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Job announcement at Mayfair Improvement Initiative: Program Director

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Friends of Mayfair, Pasted below you will find the job announcement for a senior management position here at the Mayfair Improvement Initiative. The Program
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2005
      Friends of Mayfair,

      Pasted below you will find the job announcement for a
      senior management position here at the Mayfair
      Improvement Initiative. The Program Director position
      will lead MII's programmatic strategies targeted at
      moving our community to take collective action to
      support the nurturing of healthy children and
      families. Please distribute this to your networks.
      Your assistance in disseminating this information
      would be very much appreciated. The announcement will
      remain open until we fill the position. We anticipate
      interviewing candidates in early June. Gracias

      Jaime Alvarado
      Executive Director
      Mayfair Improvement Initiative
      2342 Alum Rock Ave
      San Jose CA 95116
      (408) 251-6900 x229
      (408) 251-6987 FAX

      TITLE: Program Director
      REPORTS TO: Executive Director
      $49,000 - $63,000 / year plus benefits including:
      dental and life insurance, paid holidays, sick time,
      401K plan
      Since the early 1900�s, the Mayfair neighborhood has
      been a predominantly Mexican
      immigrant neighborhood; this fact continues through
      today. Like many poor, immigrant
      neighborhoods, the Mayfair neighborhood struggles to
      deal with ever increasing issues
      such as poverty, crime, neighborhood blight, failing
      school systems, deteriorating housing,
      and much more. At the same time however, the Mayfair
      neighborhood is home to an
      abundance of assets to combat these problems. Strong
      community institutions (churches,
      youth centers, etc.), steady commitment from local
      political leaders, and a strong history
      of active and effective community mobilization are
      some of these assets.
      In 1997, a unique partnership was created when the
      residents of the Mayfair
      neighborhood in East San Jose joined forces with the
      William and Flora Hewlett
      Foundation, the Community Foundation Silicon Valley
      and a host of public and private
      sector stakeholders to address the growing issues of
      crime, poverty and disinvestment in
      the Mayfair neighborhood. Through this partnership,
      the Mayfair Improvement Initiative
      (MII) was formed. Since its inception, hundreds of
      neighborhood residents have worked
      tirelessly to identify the major issues affecting the
      neighborhood and to lead strategies to
      effectively overcome those issues.
      Community Transformation in Mayfair
      How can a community, plagued by generations of chronic
      poverty, political marginalization
      and little reason to believe in the possibility of
      change actually become the driving force
      behind a sustained, coordinated and comprehensive
      movement for change? This is the
      central question that drives MII. To respond to this
      question, we begin from our deepest
      held truths. We believe in the promise of education,
      yet our children and adults suffer
      from the lowest rates of formal education attainment
      in Silicon Valley. We believe that a
      stable and loving home is the foundation for all
      family and community life, yet we live in a
      neighborhood where families live ever transient from
      one overcrowded, overpriced, unsafe
      home to another. We believe in our inherent abilities
      to determine the course of our lives,
      yet we live in an immigrant, working-poor community
      that struggles to simply work and
      survive from day to day. In the face of our daunting
      realities, we choose to act on our
      The Mayfair Improvement Initiative was born with an
      unwavering belief in our community
      and ourselves. We are heirs to a proud legacy of
      community activism and a history of
      contribution to the ongoing movement for social
      justice in Santa Clara County and
      beyond. Despite the fact that we are the targets of
      poverty, we believe in our ability to
      work with allies, to build coalitions, to create a new
      life for our families and our community.
      We seek the opportunity to become a more egalitarian
      and a more collaborative
      community; one in which the broadest spectrum of
      residents contribute to solving the
      problems that plague us - cynicism, despair, mistrust
      and how each of these make the
      material crises in housing, employment, education all
      the more intractable. The challenge
      is to create a society where hope and optimism
      flourish - hope for ourselves, our own
      families, for our neighbors, for our entire community.
      And to create a community that
      values interdependence, a community that first seeks
      out that which connects us, not that
      which divides us. A community that confronts its
      challenges and opportunities armed with
      the most genuine democracy possible.
      MII begins our work, first and foremost, by nurturing
      Mayfair residents to be thoughtful,
      effective and active leaders who can successfully
      advocate for neighborhood revitalization
      with local, regional and statewide policy makers,
      funders and institutional systems. We
      believe in the power and promise of our community and
      in our inherent abilities and
      propensity to be community builders. We believe that
      for our community to be healthy
      each of our families must be healthy and that family
      health begins with strong foundations
      at home, work and school. MII is focused on building
      foundations to ensure that every
      family in Mayfair has homes that are safe, affordable
      and stable and that every child and
      every adult has the basic educational foundations to
      succeed in school and at work. We
      commit ourselves to achieving this vision in Mayfair
      and to sharing our lessons learned
      with the countless other �Mayfairs� across California.

      The Program Director Position
      In order to continue the progress made since 1996, MII
      is currently recruiting for the
      position of Program Director (PD). The PD will be
      responsible for the continued
      development, implementation and evaluation of
      long-range strategies to support children
      and parents and to nurture a strong network of
      resident leaders to be the leading
      advocates for community transformation. The PD
      priorities will include:
      Directly supervise two program coordinators
      Oversee a full program team of 9 staff
      Manage a budget of approximately $750,000
      Manage the implementation of MII�s programs
      Coordinate service delivery with multiple service
      providers that are partners to MII
      Oversee the continuing development and application
      of the Promotor (community
      educator) model of community engagement, education and
      Oversee the continuing development and application
      of popular education and
      community organizing competencies within the agency
      Lead advocacy efforts for MII and the Mayfair
      Applicants must demonstrate experience in program
      management and staff supervision.
      The PD will be expected to successfully interact with
      a wide range of persons; ranging
      from regional leaders to neighborhood residents that
      share a passionate desire for
      community transformation in Mayfair.
      Key Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (partial list)
      1. Deep passion and commitment to advancing social
      justice in immigrant, working class
      2. Knowledge of program development and outcomes-based
      evaluation and planning
      3. Experience building program infrastructures
      4. Experience supervising staff.
      5. Experience utilizing popular education and
      culture-based program strategies
      6. Extensive knowledge of community resources.
      7. Strong strategy development and political analysis
      8. Bilingual/biliterate Spanish-English preferred
      Key Duties and Responsibilities (partial list)
      1. Lead the development and implementation of MII's
      neighborhood-wide program
      strategies and their associated regional advocacy
      2. Directly supervise a staff of 9
      3. Oversee MII�s development of popular
      education-based approaches to build resident
      leadership and political power
      4. Identify linkages and build collaboration with
      other community-based organizations
      and community organizing efforts related to issues of
      the neighborhood.
      5. Coordinate the collection of statistical data as
      needed to increase program/project
      effectiveness, and to support evaluation efforts.
      6. Keep abreast of best practices in community
      development, popular education and
      community organizing.
      7. Serve as a bridge to regional coalitions and
      federal and state-wide policy initiatives
      Submit your resume and cover letter, via either mail,
      fax or email to:
      Mayfair Improvement Initiative
      2342 Alum Rock Ave.
      San Jos� CA 95116
      (408) 251-6900
      FAX: (408) 251-6987
      For more information about the Mayfair Improvement
      Initiative, visit our website at;
      The Mayfair Improvement Initiative is an Equal
      Opportunity Employer
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