments pertaining to the FTA and other related
      transit funds.

      • Follow emerging technology development as it relates
      to the region’s capital inventory and related
      regulatory requirements (i.e., alternative engine
      technologies, etc.)

      • Assist with other programming tasks as requested by
      Senior Analyst and Section Manager.

      Financial Information:
      • Prepare financial analyses and presentations to
      support MTC activities, particularly relating to FTA
      funds, other projects, and programs managed by the
      Programming and Allocations Section.

      • Respond to staff and public information requests for
      financial information.

      Bridge Toll Programming:
      • Oversee programming and monitoring of Regional
      Measure 1 funds for transit.

      • Provide project oversight for certain Regional
      Measure 2 projects.

      Liaison to Transit Finance Working Group (TFWG)
      • Oversee production of TFWG agenda and packet

      • Serve as primary liaison and contact to the TFWG.

      Other duties:
      • Participate in developing and updating MTC’s funding
      database and Web universal application program as it
      pertains to management of the FTA funds.

      • Assist in other activities assigned to the
      Programming and Allocations Section.

      • Assist Senior Analyst in transit operator
      reconnaissance efforts.

      Submit an MTC Application, a current resume, and
      responses to supplemental to: Human Resources Office,
      Metropolitan Transportation Commission, 101 Eighth
      Street, Oakland, CA 94607. Applications not
      submitted, or submitted without all of the required
      materials will not be given further consideration.
      Application materials must arrive in the Human
      Resources Office before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, July 25,
      2005. Postmarks, faxed or emailed applications are not

      Supplemental Background Information: Prepare a brief
      written summary covering each of the areas addressed
      below. Limit your responses to a maximum of two
      sheets of paper (8 1/2" x 11"). Typewritten is
      preferred. Please be sure your experience directly
      relates to this position and cite the organization
      where you acquired the relevant experience if other
      than MTC.

      1) Describe your interest in this specific position,
      highlighting your relevant experience and/or
      qualifications. Include an example of a challenging
      professional assignment you have experienced, and how
      you achieved your desired results.

      2) What aspect of MTC’s role as the designated
      recipient of roughly $300 million in annual Bay Area
      Federal Transit Administration funds would you expect
      to be the most challenging and why?

      Contact MTC at the Job Hotline, (510) 464-7818, or
      email jobhotline@.... Leave your contact
      information and position applying for, to receive the
      announcement and application forms. Applications may
      be downloaded from MTC’s website, www.mtc.ca.gov.

      This Job Announcement sets a cut-off date and time for
      the receipt of applications. Applications will be
      reviewed as promptly as possible following the cut-off
      date. Those candidates whose applications show the
      best combination of training, experience, knowledge,
      and ability relevant to the position will be invited
      for an interview.

      Interviews will be conducted by a panel whose members
      are acquainted with the requirements of the position.
      At the conclusion of the interviews, the panel will
      rate the candidates. The Executive Director may offer
      the position to the best-qualified candidate.

      After the position has been offered and accepted, all
      other considered candidates will be notified promptly
      of the filling of the position. The panel will
      recommend which of the candidates interviewed but not
      selected may constitute an "eligibility" list, which
      will remain in effect for six months. In the event
      the same, or very similar position becomes available
      during that period, the list may be used for further
      selection. In the event that a suitable candidate is
      not found, the position may be reopened for further

      The initial six months of service in this position
      constitute a probation period. The purpose of
      probation is to assist the employee in adapting to the
      new job, to evaluate the employee’s performance
      relative to continuation in the position, and to
      provide for corrective measures when performance is

      MTC staff employees are paid on the basis of an
      adopted salary schedule. The cited grade for this
      position consists of a total of eleven steps with
      intervals of approximately 2½% available for merit

      • One day per month paid vacation leave; for each year
      of service, an additional day per year is granted to a
      maximum of 25 days per year.
      • One day per month paid sick leave, with no limit to
      the amount of sick leave that can be accumulated.
      (May cash out up to 240 hours of accumulated sick
      leave upon separation from the Agency.)
      • Eleven paid holidays per year.
      • Personal business leave; up to three days per year
      depending upon date of hire.
      • Health Benefits Insurance through the Public
      Employees’ Retirement System (dependent coverage
      shared by the employee and MTC).
      • Agency-paid Vision Care Insurance, employees only
      (no dependent coverage).
      • Agency-paid Dental Insurance (dependent coverage
      shared by the employee and MTC).
      • Agency-paid Life, AD&D, and Long Term Disability
      • Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS); the
      total contribution paid by MTC. PERS is in lieu of
      employee contribution to the Social Security System.
      • Transit/Parking Subsidy.
      • Alternative payroll savings plans (deferred
      compensation plans, two credit unions).

      The selected candidate will be required to provide
      verification of his/her identity and evidence of
      having legal authorization to work in the United
      States prior to beginning employment. The selected
      candidate must maintain his/her employment eligibility
      status and will be responsible for notifying MTC of
      any changes.

      MTC conducts background checks to verify information
      included in the candidate’s application, resume and
      supplemental materials.

      A valid California Drivers License is required, as MTC
      employees may be expected to operate an automobile in
      the performance of assigned duties. Exceptions to this
      policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to
      accommodate special needs.

      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a
      non-discriminatory employer. MTC provides all
      employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in
      every aspect of the employment experience regardless
      of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin,
      physical handicap, medical condition, or marital
      status. This policy is implemented through an ongoing
      affirmative action program to ensure maximum
      opportunity to participate in the Commission's

      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a
      regional transportation-planning agency created by the
      legislature pursuant to Government Code Sections 66500
      et seq. to provide coordinated transportation
      development for the nine-county Bay Area.
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