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FT Position - San Francisco - Hines - Assistant Project Manager

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Assistant Project Manager, Hines - SF: see attached description. Questions about the process should be directed to Hanns Lee at 415 982 6200,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2005
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 06/10/2005 03:39 PM -----

      Assistant Project Manager, Hines - SF: see attached description.
      Questions about the process should be directed to Hanns Lee at 415 982 6200, hanns_lee@... <mailto:hanns_lee@...> .

      POSITION DESCRIPTION                                    Hines, West Coast Regional Office (San Francisco)
      Effective Date June 2005

      Job Title

                  Assistant Project Manager


      To assist with the asset management of existing properties, contribute to the creation, design and implementation of new projects, and analyze the feasibility of potential projects.

      Relationship to Other Positions

      Reports to

                              Project Manager or Vice President

      Job Functions

      Essential Functions

                  Provides administrative and financial support to ensure project completion and bring new market opportunities for consideration.

                  Participates in the asset management of existing properties including tenant relations, investor relations and communications.

                  Monitors project budgets and schedules for significant variances.

                  Assists in the leasing of certain properties to include working closely with legal counsel in review of lease documents.

                  Facilitates the marketing of projects to investors including making certain that all project agreements are properly documented.

                  Monitors the flow of information regarding project design among interested parties including investors, market research personnel, construction groups and architects.

                  Works closely with appropriate personnel to design and implement a market plan.

                  Develops a constant awareness of market opportunities.  These opportunities could include coordination of feasibility, economic and financial analyses.  Additional responsibilities could include providing support for project design and site selection activities as needed.

                  Serves as a member of various project teams as required to facilitate company needs.

                  Acts as a team member with all Hines employees.

                  Complies with all Hines policies and procedures.


      Essential Physical Abilities

                  Ability to use personal computer, calculator, etc.

                  Ability to meet highest attendance requirements.

                  Ability to walk around project sites under construction to review progress.

                  Ability to travel to and from destinations by plane and/or car.

                  Ability to visually review and read correspondence, reports, etc.

                  Ability to handle very stressful, high pressured atmosphere.

                  Ability to withstand long working hours, which are frequently necessary.

      Essential Knowledge and Skills

                  Ability to work independently and needs a minimum oversight.

                  Possesses the highest degree of integrity.

                  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

                  Excellent interpersonal skills.

                  Ability to think creatively and contribute to project success.

                  Ability to manage a variety of tasks within a tight time schedule.

                  Ability to analyze real estate from a strategic point of view.


                  Several years of work experience with a professional organization including a record of project successes or experience in resort/residential projects.

                  Must possess educational or work experience that provides financial analysis ability and background.

                  Work experience or educational background in math or engineering would be an added plus.


                  Master of Business Administration from a well recognized institution.

      Working Environment

                  Indoors - 90%
                  Outdoors - 10%

      Questions about the process should be directed to Hanns Lee at 415 982 6200, hanns_lee@... <mailto:hanns_lee@...> .

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