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Research Assistantship Opportunity

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Please get in touch with Trixie Johnson (contact information below) if you are interested in this research assistantship, Dayana Salazar ... Dear Colleagues:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2002
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      Please get in touch with Trixie Johnson (contact information below)  if you are interested in this research assistantship,

      Dayana Salazar

      Dear Colleagues:

      The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) is conducting a study of high
      speed rail systems which use shared facilities with other railroad
      properties.  The Principal Investigator on the study, Andrew Nash, is
      located in Zurich, Switzerland, where he is well positioned to research the
      European systems.  He is working with Steve Colman, a lecturer in the Urban
      and Regional Planning Department here at SJSU, and had planned for Steve to
      recruit a student to assist with the study.  I  am advertising this research/employment
      opportunity to you in hopes that you will be able to spread the word among able students
      in your respective departments (history, urban and regional planning). MTI prefers graduate
      students, but an upper class student with good research and writing skills
      is a possibility.

      Following is a short description of the task. We expect the study to take longer than the April time
      frame originally proposed because approval to start the study was delayed
      until the end of January. A student should be prepared to work for at least
      the next 2 - 3 months. Pay can range from $11 to $15/hour, depending upon
      skill and experience. The total budget for the student position is $1,760.
      A task of this scope does have the potential for author credits in the final
      publication -- which will be done both in hard copy with distribution to the
      Library of Congress and numerous other libraries and end-users, and on the
      MTI website. Our studies are peer-reviewed prior to publication.

      PI's description of the task:
              We need someone who would like to write a basic background chapter
      on the importance of and planning       for high speed rail in the US
      transportation network. It should be a relatively straightforward and
      interesting     report to write. Much of the information should be available
      in the California High Speed Rail (HSR)         Authority reports and easily
      accessible journals.

      The Chair of the California HSR Authority is Rod Diridon, Executive Director
      of the Mineta Transportation Institute, and a great resource for the
      student's work

      Please have interested students contact me, preferably by e-mail at

      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

      Trixie Johnson

      Trixie Johnson,
      Research Director
      Mineta Transportation Institute,
      San José State University
      College of Business - BT 550
      San Jose, CA  95192-0219
      Tel: 408/924-7562
      Fax: 408/924-7565
      Email: johnson@...

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