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FT Position - Juneau, Alaska - Alaska Coastal Management Program

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Application Period: 05/19/2005 through 06/27/2005 Position open to: All Applicants Department: Natural Resources Division: Project Management &
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 06/14/2005 02:21 PM -----

      Application Period: 05/19/2005 through 06/27/2005
      Position open to: All Applicants
      Department: Natural Resources   Division: Project Management & Permitting
      Location: Juneau        Region: Southeast
      Salary: $3,806.00 Monthly       Range: 18
      Job Status: Full-Time   Bargaining Unit: GG

      Position Description:
      The Department of Natural Resources, Office of Project Management and
      Permitting, Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP) is seeking a motivated
      professional and experienced team player to fill a vacant Natural Resource
      Specialist III position.

      Under the general supervision of the Natural Resource Manager II, the
      primary function of this position is to work with coastal districts to
      assist in their coastal management planning efforts and to ensure that the
      districts comply with state and federal coastal zone management planning and
      implementation requirements. In fulfilling this primary function, the
      position provides advanced professional and technical planning and
      implementation assistance for up to 11 of the 35 coastal districts, and
      mediates resolution of controversial issues with potential legal conflicts
      between affected parties, including local, state and federal agencies,
      applicants, special interests and the public. In addition, the position
      leads and manages special or complex projects that enhance the functionality
      of the ACMP,  works on various challenging federal initiatives including
      coastal nonpoint source pollution and national performance indicators,
      participates in the ACMP education and outreach initiatives, participate in
      grant solicitation, award, management, and reporting, presents policy issues
      and recommendations to upper management, and will perform additional
      advanced professional work in the development, administration, analysis and
      implementation of the ACMP to manage uses of and activities within the
      coastal zone.

      The job also provides the opportunity to travel to communities throughout
      Alaska, to work on resource issues of importance to diverse cultures, and to
      develop your professional skills for analytical evaluation and

      If you are looking for an opportunity to join a team of highly motivated,
      skilled professional people, please apply today.

      Full-time employment with the State of Alaska includes competitive benefits
      such as medical, dental, vision and life insurance, 11 paid holidays
      annually, 2 days personal leave accrual monthly, 2 retirement plans and
      other optional benefits. For more information regarding these benefits,
      please review the following web site:


      View Class Specifications for this job:

      Special Note:
      For purposes of the minimum qualifications, natural resource management is
      defined as the management of the land, water, mineral, forest, oil, gas,
      agricultural, archaeological, natural and cultural history, park, and
      related surface and subsurface resources of the state. Experience or
      education in natural resource management means involvement in the above
      resources exclusively. Those with experience or education in managing these
      resources may specialize in different management functions (for example
      planning, regulation, research or title). All of this experience is
      applicable to the natural resource management definition. Some positions may
      require education in a particular area of natural resource management or
      specific technical knowledge and training gained through specialized
      education or progressively greater responsibilities at the lower levels of
      the series.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      Two years of journey level professional experience in natural resource
      management. The required experience includes work such as a Natural Resource
      Specialist II, Forester II, Geologist II, Hydrologist I, Agronomist I, Land
      Survey Assistant II, Recorder IV, or Environmental Specialist II with the
      State of Alaska or the equivalent with another employer.

      A master's degree from an accredited college in a natural resource field
      (such as forestry, geology, agronomy, and hydrology), law, public
      administration, planning, economics, or a closely related field.

      Job Specific Information:
      The following is a list of job specific questions for this position.
      1.   Have you provided planning assistance to communities for development
      and maintenance of natural resource management plans and technical
      assistance with associated grant performance obligations?
      2.    Do you have experience analyzing state or local land use plans for
      compliance with local, state or federal regulations and developing a
      position on such proposals and presenting your analysis to a decision-making
      3.    Do you have experience in clearly interpreting complex policy issues
      relating to the Alaska Coastal Management Program, seeking consensus among
      stakeholders who may hold conflicting views, and furthering the goals of an
      4.    Do you have experience leading or facilitating meetings and
      technical work groups, and making public presentations at conferences and
      before official policy-making bodies relating to coastal management issues?
      5.    Does your work history demonstrate, and would your past supervisors
      agree, that you possess effective interpersonal communication skills, both
      orally and in writing?
      6.    Do you have work experience interpreting and developing training on
      complex technical issues, policies, statutes, and regulations regarding a
      natural resource or the Alaska Coastal Management Program to non-technical
      professional individuals?
      7.    Do you have at least two (2) years of experience creating and
      maintaining position papers, research documents, and training materials
      related to coastal management?
      8.    Have you had responsibility for leading integrated work teams to
      manage large multi-month projects including the development of objectives,
      time lines, data collection, tracking outcome measurements and preparation
      of reports?
      9.    Do you have at least three (3) years of experience participating in
      a team of highly trained professional staff to deliver critical, time
      sensitive products in a rapidly changing work environment?
      10.   Do you have experience in writing or reviewing grant proposals?
      Special Notice for Recruitment:

