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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Notice The Urban Transport Project Management Unit (PMU) invites responses from qualified urban planning professionals to the attached Terms of Reference
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2005
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 05/25/2005 02:51 PM -----


      The Urban Transport Project Management Unit (PMU) invites responses from
      qualified urban planning professionals to the attached Terms of Reference to
      support the Department of Architecture and Planning (DAPM) in developing an
      integrated sustainable urban development plan.  The Consultancy is expected
      to commence in May 2005 and will require the Consultant to provide in-house
      advice to the DAPM in four visits of about 0.75, 0.75, 2.5 and 1.5 months’
      duration over the course of 12 months.  This work is being financed from the
      Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) Grant TF053407 implemented by the World
      Bank for the preparation of the GEF co-financed elements of the Hanoi Urban
      Transport Development Project (to be financed from a Credit from the World
      Bank).   Interested professionals should send CVs, references, a cost
      proposal and a brief (no more than 3 single-sided pages) response to the
      Terms of Reference by May 16st 2005 to Mr. Do Duc Huan, Director of the
      Project Management Unit, at the following address:
      75 To Hien Thanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam
      Tel: +84 4  9745748 / 8215512
      Fax: +84 4  9763549
      Email: hutdp@... <mailto:hutdp@...>
      The consultant selection will be carried out by Hanoi People's Committee in
      accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines:
      Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (May 2004).

      Terms of Reference to Support Integrated Sustainable Urban Development and
      Transport Plan/Policy

      Component Objective: Develop and implement integrated and sustainable urban
      development and urban transport policies and plans for Hanoi (quoted from
      Request for GEF Grant).

      International Advisory Services to DAPM (Individual Consultant)

      1.      Assist DAPM in defining a policy and an action program that can be
      implemented in part using proceeds of the GEF co-financed IDA Credit. in
      order to achieve the integration of land-use and urban infrastructure,
      particularly with regard to transport development
      2.      Prepare the planning-related technical assistance components of the
      proposed main GEF grant and World Bank credit


      1.       The Hanoi People’s Committee proposes to seek a Credit from the
      International Development Association/World Bank (IDA/WB) to finance a
      program of measures aimed at improving transport in the City of Hanoi.  The
      Project is expected to include investment in the development of a Bus Rapid
      Transit (BRT) system along multiple corridors, investment in roads, and
      technical assistance studies and training to support sustainable transport
      and urban development in Hanoi.  The total amount of the Credit is expected
      to be in the range of US$150-170 million.  The Global Environment Facility
      (GEF) has agreed in principle to co-finance components, in a future grant,
      that encourage a modal shift to public and non-motorized transport, and
      development of policies that encourage sustainable transport and urban

      2.       GEF has provided Hanoi with an initial grant to assist in the
      preparation of the GEF co-financed components.  This work is being financed
      using these funds. A key output expected from this consultancy is a
      Technical Assistance program, focusing on integrated and sustainable urban
      development in Hanoi, that can be implemented as components of the future
      GEF grant and IDA Credit


      3.      Provide in-house advice to the HPC Department of Architecture &
      Planning, in four visits of about 0.75, 0.75, 0.75 and 1.5 months’ duration.

      4.       Assist in developing an urban development strategy, which would
      update the existing master plan and, taking account of urban infrastructure,
      emphasize urban transport. Exchange experiences with other countries.  As an
      input to such a strategy, the consultant would be expected to:
      i)        Analyze the existing urban development of Hanoi, including the
      land markets, the quality of urban development, its integration with urban
      transport investments and the influence of infrastructure investments in
      guiding/leading urban development.
      ii)       Analyze the institutional framework for transport and land use
      iii)     Examine the options of twinning arrangements with city planning
      departments abroad, and formulate TOR for selected arrangement
      iv)     Maintain close collaboration with other activities related to urban
      and transport planning, such as bilateral programs sponsored by national
      Ministries or HPC agencies (e.g. studies by JICA or other bilateral donors
      and the European Union)

      5.       The strategy should be actionable and clearly lay out next steps.
      In particular, the Consultant should assist DAPM to design a program
      (consulting studies, training and capacity building) to be financed by the
      future GEF grant and the IDA Credit.  Such components should address the
      needs/issues/concerns/gaps identified during the strategy development phase.
      While the design of these future components will depend in large part on the
      findings of this consultancy, current expectations are that the components
      would include:

      i)        A clearly defined training and capacity building program
      ii)       Consulting studies as appropriate to support development of
      policies to:
      a)      Give due consideration to financing needs and feasible project
      phasing when assessing future transport infrastructure investments, and
      defining development staging accordingly;
      b)      Improve implementation and management of urban planning in Hanoi;
      define improved coordination mechanisms, including the coordination of
      government investments and the investments of other sectors;
      c)      Protect Hanoi’s historic core and manage growth at the periphery;
      d)      Develop appropriate urban and transport design guidelines to ensure
      environmental quality of new development areas
      iii)     Consulting studies to develop implementation plans, such as a basic
      conservation, environmental improvement, accessibility, and land capacity
      enhancement program that is sensitive to the needs of local businesses and
      other stakeholders in the old city.
      iv)     Identification/definition of pilot demonstration projects, such as
      a)      Integrated land-use and transport planning along a corridor such as
      the 3rd Ring Road, or
      b)      An urban design plan for a city block

      6.        In addition, the Consultant shall provide HPC advice in planning
      the new center in the West of West Lake (connect with the 2nd ring road) as
      one city center with high quality in Hanoi, including the recommendations of
      international expertise in urban planning and design, with the objective of
      developing a high-quality plan.

      Visits of International Consultant:

      7.       During the first visit, prepare a working paper on the objectives
      of integrated planning, and on the perceived opportunities and obstacles to
      achieve those objectives.  Moreover, develop a detailed methodology and work
      schedule for the future visits, and the terms of reference (TOR) for a local
      professional who would be contracted full-time over a period of 9 months to
      carry out specific tasks during and between the visits by the international

      8.       During the second visit, interview at least three candidates
      identified by DAPM for the local professional and recommend the person to be
      contracted (cost of local professional will be included in the consultant
      proposals). Define a work plan of data collection and analysis, to be
      carried out prior to the third visit and to be coordinated by the local
      professional.  Update the working paper prepared during the first visit to
      reflect the comments of HPC officials.

      9.       During the third visit, in close collaboration with the local
      professional and DAPM staff, carry out the bulk of the tasks to achieve the
      objectives and scope of the assignment, and provide general advice as DAPM
      may reasonably request.

      10.   During the fourth visit, review the comments that will have been
      provided on the earlier outputs and harmonize the final conclusions and
      recommendations with HPC and the World Bank.  Prepare the documents,
      including TORs for technical assistance and outline specifications for
      equipment, which would be financed under (i) the main GEF grant, and (ii)
      the World Bank credit for the Hanoi Urban Transport Project.


      (a)    Inception Report, after the first visit

      (b)    Interim Report, after the second visit, and a half-day workshop for
      about 30 participants

      (c)    Draft Final Report, after the third visit, and two half-day workshop
      by the middle and end of the visit for about 30 participants each

      (d)    Final Report, and TORs and other documentation needed for main GEF
      grant request and for Project Document of Urban Transport credit, the
      required documentation for the establishment the Twinning with a City
      Planning Department Abroad, after the fourth visit.., and a half-day
      workshop for about 30 participants

      All the reports should be submitted in both English and Vietnamese (10 hard
      copies and 3 soft copies). Workshop costs with simultaneous translation
      should be built in the consultant’s proposal.
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