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Internship & Volunteer Opportunities at TALC

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  • Elisa Harvie
    Internship & Volunteer Opportunities at TALC TALC is a partnership of over 90 groups working for a sustainable and socially just Bay Area. We envision a region
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005

      Internship & Volunteer Opportunities at TALC


      TALC is a partnership of over 90 groups working for a sustainable and

      socially just Bay Area. We envision a region with healthy, vibrant,

      walkable communities that provide all residents with transportation choices

      and affordable housing. TALC analyzes county and regional policies, works

      with community groups to develop alternatives, and coordinates grassroots


      Much of what the Coalition is able to accomplish is because of the great

      interns and volunteers that we have had over the years. Listed below are

      some current campaigns and ongoing projects that could use volunteer

      assistance. Some of the internships can be adapted to be graduate-level

      "professional reports" or other thesis-type work if you need academic

      credit. High school students and college students are encouraged to inquire

      - a longer list is available on our website at


      Our offices are located in downtown Oakland, near BART and several main AC

      Transit bus lines.

      If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed below

      please send a cover letter and resume to Halima O'Neil at

      <mailto:halima@...>halima@... or by fax to

      (510) 740-3131.

      For our Planning Great Communities Initiative:

      * Tracking Station Area Plans. Set up and start filling the database to

      track Station Area Plans. This would be a great graduate student project,

      requiring land use expertise, database programming skills, and outreach to

      numerous agencies to find out what’s going on. Halfway through this

      project, you would know more than anyone else in the region about the

      status of planning near transit!

      * Best Practices Resource Guide. Everything we want to do has already

      been done. There are dozens of "Best Practices Manuals" out there, on every

      issue imaginable. Collect website links and printed copies where

      applicable. This would be an excellent graduate student project – learn by


      * GIS Masters!! The possibilities are endless. We may get access to a

      GIS database of existing TODs, ripe for all sorts of Bay Area-specific

      analysis. We also need help setting up a database of developments/planning

      processes that will integrate with other GIS tools.

      For other TALC initiatives:

      * Policy Analysis for our Funding World Class Transportation

      initiative, covering issues such as the environmental and socio-economic

      impacts of different ways of raising funds, legal restrictions on uses of

      funds, and other issues. Depending on the results of today’s strategy

      session, this could also involve campaign development.

      * East Oakland BRT Survey Intern With the release of AC Transit’s

      "preferred alternative" for a new bus rapid transit line from Berkeley

      through Oakland to San Leandro expected sometime this summer, TALC is

      gearing up to perform a survey of merchants in East Oakland to gauge their

      support for the project. The intern will be responsible for designing the

      survey, working with local community groups to collect the data, and

      preparing a short report with survey results and policy

      recommendations/next steps. Intern may also be asked to work on other

      community outreach around the proposed BRT project.

      * Instant Advocate Volunteer We are always looking for volunteers to

      assist with our Instant Advocate project, an interactive toolkit that

      allows users to easily find appropriate programs to solve specific

      transportation and land use problems. Depending on interest and

      experience, the volunteer will be responsible for researching innovative

      transportation and land use programs, collecting information on how each

      program works, implementation, cost, and what impact it is having. Check

      out Instant Advocate online for more information about the project:



       For a full list of opportunities, see http://www.transcoalition.org/about/about_intern_vol.html

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