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FT Job - Washington, D.C. - American Institute of Architects - Project Manager (Communities by Design)

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    [From http://www.planetizen.com/jobs/item.php?id=3846&rf=e] Project Manager The American Institute of Architects 05:00 am PDT, Jun 10 The Project manager will
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      [From http://www.planetizen.com/jobs/item.php?id=3846&rf=e]

      Project Manager
      The American Institute of Architects

      05:00 am PDT, Jun 10

      The Project manager will support activities within the AIA Center for Communities by Design and in particular the design assistance team (DAT) program. Project manager will work closely with volunteer leaders and community representatives to develop successful assistance team visits, typically in the form of a charrette, across the country and will assure meaningful results are documented and delivered to the community in timely fashion. Project manager will help to plan and develop a variety of projects related to the design assistance program including conferences, publications (books, CDs, brochures) and workshops.
      Project manager will report directly to the Director and work with a support team of administrative assistants, meeting and community planners and marketing experts to complete their tasks.

      Job Duties:
      • Manage and implement assigned DAT projects, other projects in the design assistance program, and activities assigned within the AIA Center for Communities by Design.
      • Maintain strong budget stewardship, highly detailed event planning to include charette logistics, volunteer coordination, knowledge and program outcome capture and delivery via print and electronic means.
      • Focuses on program delivery and coordination, budget management and reporting, facilitation and client management (e.g., volunteer leadership and participation in design assistance teams.)
      • Collaborate with the Center’s Outreach Program Manager and the AIA Public Advocacy staff to garner media support both locally and nationally. Assist the Director in the development of agreements and recruitment of qualified, diverse, multidisciplinary professionals to serve as team members.
      Projects may include, but are not limited to:
      • Coordination and implementation of R/UDAT, SDAT, and alternative design assistance teams in select cities across the United States (travel necessary);
      • Creation of material for books, newsletters and journals;
      • Respond to general public and AIA member inquiries regarding subject matter related to design assistance; and
      • Participate in interdepartmental staff teams on projects or other activities pertinent to the subject matter of the Center’s design assistance program.

      Frequent contacts:

      • Other staff members of the AIA Center for Communities by Design, the managing director and the community team vice-president
      • Other members of the AIA staff, including colleagues from the communications, government affairs, publishing and marketing, component relations, meeting planners, editor/writers, administrative assistants, and media relations.
      • Leaders and members of the R/UDAT task group.
      • Community representatives
      • Other volunteers
      • Consulting firms and vendors
      • Sponsors

      KSAs and Training and Experience:

      Outstanding written/oral communication skills and organizational skills. Considerable knowledge of and skill in monitoring costs, quality and on-time performance of project activities using standard project management techniques. Skill in facilitation, team building, collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, and systems/process development. Skill in negotiation and active listening. Skill in the use of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Ability to coordinate a diverse resource pool and interact effectively in an individual membership environment. Ability to work autonomously. Experience with photography and drawing is a plus.

      Bachelor’s degree plus at least two years of project management experience or equivalent combination of education and experience required. Bachelor’s degree in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, or related fields preferred. Knowledge of or experience working with smart growth and sustainability principles highly desirable. Specific, applicable and demonstrated project management experience and/or meeting planning experience are highly desirable. Experience in working with associations a plus.

      Supervisory Requirements:


      Salary: Please incl. salary requirements with cover letter

      Contact:Human Resources
      Org.:The American Institute of Architects
      Dept.: The AIA Center for Communities by Design
      Address:1735 New York Avenue
      Washington, DC 20006
      United States

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