      The applicant's responses to both the minimum and desirable qualifications
      questions must be supported by the job qualification summary and applicant
      profile. The applicant is requested to provide details of your "yes" answers
      to the 10 desired qualifications questions in the cover letter section of
      the Job Qualification Summary. Each applicant's supporting information will
      be reviewed to determine if the minimum qualifications and "yes" responses
      are supported. IF THEY ARE NOT, the applicant will not advance to the
      interview and selection phase of recruitment.

      The applicant pool acquired during this recruitment may be used for future
      vacancies for up to 90 days after this recruitment closes. Interested
      applicants are encouraged to apply for each recruitment notice to ensure
      consideration for all vacancies.

      If using work experience not already documented in your Applicant Profile,
      also provide the employer name, your job title, dates of employment and
      whether full- or part-time. Applicant Profiles and Job Qualification
      Summaries will be reviewed to determine if the responses are supported and
      minimum qualifications are clearly met. If they are not, the applicant will
      not advance to the interview and selection phase of the recruitment.

      If post-secondary education is required to meet the minimum qualifications,
      you must fill in the Education and Training section of the Applicant
      Profile. If you have not obtained a degree, please indicate the number of
      credit hours earned in the Degrees Obtained field. Copies of transcripts
      will be required at time of interview.

      Additional Required Information:
      To be considered for this vacancy, interested and qualified individuals must
      apply through Workplace Alaska.

      All applicants invited to be interviewed will need to provide the following
      at that time:
      1. A resume showing your complete work history, including current contact
      phone numbers of your current and former supervisors, and three (3)
      professional references;
      2. Copies of your two (2) most recent performance evaluations or supervisory
      letters of recommendation, if evaluations are unavailable;
      3. A copy of your academic transcripts, if using them to meet the minimum
      qualifications; and
      4. A writing sample of a natural resource related decision or analysis
      document authored by you.

      Contact Person: Toni Hinckle, Administrative Manager II
      Date required by:
      E-Mail Address: toni_hinckle@...
      Mailing Address:        302 Gold Street, Suite 202, Juneau, AK 99801
      Fax Number:     907 465-3075
      Phone Number:   907 465-3564

      How To Apply:
      1.      Assure Minimum Qualifications are met. Carefully read the Minimum
      Qualifications. If you can answer 'yes' to all of the Minimum
      Qualifications, or answer 'yes' to all parts of a minimum qualifications
      substitution group (if any such groups are listed), then you may continue on
      with this process and register. If you cannot, please DO NOT try to register
      or apply. Your Applicant Profile will NOT be sent to a hiring manager, and
      it will NOT be reviewed.

      2.      If you are already registered,
      login to edit your profile      First-time applicants only:
      Register with Workplace Alaska and complete an Applicant Profile

      3.      Click here to login Once you are logged in, you may apply for the
      position by filling out a Job Qualifications Summary form. First-time
      applicants see step two.

      Note: Registering captures data common to all openings with Workplace
      Alaska, so if you have already filled out an Applicant profile, you do not
      need to do it again. When you have registered, you will have a user name and
      password and be allowed to apply for a job with Workplace Alaska.

      Your Applicant Profile and Job Qualification Summary must be RECEIVED (not
      postmarked) or SUBMITTED on-line by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date of
      recruitment. Submissions after this time are not accepted.

      To apply by hard copy:
      The State of Alaska will also accept printed (hard) copies of the Applicant
      Profile and the Job Qualification Summary forms though the mail or facsimile
      (fax). Please contact us if you need the forms mailed or faxed to you.

      Contact Information:
      Department of Administration
      Division of Personnel
      PO Box 110201
      Juneau, AK 99811-0201   Juneau: (907)465-4095
      Toll free: (800)587-0430
      Fax: (907)465-2576
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