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Keynote Speakers for World Environment Day - Sarah Susanka and Andres Duany

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Dear friends, The Keynote Address for World Environment Day is this Thursday, June 2nd. But, in case you haven t heard about it, or you ve just been too busy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      Dear friends,

      The Keynote Address for World Environment Day is this
      Thursday, June 2nd. But, in case you haven't heard
      about it, or you've just been too busy to register, we
      wanted to provide you with a gentle reminder to pull
      out your calendar if you're interested in attending.
      This keynote promises to be an presentation that you
      won���t want to miss! Seats are still available, yet
      filling up quickly. Pre-registration will be available
      until midnight Wednesday June 1st. Registration at the
      door will be open while seats are available. Below is
      an updated announcement, with a more detailed

      The United Nations World Environment Day Green
      Building Keynote Presentation

      The ���Not So Big��� New Urbanism
      Presented by Sarah Susanka, FAIA & Andres Duany, FAIA

      When: Thursday June 2nd, 2005
      Time: 2:00 - 5:00 P.M.
      Where: PG&E Auditorium, 77 Beale St., San Francisco
      Admission: $20

      Bigger isn���t always better!
      Two important parts of our lives are our homes and
      communities���each are entwined, whether it���s
      thoughtful architecture, better planning, and
      connecting people with their neighborhoods.

      Two of the country���s most knowledgeable experts in
      building better homes and back-to-the-basics
      traditional neighborhoods will be in San Francisco to
      share their ideas and expertise this week.

      Celebrated author, architect, and cultural visionary -
      Sarah Susanka, The Not So Big House, and Andres Duany,
      a pioneer in the New Urbanism movement and co-author
      of Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline
      of the American Dream, will deliver the green building
      keynote address this Thursday, June 2 for World
      Environment Day.

      Susanka, who leads the home building movement in
      building right-sized, healthier homes, has many
      converts, including architects, homeowners and
      builders. Duany, who���s firm designed the
      award-winning Seaside, is a passionate speaker and
      co-founder of The Congress for New Urbanism.
      Presenting The ���Not So Big��� New Urbanism, their
      joint views on the future of sustainable building and
      architecture promise to be spirited, inspiring and
      informative. Presentation will be followed by a book
      signing in the lobby hosted by Builders Booksource.

      Whether you���re interested in your neighborhood���s
      potential, fascinated by the quality of home, in the
      market for a new house, or want to tap into
      Susanka���s and Duany���s knowledge, you don���t want
      to miss this presentation!

      To register, or for further information, please visit
      www.sfgreen.org or call (415) 383-5105.

      A special thank you to the keynote event sponsors:
      StopWaste.org, Build It Green, US Environmental
      Protection Agency - Region 9, San Francisco Department
      of the Environment, BuildingGreen, Healthy Home Plans,
      and Pacific Gas & Electric. Outreach partners include:
      The Commonwealth Club, AIA Committee On The
      Environment, Organic Architect,
      Architects/Designers/Planners for Social
      Responsibility (ADPSR), and Builders Booksource.

      A Little More About World Environment Day

      So, what is World Environment Day you might ask?
      Although the title involves the word ���day��� it���s
      actually a week-long series of events surrounding
      United Nations' Environment Program. But this is far
      more than an international celebration of the natural
      environment. World Environment Day (WED) 2005 marks a
      turning point in the global movement toward
      environmental sustainability. For the first time in
      human history, more people now live in urban areas
      than rural. This fact, coupled with the decline of
      our environmental life support systems, presents the
      greatest challenge of our time. Global efforts to
      address these issues have focused on action among
      national governments. But implementation always
      requires local action. Mindful of this fact, San
      Francisco will gather the largest group of mayors ever
      assembled from the world's largest cities to address
      the panoply of urban environmental sustainability
      issues and to craft the world's first international
      agreement among mayors to promote solutions.

      But this is far more than a gathering of mayors and
      international dignitaries. It is a global conference
      open to the public that features more than 200
      workshops, tours, seminars, film festivals, trade
      shows, art exhibits and other events covering the full
      range of environmental issues affecting our cities.
      You can search these events by category and date by
      going to the website. Whether your interest is green
      building or renewable energy, mass transit or organic
      foods, water conservation or air pollution, there is
      something for everyone of all ages. For a full
      calendar of events, please visit www.wed2005.org

      Again, to register for the keynote, or for further
      information, please visit www.sfgreen.org or call
      (415) 383-5105.

      Please join us!
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