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Fw: Come to Chicago! AICP Training Workshops July 13-16, 2005

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Come to Chicago! AICP Training Workshops July 13-16, 2005 How can you make new urbanism a reality in your town? Can the political minefield of parking be
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      Come to Chicago!
      AICP Training Workshops
      July 13-16, 2005

      How can you make new urbanism a reality in your town? Can the political
      minefield of parking be safely navigated? Which planning tools enhance
      public safety and prepare communities for natural hazards? What’s new in
      zoning strategy?

      Find the answers in four new AICP workshops. Come to Chicago next month to
      discuss innovative ideas and best practices with experts in parking,
      zoning, safe growth, and new urbanism.

      Forward this message on to your colleagues, co-workers, and associates and
      encourage them to join you for this exciting professional development
      opportunity. Register by June 22 for the lowest rate.

      Click here for an overview:


      Click here to register:


      Learn how to estimate supply and demand, select sites, and project costs,
      and develop a fee schedule. Find out how to pay for alternative
      transportation programs with savings on parking structures and reform
      codes to establish maximum instead of minimum parking requirements. Get
      details on automated parking facilities, design requirements for SUVs,
      entry/exit requirements, truck parking, and parking at transit stops, plus
      big-picture ideas on aesthetic and architectural standards and zoning
      requirements for parking.

      Learn more about the Parking workshop:


      Review the basics of zoning -- structure, format, and organization -- then
      go beyond to learn how to integrate performance requirements and form-based
      codes into traditional zoning regulations. You'll leave ready to draft more
      effective zoning regulations and unified development codes. Find out how
      the First Amendment and recent case law affect zoning at the local level.
      Get ideas for regulating big-box development, parking, truck traffic,
      transit-oriented development, land re-assembly, and environmental

      Learn more about the Zoning workshop:


      CPTED, Hazard Mitigation, and Security Design
      Be prepared to deal with crime prevention, disaster mitigation, and all
      the aspects of safe growth. Learn the best ways to assess and respond to
      various risks and to relate safety to land use, urban design, and
      environmental protection. Find out how to use CPTED (Crime Prevention
      Through Environmental Design) to create spaces that are secure and
      aesthetically pleasing. Get proven strategies for mitigating natural
      hazards and ensuring compliance with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.

      Learn more about the Safe Growth America workshop:


      New Urbanist Codes
      This workshop will show you how to turn the ideals of new urbanism into
      built projects. Experienced practitioners will help you apply lessons from
      other communities’ successes to your own town. Take home ideas for
      education and participation that will help you win support from the public
      and policymakers. The workshop also will cover techniques for stimulating
      infill development and evaluating the environmental and transportation
      impacts of new urbanism.

      Learn more about the New Urbanist Codes workshop:


      Turn Your Training into a Mini-Vacation!
      Chicago is a great place for summer fun for visitors of all ages. Enjoy
      the city with your family while you're in town for the AICP workshops.

      Find out more about events in Chicago:


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