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Job Announcement: MTC Open Temporary TransLink Program Coordinator

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Subject: Open Temporary TransLink Program Coordinator MTC has a Temporary TransLink Program Coordinator position currently open. This position will assume
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      Subject: Open Temporary TransLink Program Coordinator

      MTC has a Temporary TransLink Program Coordinator
      position currently open. This position will assume
      responsibility for the coordination and resolution of
      institutional, technical and contractual issues
      related to the TransLink program. The person will
      work with and support efforts of other staff assigned
      to the TransLink project and provide support to the
      project as required.

      Below is a job announcement with much more detail.
      Please ensure that it is disseminated to any possible
      interested parties. The closing date for this
      position is Thursday, July 21st. If there are any
      questions or further information is needed you can
      reach me at x7721.

      > Ann Macaulay, PHR
      > MTC
      > Human Resources
      > 101-8th St
      > Oakland, CA 94607
      > (510) 464-7721


      (Temporary Position – approximately 1-year

      CLASSIFICATION: Assistant/Associate Program
      (Traveler Coordination and Information Section)


      SALARY RANGE: $28.00 per hour (Depending upon
      qualifications salary may be higher.)

      DESCRIPTION: Under supervision of the Senior Program
      Coordinator, assist in development, implementation,
      operation and evaluation of TransLink®. Assume
      responsibility for the coordination and resolution of
      institutional, technical, and contractual issues
      related to the TransLink® program. Work with and
      support efforts of other staff assigned to the
      TransLink® project. Provide other support to the
      project as required.

      TransLink® is a single instrument that can be used to
      pay fares on transit systems throughout the San
      Francisco Bay Area. The TransLink® card, which is
      based upon a contactless smart card technology, is
      designed to meet the fare collection needs specific to
      each transit operator as well as inter-operator fares
      and transfers. MTC is responsible for managing and
      administering the project on behalf of all the transit
      operators in the region.

      QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Completion of a bachelor's
      degree from an accredited college or university, as
      listed in the Higher Education Directory, in an
      appropriate discipline, such as urban planning,
      transportation planning, engineering, or public
      administration. (Applicants with a degree, issued
      from an institution outside the United States must
      have their transcripts evaluated by an academic
      accrediting service and provide proof of equivalency
      along with the application.)

      Experience: Completion of at least one year of
      recent, progressive and verifiable professional
      experience, in a field such as: transportation
      planning, transportation engineering, contract
      management, or project management. Other experience
      in transit, payment systems, construction management,
      or network design would be helpful.

      Knowledge of: Principles and practices of project
      management and control; techniques to facilitate
      inter-agency coordination; program and contract
      development, analysis, administration and evaluation;
      quantitative analysis; interrelationships among
      government agencies; the implementation and operation
      of electronic payment systems; transit operations; and
      transportation program administration.

      Ability to: Analyze problems, develop strategies and
      make practical recommendations; track and prioritize
      several tasks; prepare correspondence and reports;
      communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in
      writing; establish and maintain effective working
      relationships; develop consensus among local agencies
      and consultants on various issues; prepare and make
      presentations to a wide variety of audiences; attend
      evening meetings as required; and use initiative and
      sound judgment within established procedural

      Other: Must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, and
      able to work well in a team atmosphere.

      ASSIGNMENTS: Under the supervision and direction of a
      TransLink® Senior Program Coordinator, the Assistant
      Program Coordinator will work as a member of a team on
      the following tasks:

      1. Support Operators’ preparation of their facilities
      to receive TransLink® and network communications
      equipment. Conduct site visits, coordinate and
      participate in development of site preparation
      specifications, and prepare funding agreements and
      contracts as required.
      2. Participate in the design of the communications
      network for the TransLink® system, and review of
      design documents. Coordinate design review with
      various parties, including transit agencies and
      various consultants. Prepare change orders as
      3. Coordinate and witness prototype and actual
      installation of fixed and on-board equipment. Review
      and coordinate review of design documents related to
      equipment installation.
      4. Support development of maintenance strategies for
      current and future operations.
      5. Monitor performance of TransLink® equipment (as
      reported by contractor), participate in Failure Review
      Board meetings, prepare performance reports for
      distribution to transit agencies, and review
      contractor’s asset management system.
      6. Work closely with transit agency fare collection
      staff, consultants, and advisory groups to identify,
      manage, organize and implement various tasks relating
      to TransLink®, including, but not limited to:
      formulating recommendations, resolving and responding
      to participant issues and concerns, coordinating the
      implementation of systems at the different transit
      operators, and monitoring ongoing work of one or more
      consultants/ contractors.
      7. Participate in development of testing plans and
      procedures, and witness lab and field testing.
      8. Develop RFPs, evaluate consultant proposals,
      negotiate and manage contracts, and process Change
      9. Help manage portions of the overall project
      schedule, and follow up with the appropriate parties
      when tasks are due.
      10. Conduct general liaison, problem solving, handling
      of correspondence, and project administration duties.

      11. Perform other duties as assigned.

      General Tasks: The following are the general tasks
      expected of all positions at this level:

      • Organize analytical tasks, determining overall
      priorities and objectives.
      • Detail work scope, design and plan technical
      approach to tasks; define method of analysis and
      estimate required resources.
      • Periodically review and evaluate the quality and
      quantity of assigned work to ensure progress and
      conformance to schedule.
      • Coordinate the efforts of assigned work with MTC
      staff and affected agencies.
      • Prepare memoranda reports regarding findings and
      conclusions; prepare recommendations, alternatives and
      • Advise Section Manager and supervisor of significant
      policy developments; consult with MTC Counsel on legal
      • Represent agency at meetings, make presentations
      before MTC committees, management, staff, and other
      • Serve as independent staff member on significant
      specific assignments.

      TO APPLICANTS: Please contact MTC at the Job Hotline,
      (510) 464-7818, or send email to jobhotline@...
      for the announcement and forms. Applications may be
      downloaded from MTC’s web site, www.mtc.ca.gov.
      Applications not submitted on MTC forms will not be
      considered. Materials and questions should be
      addressed to: Human Resources Office, Metropolitan
      Transportation Commission, 101-8th Street, Oakland, CA
      94607. Submit resume and application to the Human
      Resources Office by, Thursday 5:00 p.m., July 21,


      • Transit/Parking subsidy
      • Direct deposit
      • MTC contributes towards employee’s Social Security
      and Medicare benefit


      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a
      non-discriminatory employer. MTC provides all
      employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in
      every aspect of the employment experience regardless
      of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin,
      physical handicap, medical condition, or marital
      status. This policy is implemented through an ongoing
      affirmative action program to ensure maximum
      opportunity to participate in the Commission's

      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a
      regional transportation-planning agency created by the
      legislature pursuant to Government Code Sections 66500
      et seq. to provide coordinated transportation
      development for the nine-county Bay Area.
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